Shinsei Online Banking: Your Complete Guide

Yumiko Kijima

With Shinsei PowerDirect - the Shinsei online banking service - customers can access and manage their accounts any time, using their smartphone or computer.[1]

This guide walks through how to access Shinsei Bank online and on mobile devices - including getting set up, and which services you can and cannot use in English. We’ll also introduce Wise and the Wise multi-currency account as smart ways to save on international transactions - using the mid-market exchange rate and transparent, low fees.

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What is Shinsei PowerDirect?

Shinsei PowerDirect is the Shinsei bank online and mobile banking service. If you’re a Shinsei Bank customer you can use this service to view and manage any of your accounts.

What can you do on Shinsei PowerDirect?

Here’s the full list of services you can access through Shinsei PowerDirect[2]. It’s worth knowing that a few services are available in Japanese only - we’ll cover this in more detail later.

  • Check or change your online banking account registration details
  • Check the balance of your yen savings deposit, foreign currency deposit or time deposit account
  • Check the last 10 transactions, or transactions made within a specified time range
  • Confirm your customer stage
  • Register for Shinsei Family Plan (not available in English)
  • Make domestic transfers
  • Check or inquire about transfers that have been arranged
  • Change daily transfer and ATM withdrawal limits
  • Set up yen and foreign currency deposit accounts
  • Inquire and change limits on yen and foreign currency deposit accounts
  • Transfer money between yen and foreign currency accounts
  • Set up and make inquiries about structured deposit accounts (not available in English)
  • Purchase and make inquiries about investment trust accounts (not available in English)

How to set up Shinsei PowerDirect

Before you set up PowerDirect it’s worth checking you have a compatible operating system or browser on your computer or phone. The accepted operating environments may change from time to time - but you can always get the most up to date requirements on the Shinsei Bank website[3].

You can log into Shinsei PowerDirect for the first time from either a computer or a mobile device. Before you start, make sure you have your cash card and security code card handy. The view of PowerDirect you see may be slightly different depending on the device you’re using to log in. However, the steps you need to take are the same.[4]

  • Open the Shinsei Bank website or app
  • Tap Log in, and then PowerDirect Log in
  • Enter your branch code and account number, which are shown on your cash card. If you opened your account via internet or post, put the branch code 400 (Head Office)
  • Enter your birthdate in the field which requests your password. You need the format yyyymmdd (so if you were born on the 21st April 1985, enter 19850421)
  • Enter the security code card number, read the confirmation and click to proceed
  • Enter a new password of your choice - 6 to 12 characters, and using a mix of lower and upper case English characters and digits
  • Your registration is complete - you can also authenticate your smartphone at this stage

How to use Shinsei PowerDirect

Let’s look in more detail at how to access services through Shinsei PowerDirect. It’s also possible to get a broad range of How To guides online on the Shinsei Bank website.[5]

  • Checking your balance

When you log into PowerDirect on a PC or smartphone you’ll see your account balance on the top page automatically.

  • Making a domestic transfer

You can make local bank transfers online or using your mobile device, through PowerDirect. Here’s how.

  • Log in or open the PowerDirect app
  • Click the transfer tab, and select* transfer*
  • Select the beneficiary from the list of recipients shown or select new transfer
  • For a new transfer you’ll then enter the recipient’s bank account and branch details
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Review the transfer details and click submit

Online transfers between Shinsei Bank accounts are always free. Depending on your customer stage you’ll get a set number of free online domestic transfers to accounts held with other banks, per month. There is then a fee for any additional transfers you make in excess of this amount. Here’s what you need to know:[6]

Customer stageNumber of free domestic transfers/monthPowerDirect domestic transfer fee for excess transfers
  • Making an international transfer

To make a Shinsei Bank international transfer you’ll want to download the GoRemit app[7]. Shinsei GoRemit lets you check exchange rates, arrange transfers and manage your money across currencies on your mobile device. Register for Shinsei GoRemit online by completing your personal details and uploading photos of your My Number card and Residence card. You’ll then need to download and print a hard copy of the application form to accept the GoRemit terms and conditions, and post this to the bank.[8]

Once your account is registered you can create new beneficiaries and make international transfers in 170+ currencies.

