Flight Centre travel insurance. What’s on offer and how does it work?

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When travelling within Australia or abroad there are so many decisions to make, including where to stay, what to do and how to get around. One of the most important things to consider before you leave, is whether to buy travel insurance and who to buy it from.

Research done by Smartraveller discovered that approximately one in four Aussie’s travelling abroad experienced an insurable event during their last overseas trip.² This suggests that it’s well worth taking out a policy to ensure you’re covered if the unexpected happens.

There are many travel insurance companies and policies to choose from, so this guide is here to help out by delving into what there is to know about the policies offered by Flight Center. We’ll look at what plans are available, who provides the insurance and some of the main things that are and aren’t covered.

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Travel insurance with Flight Center

Flight Center offers travel insurance for a range of unexpected events that can occur while you travel.¹ For Australians, they offer domestic and international policies which include coverage for things like travel interruptions, overseas medical, additional expenses and liability.

Flight Center travel insurance packages

Flight Center’s main policies are for international and domestic travel.¹

  • International Plus (Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip)
  • International Essentials (Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip)
  • Domestic (Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip)
  • Domestic Cancellation (Single Trip)

Depending on your travel plans and the policy you choose, it may be possible to purchase some additional coverage.

  • Cruise Cover
  • Adventure Activities / Adventure+ Activities
  • Motorcycle & Moped Riding / Motorcycle & Moped Riding+
  • Snow Sports / Snow Sports+
  • Optional Luggage Cover
  • Increase Luggage Limit Cover
  • Rental Car Excess Cover

Who administers travel insurance on behalf of Flight Center

Flight Centre travel policies are issued by Cover-More Insurance Services on behalf of the insurer, Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ZAIL).¹ ZAIL is part of the Zurich Insurance Group, which offers a range of insurances to individuals and companies around the globe.

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What are the main benefits of travel insurance with Flight Center

Starting with the international travel insurance policies, both the International Plus and International Essentials include coverage for overseas medical and emergency dental, personal liability and additional expenses¹. There are also options for expenses relating to things like delays, damage and cancellations.

The domestic policies are centred around travel delays, cancellations and loss. The Domestic Cancellation policy is limited to additional expenses and cancellation costs, while the Domestic policy also includes benefits like travel delay, vehicle insurance excess, luggage and personal liability.

Types of coverage offered by Flight Center travel insurance

For a better idea of the coverage amounts, here’s a snapshot of some of the benefit limits for the International Plus, International Essentials and Domestic plans.¹ The Domestic Cancellation plan has been left out because the coverage level is selected by you from one of the available options.

Benefit International Plus Limits International Essentials Limits Domestic Limits
Overseas Medical Expenses Unlimited with a

$2000 sub-limit for emergency dental

Unlimited with a

$2000 sub-limit for emergency dental

No cover
Personal Liability $3,000,000 $3,000,000 $200,000
Travel Delay $2000 No cover $750
Luggage & Travel Documents $15,000 with sub-limits Options cover available $6000 with sub-limits
Rental Car Excess $10,000 Options cover available $10,000

As seen on 5 November 2023

To see the other benefits and limits you can check the latest Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) on the Flight Center website.

Flight Center travel insurance main fees

The cost of a Flight Center travel insurance policy varies depending on a range of factors.¹

  • Travel destinations
  • Departure date
  • Trip duration
  • Age
  • Chosen insurance plan, excess and optional extras
  • Pre-existing medical conditions and pregnancy

To find out what insurance would cost for your journey, just head to the Flight Center website for an online quote.

What’s not covered under this travel insurance

As with most insurance policies, Flight Center’s PDS has a list of general exclusions. These exclusions are things they will not pay unless it is specifically included somewhere.

Here’s a few of the scenarios where the policy will not pay.¹

  • Claims arising from an illness, physical injury, death or the loss, theft or damage of property where you failed to take reasonable care
  • Claims that arise due to government interventions, regulations or restrictions
  • Certain pregnancy claims, for example if the pregnancy is past the start of 24 weeks or if serious medical complication were not unexpected
  • Claims that arise from drinking too much alcohol
  • Journeys in international waters on a private vessel
  • Riding a motorcycle or moped
  • Participating in certain sports or adventure activities, including snow skiing, outdoor rock climbing, scuba diving and skydiving

Eligibility for Flight Center travel insurance

Under the policy conditions, a person is eligible to hold a domestic or international Flight Center travel insurance policy provided they meet the following conditions.¹

  • Not aware of circumstances which could result in a claim
  • A resident of Australia with a valid Medicare Card or holds a visa that gives permission to live, work or study in Australia and will be returning home to Australia at the end of the Period of Insurance

There are some additional requirements if it’s an Annual Multi-Trip policy.

  • Journey must be more than 250 km away from home
  • There’s at least 1 night of paid accommodation
  • Length of the journey does not exceed the maximum on the Certificate of Insurance

How to get travel insurance with Flight Center

To buy Flight Center travel insurance you can visit a store, call 133 133 or purchase it online.

Once the policy has been successfully issued you’ll be given a Certificate of Insurance which confirms the coverage. This is usually emailed, but if there’s any issues receiving a copy it’s best to reach out to Flight Center directly.

Making a claim with Flight Center travel insurance

To make a Flight Centre travel insurance claim simply go to the claims website and follow the prompts.¹ Any supporting documents can be uploaded when submitting the claim or a copy can be mailed to the Cover-More Travel Insurance Claims Department.

A word on Flight Center travel insurance and COVID-19

There is some coverage afforded for COVID-19 under both the domestic and international policies. Here’s the main benefits and limits to be aware of.¹

Benefit International Plus Limits International Essentials Limits Domestic Limits
Amendment or Cancellation Costs Pre-Departure Up to $10,000 per policy No cover Up to $5,000 per policy
Overseas Medical Expenses Unlimited Unlimited No cover
Amendment or Cancellation Costs Post-Departure Up to $10,000 per policy Up to $10,000 per policy Up to $5,000 per policy
Additional Expenses Post-Departure $5,000 $5,000 $5,000

As seen on 5 November 2023

Keep in mind you should always check the PDS for any additional conditions.

Contacting Flight Center

To have a chat with Flight Centre about their policies you can give them a call on 133 133.

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