OrbitRemit international money transfers in Australia. The fees, rates & how-tos

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Sending money overseas can seem complex if you’ve never done it before. Unlike transferring domestically, there can be differences in fees, transfer times and recipient detail that can catch you off guard. On top of this, there are a whole range of international money transfer providers to choose from.

This article will deep dive into OrbitRemit, one such provider in Australia and get to know who they are and the gritty details on their fees, transfer times and processes to send money abroad.

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What is OrbitRemit Australia

OrbitRemit is a international money transfer company that started in 2008 in New Zealand.¹ Since then, it has expanded and is regulated to allow transfers to be made from Australia.² OrbitRemit operates under the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) 470646.

OrbitRemit is also registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit within the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC) under the registration number of 100439420.¹

How do OrbitRemit transfers work

OrbitRemit uses their own transfer network. This means that when you send a transfer, it will first go to their local account in the country destination and be sent to the receiver's local account from there.³

OrbitRemit international money transfers fees.

When sending money abroad, transfer fees are common. Let’s see how OrbitRemit compares with an alternative provider Wise.

OrbitRemit fees⁴ Wise fees⁵
Fee ranges between currencies from $0 to $4 AUD fixed fee

For amounts over $10,000 then no fee applied

Fixed fee varies by currency plus a variable fee based on amount being sent and payment method used.

As seen on 11 March 2024

To see how OrbitRemit compares to another International Money Transfer provider, we’ll do an example transfer for $1000 AUD to GBP using a bank transfer as the payment method.

OrbitRemit Transfer⁶ Wise Transfer⁵
No fixed fee is applied for AUD to GBP transfer and an exchange rate of 0.51100 is applied.

The recipient will be sent 511 GBP to their account

A fee of $5.32 is charged upfront and an exchange rate of 0.5145 is used.

The recipient will receive 511.79 GBP

As seen on 11 March 2024

As you can see, there isn’t much difference between the two providers based on a transfer from AUD to GBP.

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.

OrbitRemit international money transfers exchange rate

From the above transfer example, we can see that although OrbitRemit does not charge an upfront fee in its transfer, it is incorporated in the exchange rate used.⁶ This means that OrbitRemit makes a margin in their exchange rate, while Wise charges the fee up-front and uses the mid-market rate instead of taking a hidden fee.

OrbitRemit supported currencies

OrbitRemit supports transfers in 25 currencies from Australia including⁷:

Country Currency
Bangladesh BDT
Canadia CAD
China CNY
Denmark DKK
Europe Euro
Fiji FJD
Hong Kong HKD
India INR
Indonesia IDR
Malaysia MYR
Nepal NPR
New Zealand NZD
Norway NOK
Philippines PHP
Poland PLN
Samoa WST
Singapore SGD
South Korea KWR
South Africa ZAR
Sri Lanka LKR
Sweden SEK
Thailand THB
United Kingdom GBP
United States USD
Vietnam VND

Each currency comes with differing fees, limits to send and transfer times.

How to send money internationally with OrbitRemit

When you want to send money internationally with OrbitRemit, you’ll need to register for an account to set up and finalise a transfer. Here are the steps to send a transfer abroad⁸:

  1. Sign up to OrbitRemit
  2. Use their transfer calculator
  3. Complete your profile by adding your details
  4. Add a recipient to send your money
  5. Verify your account
  6. Review your transfer
  7. Choose how to fund your transfer
  8. Confirm your transfer
  9. Monitor the progress of the transfer

You can send an international transfer either using the OrbitRemit website portal or through their mobile app.

Can you cancel a transfer and get a refund with OrbitRemit?

Transfers cannot be cancelled if they have been completed on OrbitRemits. If the status of your transfer is still in either the “‘Awaiting Payment’ or 'Awaiting Update', you can still cancel or request a refund.⁹

What details are needed to send money with OrbitRemit

Before you can send a transfer from Australia, you’ll need to provide OrbitRemit with a few of your own details. This is to set up your account, verify your identity and confirm your transfer.

Set up your profile

Some details you’ll need to provide OrbitRemit to set up your profile includes¹⁰:

  • Name
  • Email address¹¹
  • Address in Australia

There is a cash pick up option for a select number of countries.

Verify your account

The process to verify your identity involves biometric matching to your identity documents. This means you’ll need to provide either¹²:

  • A non-expired passport
  • Driver Licence

To make sure the biometric verification is successful, you’ll need a webcam if using the web portal or a working camera on your mobile device.

Confirm your transfer

To finalise your transfer once the above two steps are completed, you’ll need to make sure you have given OrbitRemit your recipients:

  • Name
  • Local account details
  • Correct amount you want to send
  • Your OrbitRemit Customer number¹³

From here, you can pay for your transfer and monitor the status until it reaches your recipients account.

Transfer limits with OrbitRemit

Each currency has a different limit of how much can be transferred and received. Generally, the limit is based on local laws and regulations around international money transfers.

Here's a breakdown of the limits for 10 major currencies from Australia to personal accounts abroad.¹⁴

CurrencyMaximum limit
GBP No maximum
USD No maximum
EURO No maximum
CAD $100,000 CAD
NZD No maximum
CNY 30,000 CNY
ZAR No maximum
INR 15,000,000 INR daily limit
IDR 100,000,000 IDR per transfer
THB 49,999.99 THB per transfer

OrbitRemit money transfer payment methods — In and Out

With all the above in mind, it’s good to get a good understanding on how you can pay for your transfer and how your recipient can receive the funds. We use the alternative Wise to compare the different pay in and out methods available.

Pay methods OrbitRemit¹⁵ Wise¹⁷
Pay in Bank transfer



Bank transfer

Debit Card

Credit Card


Pay out Bank transfer deposit

Cash pick up (only)¹⁶

  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh
  • Vietnam
Bank transfer

Wise account

Pros and cons of sending money with OrbitRemit

It's hard to see the pros and cons of each international money transfer provider without having to dig deep into their service offerings and comparing with other similar providers.

We’ve made it easy by briefly comparing the pros and cons of sending money with OrbitRemit versus Wise.

Sending money abroad OrbitRemit Wise¹⁷
  • Low fixed transfer fee
  • 25 currencies available
  • Cash pick up available in some countries
  • High or no limits on transfers
  • Uses mid-market rate on conversions
  • Upfront and transparent pricing
  • Low fixed & variable fee
  • Many payment methods to pay in
  • Margin in exchange rate
  • Only two pay in methods
  • No cash pick up or pay in available

How long does an international bank transfer with OrbitRemit take?

Transfer times depend on how long it takes for your transfer to go into the local Australian OrbitRemit bank account which is around 12-24 hours. Then there is a subsequent processing time based on the country and currency of destination.

Here are some processing times for some popular transfer destinations from Australia.⁷

Country Transfer times
New Zealand 1 working day
United Kingdom 1-3 working days
United States 1-3 working days
Canada 1-3 working days
Europe 1-3 working days
Hong Kong 1-3 working days
China 1 working day
South Africa 1-2 working days
India 1 working day
Thailand 1-2 workings days

As seen on 11 March 2024

These transfer times can be delayed if you don’t confirm your transfer before bank cut-off times. Weekends and public holidays in Australia or the recipient country can also delay the transfer.⁴

Contacting OrbitRemit Australia

If you need to contact OrbitRemit, you can:

  • Call +61 2 8188 3735
  • Email their support team
  • Submit a request via your account

You can also access a range of help articles and common frequently asked questions (FAQs) through their website about a transfer or your account set up.

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Sources checked on: 11 March 2024

*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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