Shinsei Platinum level customers can make one GoRemit overseas transfer a month for free. The regular fees for this service are as follows:

International transfer typeShinsei GoRemit fee[9,10]
Remittances made by withdrawing from a Shinsei PowerFlex account via GoRemit App
  • From a foreign currency account: JPY4,000
  • From a yen account: JPY2,000 + possible markup in Shinsei bank’s exchange rates
Remittances made by depositing funds to Shinsei designated collection account (JPY)
  • JPY2,000 + possible markup in Shinsei bank’s exchange rates (if you send money from a JPY account to a JPY account abroad, lifting fee of 0.1%, minimum JPY1,500 will be charged in addition

When you use GoRemit to send an international transfer you’ll pay a fee for the service, plus a markup in the exchange rate used.

Shinsei Bank states ‘the exchange rate which the Bank applies to Overseas Remittance Transactions shall include an exchange handling charge determined by the Bank’.

Compare the cost of making your international transfer with GoRemit against the price of low cost payments with Wise. Wise international transfers use the real mid-market exchange rate with low transparent fees - which may mean you can send money abroad up to 14x cheaper with Wise compared to Japanese banks.

true cost of international transfers

And with Wise, you can set up your account and make an international transfer completely online - you don’t need to send an application form or anything via post.

To send money with Wise,

  1. Create a free account
  2. Choose an amount to send
  3. Add recipient’s bank details
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Pay for your transfer by bank transfer or debit/credit card

You can track your transfer in your account and your recipient will also be notified when a transfer reaches them.

With Wise, you can not just send but also receive and spend money internationally - always with the mid-market exchange rate and transparent, low fees. You can get bank details for 10 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD and more, to receive these currencies for free, as if you had a local bank account. What’s more, Wise debit card allows you to spend with the mid-market exchange rate and low conversion fees, too.

  • Making a deposit in JPY and foreign currencies

You’ll be able to make deposits into your different Shinsei Bank accounts through PowerDirect. Open up PowerDirect online or in the app and select either the yen deposit or foreign currency deposit tab. Here you’ll see the options available to you, including opening time deposit accounts and managing your pre-existing accounts.

Depending on the type of account you want to open, you may need to complete legally required documents which check your investment goals and understanding of risk. It’s really important to read the small print and fees for any new account. As an example, if you’re opening a foreign currency deposit account, you may want to understand the currency exchange fees applied for conversion as well as the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Understanding the full picture in advance is essential.

  • Changing ATM and card limits

Manage your ATM and card limits online or in the PowerDirect app by opening up the registered information tab which is at the top of the page when you log in. Here click on the option ATM - J-debit Account Limit - Change.

You’ll be taken to a page which shows your current limits and can adjust them as necessary. Simply submit your preferences, and confirm using the push notification you’ll be sent.

What services are not available in English on Shinsei PowerDirect?

It’s useful to know that some specialist services are only available in Japanese through Shinsei PowerDirect. That means you’ll need to be comfortable reading and responding in Japanese to interact with these services online. Specifically, the services which are not yet available in English include:

  • Registration for Shinsei Family Plan (only available to Platinum stage customers)
  • Setting up structured deposits
  • Opening an investment trust or NISA account
  • Making transactions in existing investment trust accounts

Manage your money internationally: Meet Wise account


With the Wise multi-currency account you can hold 55 currencies in just one account. And when you want to switch between them, you’ll get low cost currency conversion which uses the real mid-market rate every time.

Wise accounts come with local bank details for major global currencies so you can receive payments for free from all around the world. Use your linked debit card to spend and withdraw your funds when you’re at home or abroad - and manage your money on the go through the Wise app.

All international payments with Wise use the mid-market exchange rate with low, transparent fees which can work out far cheaper than your regular bank. Transfers are available 24/7 from your phone or computer - with responsive support around the clock, in English, Japanese and a range of other languages.

See how much you can save today, with Wise.

Wise for sending money


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