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BillDesk has been around for close to 20 years in India. BillDesk is best suited for Indian companies that do have monthly, recurring and consistent payments with their customers. If you have a business with international payment times, amount or volume, then BillDesk may not be the best choice for you. For international payments with flexible options, try Wise for business which is a cheap, easy and global online payment service.

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What is BillDesk payment gateway?

BillDesk is a one-stop online payment provider that helps customers organize, pay and manage their regular and ongoing bills. Customers can receive, review and pay all of the bills they receive from different providers in one place with BillDesk. It offers billers and banks the ability to reduce processing expenses, improve bill presentment, access to online payment options for customers and improved customer service¹.

The BillDesk platform is used by many Indian organizations, banks and companies in metropolitan Indian cities. This includes companies in sectors like telecom, insurance, utilities, financial services, education, entertainment, charity organizations, and e-commerce². The platform processes a majority share of the online and mobile payments conducted through aggregator platforms in India³. For many Indians that were using outdated methods of physical paper bills and check-writing, BillDesk helped them to use easier and safer methods of payment.

So if you have a business in India that requires regular monthly payments from customers, you can sign up with BillDesk as a way to make it more convenient and easy for customers to pay.

BillDesk payment gateway pricing and charges

To provide the BillDesk platform to your customers, you will have to sign up first as a partner. By doing so, you agree to participate in the service and send the e-bills to BillDesk who makes sure that they become available in the relevant customer’s Bill inbox online. The platform can easily integrate with your website to provide a seamless presentation and payment management solution.

The pricing schedule for BillDesk partners is not freely available. So if you would like to learn more about how to offer your customers this bill payment service, you can send an email to partners@billdesk.com⁴.

Keep in mind that BillDesk has also set a limit of ₹10,000 on any one payment in a single transaction. So if you have payments larger than this, it wouldn’t be able to process them⁵.

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Payment options supported with BillDesk payment gateway

BillDesk payment gateway has limited payment options. BillDesk’s primary payment method for customers is through the banks. So if your customer has a savings, current or cash credit account, they can use any of these for the bank transfer⁶. Although, another area of their website does highlight that credit cards can be used, so be sure to check with BillDesk on what you can offer your customers⁷.

BillDesk payment gateway international payments

BillDesk only allows for Indian businesses and Indian customers to access the service. You are required to register with a local Indian address for contact details. If international customers are in India as residents, they can access and use BillDesk to pay their bills as long as it complies with Indian laws⁸.

If your customer lives outside of India, they can enter in their overseas address but with an Indian state and postcode when they register⁹. Once that is done, your customers can they log in and pay through an applicable method even if they are outside India. Despite the need for an Indian address, correspondence from BillDesk is primarily done through email. For international payments, Wise can be what you have been looking for.

BillDesk payment gateway settlement

With the time needed for bank account settlement, it will take 3-5 days to process the payment once it is received from the customer¹⁰.

BillDesk payment gateway customer care

BillDesk is open 24/7/365 days a year so payments can be submitted and processed at any time. If you do need assistance, they suggest looking at the FAQ section of the BillDesk website. Anything further, you can reach out to them at support@billdesk.com¹¹.

BillDesk also suggests that if customers have questions in regards to a specific charge, that they reach out to you as the merchant directly. BillDesk solely presents the information given by you and does not have the authorization to make changes to the billing¹².

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