Jetstar ticket refunds. All you need to know.

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Jetstar is a low cost Australian airline that services domestic and international destinations. After you’ve booked your Jetstar flight, it's possible that something comes up which interrupts your travel plans.

This guide will take a look at how refunds work with Jetstar, when you can get them and give you an insight into how Wise can help you save money when travelling overseas.

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How do refunds work with Jetstar?

Like most airlines, your eligibility to get a refund with Jetstar generally depends on the type of ticket you purchased and terms and conditions of your booking.

  • When Jetstar chooses to cancel your booking, you’re generally entitled to a full refund.¹
  • If you choose to cancel your booking then your ability to claim a refund largely depends on the fare rules and conditions of your ticket.²
  • If part of the ticket was used before you or Jetstar cancelled the booking you may still be entitled to a partial refund.¹

Refunds for delays, cancellations and overbooking

In the event that Jetstar delays your scheduled departure by at least 3 hours, cancels or overbooks your flight you’ll generally be offered a refund or place on the next available flight.¹

If you choose to take the next flight then you may be entitled to some additional compensation provided your route is one of these.¹

  • Australian domestic flight
  • New Zealand domestic flight
  • International flight from Australia
  • International flight from New Zealand
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Additional compensation for a delay or cancellation

Here are some additional items of compensation you’ll be provided if the delay or cancellation was within Jetstar’s control.¹

Wait Time Home Airport Away from Home Airport
3+ Hours Meal voucher Meal voucher
Overnight(Jetstar Arrangements) None Accomodation, transfer and a meal. The meal may be included in the accommodation or reimbursed per person (need receipts).
Overnight(Customer Arrangements) None Up to $30 per person for meals. Up to $150 AUD/NZ per hotel room. Reasonable costs for transport will be reimbursed. You’ll need receipts.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled for a reason outside of Jetstar’s control and they can’t rebook you on an acceptable Jetstar flight, you can request a credit voucher or refund.¹


Additional compensation for overbooking

If your Jetstar flight is overbooked, staff will ask if there’s anyone who'll volunteer to go on the next flight. If there’s no volunteers Jetstar will choose people to be bumped.¹

If you’re bumped but you’re flight is one of the types we mentioned earlier and you arrived on time with the correct documentation, you may be entitled to a Jetstar travel voucher and additional compensation.¹

Wait Time Home Airport More Than 50km From Home
3+ Hours Meal voucher Meal voucher
Overnight(Jetstar Arrangements) None Accomodation, transfer and a meal. The meal may be included in the accommodation or reimbursed per person (with receipts).
Overnight(Customer Arrangements) None Reasonable costs for meals will be reimbursed. Up to $150 AUD/NZ per hotel room. You will need receipts.

Refunds due to COVID related cancellations

To help put customers' minds at ease, Jetstar has put in place some special policies for COVID-19 related changes.³

  • If your flight was booked between 17 September 2021 and 30 April 2022, Jetstar will waive the change fee. This only applies to travel up to 31 August 2023.
  • If you purchased the FareCredit option when booking, you can cancel for any reason and get a credit voucher for the value of the ticket.
  • If your travel is cancelled or affected due to COVID-19 restrictions, you may be eligible for a credit voucher, cash refund or free date change.
  • If your flight is cancelled due to COVID-19 related issues, Jetstar will contact you about your options which may include a credit voucher, refund or free date change.

What rights do you have to get a refund?

Your right to a refund is generally governed by your ticket type fare rules and the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage. You may also be protected by some of the following laws and conventions.¹

  • Australian Consumer Law
  • New Zealand Civil Aviation Act
  • Warsaw Convention
  • Montreal Convention
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How to get a refund on flights cancelled by Jetstar

If one of the following situations occurs you can claim a full refund with Jetstar by contacting their Customer Care team.¹

  • Jetstar made a significant change to your flight with a 3+ hour time difference for a reason that was within their control.
  • Jetstar changed your departure time for a reason that was within their control, the flight no longer meets your purposes, and they’re unable to provide you with an acceptable alternative flight.
  • Jetstar overbooked a flight and are unable to carry you, despite your reservation.

Getting a refund on Jetstar flights you cancelled.

If you want to cancel your booking you can contact customer service or cancel it through Manage Booking³. When you choose to cancel your booking the amount that gets refunded will depend on your fare conditions and what fees and charges are applicable.

A note on non refundable tickets

Some bookings are non-refundable and this will be reflected in the fare rules of your ticket. Usually it being non-refundable only applies when you cancel the booking.²

Even if your fare was non-refundable you may be able to be reimbursed some of the surcharges or taxes that weren’t used, less an administration fee

How to contact Jetstar

  • To contact Jetstar in Australia you can call them on 131 538.⁴
  • If you’re overseas you can check the website for the contact details for your closest Jetstar customer service centre.

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