Complete Guide: Yucho (Japan Post Bank) Internet Banking

Yumiko Kijima

Yucho internet banking is the Japan Post Bank service which allows customers to check and manage accounts, make transactions and send payments online. You can use Yucho Direct to deposit savings, manage investments, set and change account limits, and arrange Japan Post Bank international transfers.

This guide walks through how to set up and use Yucho internet banking. We’ll also introduce an alternative way to save when making international transfers with Wise, which is up to 14x cheaper than banks in Japan.


What is Yucho Direct?

Yucho Direct is the Japan Post Bank online banking service. With Yucho internet banking you can check and manage your Japan Post Bank accounts, including the following:[1]

  • Make inquiries about your accounts and transactions
  • Manage domestic and international transfers
  • Pay your taxes online
  • Make deposits into your savings account
  • Apply for and make transactions with an investment account
  • Change and update your personal details
  • Manage your card, lock, unlock and change limits as needed

How to set up Yucho Direct

Let’s take a look at how you set up Yucho Direct internet banking[2].

What you need to start using Yucho Direct[3]
  • Your account number
  • Your name in Katakana
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Cash card PIN
  • Account pass book if you have one

Step 1: Visit Yucho Direct application page

Step 2: Follow the instructions and fill in your information as prompted on screen

Step 3: You’ll receive an automated call to the phone number registered with Japan Post Bank - this will give you the identity verification code you need to proceed to the next step of registration

Step 4: Enter the identity verification code you received in the call, and the one time password which is emailed to you, when prompted

Step 5: You’ll be given a customer number which you’ll need to use when logging into Yucho Direct

Step 6: You’ll receive a written notification that your Yucho account is set up, mailed to your registered address

Once your account is operational you will need to choose your own password to log in, set up 2 factor identification, and set the account limits you want to use.

Yucho Direct fees

Setting up your Yucho Direct account is free, but there are still some fees to pay for specific transaction types. Here are the details.

ItemYucho Direct Fee[4]
Check your balanceFree
Transfer to Yucho accountFree up to 5 transfers within a month, after that, 100JPY per transfer
Transfer to another bank account
  • 220JPY (transfer amount< 50,000JPY)
  • 440JPY (transfer amount≥50,000JPY)
  • International transfer3,000JPY
    Yucho Pay-Easy61JPY

    Domestic transfer

    The fee for sending a domestic transfer is based on the value of the payment, and whether it’s being sent to another Japan Post Bank account. It’s cheaper to send a domestic transfer online with Yucho Direct than it is to make the payment in person at a branch[5].

    Domestic transfer typeFee for payments under 50,000JPYFee for payments over 50,000JPY
    In person payment - not to a Japan Post Bank account660JPY880JPY
    Yucho Direct - not to a Japan Post Bank account220JPY440JPY
    In person payment - to a Japan Post Bank account146JPY146JPY
    Yucho Direct - to a Japan Post Bank account
  • 5 free payments per month
  • then 100JPY per payment
  • 5 free payments per month
  • then 100JPY per payment
  • Sending a domestic payment through Yucho Direct can be done by logging in and following the onscreen instructions. Here are a few things you’ll need to remember[6]:

    • Your Yucho Direct account won’t be fully functional for 24 hours after setting it up - you won’t be able to send payments during that period
    • If the kana name of your recipient is incorrect the payment will not be made
    • If there are errors in the payment and you need to make changes, there will be a fee to pay
    • You’ll need to set your own remittance limits in Yucho Direct to make sure you can make the payments you need

    International transfer

    The standard fee for sending a Japan Post Bank international transfer is 3,000JPY. However you may also pay an additional fee in the form of a markup or margin added to the Japan Post Bank exchange rate.

    Adding a markup to the exchange rate used is very common among banks and international payment services. However, it can mean you’re paying more than you think for your international transfer.

    To see if you’ll be charged a markup for your specific payment, get the Japan Post Bank exchange rate for your currency, and compare it to the mid-market exchange rate which you can find online with a simple Google search. The mid-market rate is the one Japan Post Bank will have bought the currency at in the first place. If the rate you’re offered is different to the mid-market exchange rate, this probably means a markup has been added to create the retail rate passed to customers.

    Not all cross border payment companies use a marked up exchange rate. With Wise, you can send money abroad 14x cheaper compared to Japanese banks - you’ll get the real mid-market exchange rate every time, with just a low transparent fee per transaction. See if you can save with Wise next time you need to make a payment abroad.

    true cost of international transfers

    Yucho Direct FAQ

    Is Yucho Direct available in English?

    No. Yucho internet banking is only available in Japanese.

    That said, there is a guide on opening a Yucho account in English as well as other languages, to help you get started.

    What is Yucho Direct + (plus)?

    For customers who don’t need a passbook (or 通帳), there is an option: Yucho Direct + (plus).[8]

    If you already have a Yucho bank account, then you need to apply for Yucho Direct first. And then after that, you can switch to Yucho Direct + (plus).[9]

    If you don’t have a Yucho bank account yet, you can apply for Yucho Direct + without any need to apply for Yucho Direct first[10].

    What is Yucho Pay-Easy?

    Yucho Pay-Easy is a simple way to pay your taxes and some other regular bills like mobile phone costs, online[7]. You can pay through Yucho Direct, and skip waiting in line at a Japan Post Bank branch - easy.

    💡Manage money internationally: Wise account

    If you need to send and receive international payments you could be better off with a Wise multi-currency account. Here are some key features you should know about:


    • Hold and manage up to 55 currencies in 1 account
    • Send international payments which use the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees
    • Get paid to your Wise account for free in 10 currencies including USD, EUR, and GBP
    • Spend with your linked Wise card, to get the mid-market exchange rate and low conversion fees
    • Customer service and support is available in English, Japanese and a range of other languages

    Managing your money online can save you time. With Yucho Direct online banking you might also save money compared to making transactions in person in a Japan Post Bank branch. Check out this guide to get started with the Yucho Japan Post Bank online banking service - and don’t forget that you could save even more when you use your Wise multi-currency account to send payments overseas.


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