Kangaroo money transfer review: Fees, rates and transfer times


If you need to transfer money out of Australia, you’re probably weighing up your options. After all, although your bank probably does offer this service, if you’ve seen the rates they offer you might well be, ahem, hopping mad.

Which is what may have led you towards Kangaroo Service, an independent provider that specializes in international transfers from Australia to Indonesia, and from Indonesia to a range of Asian destinations as well as Australia, Europe and Russia¹⁺².

Kangaroo Service isn’t your only option for this, of course. One alternative is Wise, which, by consistently offering the mid-market rate, ensures you always get a decent deal. But more on that later. First, here’s what you want to know about Kangaroo Service.

A quick comparison between Kangaroo service and Wise. Read on after that for the full information.

Service Kangaroo Wise
Fees for a transfer of 1000 AUD to IDR. 10 AUD. 7.95 AUD (Fee for AUD to IDR is: 0.6% of the AUD amount + AU$2).
Exchange rate. Flat exchange rate of the day. The mid-market exchange rate.
Supported currencies. Transfers from AUD can only go to IDR (Indonesia).Transfers from IDR can go to 19 different currencies. Transfers to 48 currencies.Transfers from 22 currencies.More information on the supported currencies FAQ page.

Banks and money transfer providers often give you a bad exchange rate to make extra profits.

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Check out how to make your first transfer with Wise. And give it a try.

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Now, back to what you came here to read.

What are the fees for an international money transfer with Kangaroo Service?

The amount they charge depends on the transfer route you choose. Here’s the rundown³:

Transfer route Transfer amount Fee
Australia to Indonesia Up to AUD 1,000 AUD 10
Indonesia to Australia Up to IDR 10 million IDR 25,000
Indonesia to Australia Up to IDR 100 million IDR 30,000
Indonesia to Australia More than IDR 100 million IDR 35,000
Indonesia to another country Up to IDR 50 million IDR 150,000

Those values are correct according to Kangaroo Service’s help centre, but you can also key values into the calculator on their homepage to check what they’re likely to charge you.

What are the currencies that Kangaroo Service supports?

Focusing on transfers out of Australia, you’ll need to be converting your Australian dollars into Indonesian rupiah.

If you’re transferring from Indonesia, on the other hand, you’ll be able to convert your rupiah into a larger range of currencies including euros, Australian dollars, roubles, yen, and various other Asian currencies².

What is the Kangaroo exchange rate?

One kangaroo is equivalent to three wallabies. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Seriously though, we shouldn’t joke about the exchange rate because it can make an even bigger difference to your transfer than the fees listed above.

You can see Kangaroo Service’s exchange rate on its home page. They offer a flat exchange rate which they update daily, but only on business days⁴. What that means, and how they exactly calculate that exchange rate isn’t entirely clear from their website. However, a quick comparison with an online currency converter suggests that they’re not offering the mid-market rate for their conversions.

If a company isn’t offering the mid-market rate, they’re charging a worse exchange rate for you than they have to, and they’re therefore able to hold on to a little bit more of your money. Well, we say “a little bit”, but of course when you’re transferring hundreds or thousands of dollars, it adds up pretty quickly. That’s why Wise believes the mid-market rate is the only rate that’s fair to use, and only ever charges that rate when it converts your money. Yes, it’s true that exchange rates change all the time. But if you know you’re being offered the best rate available, that’s one less thing to worry about.

So remember: every time you want to make an international transfer, you should compare the exchange rate you’re being offered to the mid-market rate, which you can find easily online, on Google for example. Another options is to check a currency converter to be sure. You might be a bit shocked by the result - but it’ll be worth it.

How long can a transfer with Kangaroo take?

It’s always hard to predict exactly how long a transfer takes, and not just because of the service provider - the receiving bank plays a key role in this too. Kangaroo Service say on their site that the recipient should get funds in less than 2 days - but it will always depend on various factors⁵, so you should either ask Kangaroo Service directly, or - probably the safest option - factor in a little bit of uncertainty when you plan the transfer.

Still, transferring money internationally with a bank is unpredictable too, because the bank will probably have to use the complex SWIFT network, which isn’t renowned for its efficiency. Or its cost-effectiveness, for that matter.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to pay Kangaroo Service first, before your transfer is made⁶.

How does Kangaroo Service work?

Here’s a quick guide to the process.

  • To register with Kangaroo Service, you’ll need to fill out a form and provide various documents - for both yourself and your beneficiary. They recommend phone or email as the best method to get set up⁷.
  • After you transfer Kangaroo Service your money, you’ll need to confirm you’ve made that transaction - you can call, send a text or WhatsApp message, or email⁸.
  • You’ll get a notification once the transfer is processed⁸.

What kind of transfers can you make?

As well as standard transfers, Kangaroo Service lets you send money from Australia to Indonesian charities without paying the transfer fee⁹. They also offer a special kind of transfer for students, with a discounted fee¹⁰.

Does the recipient have to sign up with Kangaroo?

The recipient shouldn’t have to create their own personal Kangaroo Service account. However, for you to register for a transfer with Kangaroo Service, you’ll need to provide ID for both you and the beneficiary, as well as various other details including phone numbers¹¹. So, unlike with some transfer providers, the recipient will need to be somewhat involved in the process, at least the first time you send money to them.

Are there any limits to the amount you can transfer?

From Australia to Indonesia, there’s a maximum transfer amount of AUD 5,000 per day, or beneficiary. For payments from Indonesia to other countries than Australia, there’s a limit of 150 million IDR per day, or beneficiary³.

Is the service available to anyone?

You should be ok provided you can successfully provide ID and get your money to Kangaroo Service.

How can you contact Kangaroo Service?

There are several different ways to contact Kangaroo Service, including¹²:

  • They have a local number to call in Australia, as well as in Indonesia
  • You can also send a WhatsApp message, and for that they also have an Australian and an Indonesian number
  • You can email Kangaroo Service
  • There’s also an option for live chat

Conclusion: Is Kangaroo Service right for you?

If an Australia-to-Indonesia transfer is what you’re after, it’ll surely be worth considering Kangaroo Service, as they specialize in this route. But don’t forget that just because they specialize in it doesn’t necessarily mean they offer the best deal. Before you make any international transfer, you should look very carefully at the exchange rate you’re being offered and see if you’re really getting decent value or not.

Wise is a little different in that it offers a greater variety of routes out of (and into) Australia - so if there’s a chance you’ll need to deal with countries other than Indonesia, its added flexibility might appeal. What’s more, by offering the mid-market rate on its transfers, you can be more confident you’re getting good value. The fee charged is low, too.

And if you often need to send money abroad, it’s well worth taking a look at a borderless account with Wise. It doesn’t cost a monthly fee at all, but lets you hold money in 40+ currencies from all around the world, and deposit or withdraw funds whenever you want. You also get virtual account details for Australian and US dollars, euros and UK pounds, meaning that in any of those currencies you can pay - and get paid - like a local. So if you or your business is often bouncing from one country to another, a borderless account could be exactly what you need.

Good luck making your international money transfer. While a domestic transfer may still be easier, there’s no reason that an international transfer should be too much of a challenge. Just always remember to check the fees you’ll be charged as well as the exchange rate that will be used to convert your money, the latter is almost certainly the biggest factor in seeing if you’re getting a decent deal or not.

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