Scoot Baggage Allowance. Be well prepared before you fly

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Scoot is a low-cost airline, which was set up as a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. You can fly a range of routes from Australia and around South East Asia with Scoot, including flights from Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

If you’re about to head off on a Scoot flight, you’ll want to know what you can take with you. This guide covers all you need to know about Scoot luggage allowances, how to carry unusual items like sports and musical equipment, and how to buy more baggage if you need to.

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Scoot checked/hold luggage vs carry on

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that there are different allowances and rules for checked and carry on luggage.

  1. Checked luggage, which is also known as hold luggage, is handed over to the airline when you check in. These bags will be carried in the hold and you won’t be able to access them during your flight.
  2. You’ll be able to take your carry on, or cabin luggage, into the plane with you. Carry on bags are normally smaller, giving you space for your essentials only. There are some things which can’t be taken into the hold of a plane though - so do check all the details before you pack.

So, what is the baggage allowance with Scoot Airlines?

Scoot offers different ticket and fare types, which come with their own terms and conditions regarding baggage. Here’s a rundown of the typical allowances and fees - do check your own ticket before you pack to make sure you understand the terms for your specific flight.

It’s worth knowing that the maximum cabin bag size regardless of class is 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (with total dimensions not exceeding 115 linearly), and checked luggage bags can weigh no more than 32kg per item, regardless of the amount of baggage allowance you’ve purchased.

Scoot Economy tickets

Economy ticket holders may bring the following:

Cabin baggage¹:

Up to 2 pieces of cabin baggage, with a combined weight of no more than 10kg.

Checked in or hold baggage²:

Hold baggage will depend on the fare type you select:

  • FlyBag and FlyBagEat fares come with 20kg of hold luggage allowance.
  • Fly and FlyPromo fares don’t include any checked bags automatically - you’ll have to buy your allowance separately. More on that in a moment

ScootPlus tickets

With a ScootPlus ticket, you can bring the following:

Cabin baggage¹:

  • Up to 2 pieces of cabin baggage, with a combined weight of no more than 15kg

Checked in or hold baggage²:

  • Checked baggage up to 30kg


Buying more baggage allowance with Scoot

If you want to carry more luggage that your ticket will cover, you can buy additional allowance when you buy your ticket, after purchase, or at the airport. Note that additional baggage can be purchased up to 4 hours before your scheduled departure online by clicking on “Manage my booking” or by phoning the call centre.

You’ll find all fees for Scoot airline services here.

The exact costs will depend on when you’re buying the additional allowance, and how heavy your extra bags are. To get the specific costs for your flight you’ll need to head to the Scoot website and use the fee calculator there.

As an example, here are some of the costs you may pay if you bought extra baggage for a flight from Melbourne to Chiang Mai:

Additional luggage required³Scoot fee in AUD - Melbourne to Chiang Mai
Extra cabin bag - up to 7kgSuspended till further notice¹
Extra hold bag - up to 20kgAirport purchase: from $150 per journey

What are the fees for excess or oversized baggage with Scoot?

You can buy up to 40kg of extra luggage allowance in advance.⁵ Depending on the circumstances, you may need to pay excess baggage fees if your luggage is heavier than your allowance. Check the details for your specific flight and situation to avoid hefty fees when you arrive at the airport.

Keep in mind that no individual piece of luggage can weigh more than 32kg (70 lbs) or have total linear dimensions of 158cm.

Here are the excess baggage fees for a flight from Melbourne to Chiang Mai, as an example³:

Excess baggageFee chart
Per 1kg excess$50 per journey
Per 3kg excess$150 per journey
Per 5kg excess$250 per journey

It’s clear to see that these prices are quite high and a few kgs more packed in error will dent your wallet greatly. It’s best to invest in a handheld scale for your luggage. You could also weigh your bag at an empty stall at the airport before you drop off your bags at the Scoot counter.

Taking sports equipment as checked baggage with Scoot

You can take sports equipment — or other specialist items like musical instruments — on a Scoot flight as checked baggage, as long as there’s space in the hold for them. However, all items will need to be properly packed, and fit within your luggage allowance or the extra baggage allowance you’ve purchased.⁴

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