Best Coworking Spaces in Perth

Samuel Clennett

Remote and flexible working is becoming increasingly common. This transformation in global work culture has fuelled increased demand for coworking spaces, in Australia and all over the world.

These shared offices offer the chance to network with talented professionals and access amenities you don’t have in your home office. They can also help freelancers and startups to boost productivity, save money on office space and strike a positive new wellness and work/life balance.

If you’re a freelancer in Perth and you’re ready to give coworking a try, the city has plenty of trendy, full-featured and community-driven spaces to choose from. Take a look below for five of the best coworking spaces in Perth, covering everything from cost and location to amenities and membership perks.

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The perfect Perth coworking spot for creatives, fSpace aims to be ‘entrepreneurial, international, inspirational and down to earth.’ ²

Based in the heart of Fremantle, fSpace has superfast internet, walls covered in inspiring murals, free hot drinks and a fantastic community atmosphere. And the ocean is just a short distance away, so you’ll get refreshing sea breezes through the large windows too. In short, it offers all you could want from a shared office space.

What’s more, fSpace also has an innovative Business Development Program to support startups and growing businesses.

  • Location – Market Street, Fremantle.
  • Amenities – Dedicated desks, coworking, fibre optic wi-fi, meeting space, kitchen, free hot and cold drinks, cheap parking, chill-out area. ³
  • Cost – fSpace has a choice of flexible plans, starting from $35 for a day pass, $130 for 4 days access each month, $240 for 8 days per month, $320 for 12 days per month and $550 for full unlimited access. ⁴
  • Opening hours – 8.30am to 6pm. ⁵
  • Membership perks – Opt for fFULL membership and you’ll get 24/7 access, 5 hours meeting room time, a reserved workspace, mailing address and access to exclusive fSpace member events.

Claisebrook Design Community

If you’re a designer or creative passing through Perth, book yourself some hotdesk time at Claisebrook Design Community (CBDC). This unique and huge space offers all the basics you need for remote working – from boardrooms to event space – in a modern, creatively designed warehouse space. It’s stunning, and perfect if you want to spark off like-minded, talented individuals.

  • Location – Gladstone Street, Claisebrook, East Perth.
  • Amenities – Private offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, boardroom, event space, high-speed internet, printing, café and kitchen, lockers, mailbox, air conditioning, showers, storage options. ⁶
  • Cost – Desks start from $400 a month, private ‘house’ offices from $825 a month and offices from £1,300 a month. You can also hire out meeting space from $50 an hour and event space from $100 an hour. ⁷
  • Opening hours – 7am to 5pm. ⁸
  • Membership perks – Sign up for a package at CBDC and you’ll benefit from free bike hire, free public transport and coffee discounts.


Love the idea of working by the ocean? Take a desk at Flowspace in North Beach, where you’ll be just 200m from a refreshing dip in the ocean or a stroll along the sand. This brilliant shared office was set up to give freelancers and entrepreneurs a great place to work without having to commute to the central business district.

Flowspace also offers flexible hotdesking and permanent desk packages, 24/7 access if you need it and superfast internet speeds.

  • Location – Flora Terrace, North Beach.
  • Amenities – Dedicated desks, coworking, meeting space, superfast wi-fi, choice of standing desks, distraction-eliminating ‘muffle pods’ and hot desks. ⁹
  • Cost – Casual half-day rates are $35, with a full day priced at $55 – you’ll also get your first day free. Memberships start from $50 for 1 full day a month (or 2 half days), $165 a month for part-time membership, $780 a month for full-time membership and $890 a month for resident membership. ¹⁰
  • Opening hours – 8.30am to 5pm. ¹¹
  • Membership perks – Join as a full-time member and you’ll get 24/7 access to all coworking space, while resident members get their own exclusive desk and secure storage space. Members also benefit from meeting room use, free tea and coffee, event invitations and a pair of noise-isolating headphones. ¹²

Flux Perth

Powered by Spacecubed, a coworking and office space giant in Perth, Flux offers state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the central business district. Its aim is to support new businesses and those looking to scale up, but it also offers a fantastic coworking space for freelancers and remote workers. If you’re in tech, you’ll love the innovative Flux labs, one of which is a virtual reality lab.

  • Location – St George’s Terrace, the main street in Perth CBD.
  • Amenities – Private offices, dedicated desks, hot desking, meeting spaces, tech labs, standing desks, lounge areas, outdoor terrace, Skype and podcasting rooms, event space, high-speed wi-fi, printing (including 3D printing), café, gym. ¹³
  • Cost – You’ll need to enquire at Flux for exact prices, but memberships start at around $50 for one day access, $400 a month for hot desking, and between $600-$750 a month for a dedicated desk. Prices for private office space on application. ¹⁴
  • Opening hours – 8am to 5pm. ¹⁵
  • Membership perks – Join as a member and you’ll get access to all Spacecubed coworking spaces in Perth and worldwide, plus free coffee, free beer, access to all amenities and other exclusive perks. ¹⁶

The Bureau

Now for something a little different. The Bureau, located just outside the city in Cottesloe, is a tiny, trendy creative space designed for solo work or study. It boasts stunning interiors, simple, affordable pricing and is based in a fashionable neighbourhood full of some of the best fashion and food (including coffee) in Perth. There are just six sleek desks to choose from, so you’ll be guaranteed some peaceful, distraction-free work time.

But the bright lights of Perth CBD aren’t far away, as The Bureau is well connected by train and road. Plus, it’s near the beach if you fancy a swim on your lunch break.

  • Location – Napoleon Close, Cottesloe.
  • Amenities – Hot desking, free wi-fi, printing facilities, USB charging, water, tea and coffee facilities, air conditioning, SONOS music sharing, locker storage. ¹⁷
  • Cost – From $10 an hour (min. 3 hours) and $30 a day. ¹⁸
  • Opening hours – 9am to 5pm, plus 10am to 4pm on weekends. ¹⁹
  • Membership perks – Sign up for The Bureau App and you can book hot desk time on the move. You can also enquire about After Hours membership, offering exclusive use of The Bureau along with special weekly/monthly rates.

Once you’ve picked out your dream new coworking space in Perth, make sure you get paid quickly and easily on your next project. Wise for Freelancers

can help you get paid with no fees attached, and even sync transactions with your accounting software.

Whether you love to work by the ocean or simply have to be in the heart of the CBD, Perth has a fantastic range of coworking spaces to suit everyone.

So, if you’re just passing through or staying in Perth a while, get yourself a day pass and enjoy the distraction-free, productivity boosting benefits of coworking.


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