Need an online based business bank account? Let’s see what NAB offers.

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National Australia Bank, usually shortened to NAB, is one of the Big Four Australian Banks. If you’re a business customer looking to manage your bank account 100% online, you might be interested in what NAB has on offer, especially with NAB Connect.

In this guide we’ll explore what the NAB Connect online platform is. We’ll also let you know how Wise could become a part of your business banking solution.

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Does NAB offer Online-based business accounts?

While NAB does not offer fully online business account, it provides two types of online business account management services, Internet Banking and NAB Connect

NAB Business Internet Banking is a basic online business account platform which enables you to manage your data, accounts and payments online.

NAB Connect is a more advanced solution with greater capabilities. It’s tailor made for businesses with more management tools and functions than the Internet Banking account.

Which features do you get with an NAB Connect online business account management

There are a few features which make NAB Connect a good option for people looking to manage the business account online.¹

  • The payment limit can be as high as your account balance
  • Business owners can create and manage different user profiles and levels of authorisation for staff to use when accessing the accounts
  • You can make up to 25,000 domestic transactions using a single payment file upload
  • It’s possible to book foreign currency exchange deals and view the applicable exchange rate before you transfer any money

NAB Connect Online business account service — fees and costs

The NAB Connect Business Account platform comes with some fees and charges for using the service. The table below outlines some of these. Keep in mind that for international transfers, the NAB fees don’t include any charges levelled by overseas banks.

ServiceNAB Connect Fee in AUD²
Account monthly feesNone
Direct Debit Payments$0.25 per payment
Bpay® payment$0.25 per payment
RTGS payment$12.00 per payment
International transfer fee from the connected business account — for a sample amount of $1,000 AUD to GBP
  • $10 per payment with currency conversion
  • $20 per payment without currency conversion

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What do I need to open an NAB Connect account? Requirements, documents and what to know.

What do I need to sign up for NAB Connect?

To sign up for NAB Connect you’ll need the following information.³

  • Your business name
  • Your contact details
  • Your NAB Business Transaction Account details

If you don’t have a NAB Business Transaction Account then you’ll need to apply for one before you can have a NAB Connect account.³

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As there could be up to a 3 day window³ during which the NAB representative could call you back, it’s a good idea to have your company information and NAB Business Transaction Account details somewhere that’s easily accessible.

How to apply for NAB Connect?

To apply for a NAB Connect account you’ll need to go online and**fill out the sign up form**. A representative from NAB will then call you back within 5 business days depending on the account complexity, to confirm your eligibility and finish setting up the account.³

How long does it take to gain access?

The initial call back takes up to 2 business days with a standard NAB Connect account, and 3-5 business days for more complex cases³. After that NAB doesn't mention wait times, but it likely depends on how busy they are and if they request any additional documentation.

Business support details for NAB bank.

If you need help, it’s possible to directly contact the NAB Connect Client Centre.⁴

  • Call 1300 888 413 from within Australia
  • Call +61 3 8641 9930 if you’re overseas
  • Visit your local NAB branch

Wise for Business as a smart alternative

Before you make any final decisions about which business account is best for you, it’s a good idea to have a look at what’s available outside of the Big Four banks.

Wise is an alternative financial services provider that is fully authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). They offer a business Multi-currency account that has been especially designed for Australian and Multinational companies and traders, which has a few features that NAB Connect doesn’t.

With a Wise Business account you can get account details for AUD, as well as for accounts in several major global currencies. These accounts allow you to manage payments like a local, potentially allowing your business to reach new customers.

The account also enables you to send and receive money, process invoices and pay staff in over 50 different currencies. The currency exchange is based on the mid market exchange rate and you’ll know any fees and charges upfront, before you make a payment.

With a Wise Business account you can order multiple linked debit cards and easily manage them through the Wise app or your Wise online account.

To find out more about how Wise can benefit your business, take a look at the Wise Business account for yourself. You can easily sign up online, no need to wait for a call back.

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