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Samuel Clennett
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Whether you’re doing a full career change, looking for work while you’re travelling, or seeking occasional jobs to earn some money, freelancing can seem like a tempting option.

That’s especially the case these days because of all the opportunities for freelancers online. The best freelance websites are great ways for you to find opportunities you may never have even considered before – or to hone your skills in an area you already know.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to finding freelance work in Australia via websites – you can discover some of the leading freelance platforms for Australians looking for work, whether you’re freelancing as a writer, designer, odd jobs person, or whatever else.

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What is freelancing?

A “free lance” originally meant a mercenary knight from the middle ages – who would use his weapon (lance) for whoever paid him. These days, you’re unlikely to get any gigs fighting off rival knights or guarding land… but the meaning of the term “freelance” is still much the same.

In other words, a “freelance” or “freelancer” is someone who isn’t employed by a company, but rather offers their services to whoever wants to hire them – usually for specific projects.

You can be a freelancer in any line of work, from online copywriting or website design, to journalism, to consultancy of any form.

But of course, you’ll need to find people to hire you, and you might find particular luck finding work in fields like writing, editing, design, web development, and social media.

Traditionally, a freelancer would usually work for companies directly. But these days, the internet allows for a different sort of approach. There are lots of online platforms that allow freelancers and businesses to connect with each other on a project-by-project basis – creating lively and competitive marketplaces for freelancers in Australia and all around the world.

What are the best freelance websites?

Our top 10 freelance websites are listed below – take a look, but be sure to remember that there are lots more out there.

Plus, there are plenty of other ways to find freelance work, including by talking directly to the company rather than via an intermediary website. A big part of being a successful freelancer is looking far and wide for work, so you should never feel restricted by having to use a particular platform.

Still, take a browse, and see what might work for you.

  • Upwork. One of the biggest freelancing platforms worldwide – you can find work here in almost any area you can imagine. Because of its scale, you can expect stiff competition¹.
  • Fiverr. Also a major player internationally, Fiverr boasts the custom of companies including Facebook, Google and Netflix².
  • Freelancer. Another leading platform with top clients, Freelancer claims to be the world’s largest marketplace for freelancing and crowdsourcing³.
  • PeoplePerHour. One more of the major international freelancing hubs – PeoplePerHour is another large community of freelancers and businesses eager to make connections⁴.
  • Toptal. Toptal goes for a different sort of approach, placing an emphasis on quality – they claim only to accept less than 3% of all applicants, ensuring an elite user base⁵.
  • Aquent. This site also emphasises quality – rather than being a marketplace, it says it’s a talent agency. Its focus is on digital roles, and it’s probably best suited to established pros⁶.
  • Writer Access. This site uses AI to match clients to the ideal freelancer, and its pool consists of not just writers but also editors, translators and content strategists⁷.
  • DesignCrowd. Another more specific platform, DesignCrowd lets prospective designers bid to companies looking for design work⁸.
  • Airtasker. This Australian-founded company offers a more eclectic range of jobs than many of the others – not the “digital nomad” type options but practical and useful skills like cleaning, removals, and furniture assembly⁹.
  • OzLance. Its name may already have tipped you off – this is another site specific to Australia. It’s a little more like a traditional jobs board, meaning that after a successful bid you can work directly with the client¹⁰.

These are 10 of the best freelance websites Australia has to offer, but there are loads of options out there – that’s just the beginning. And don’t forget about traditional job listings sites, which often have a few freelance gigs in them too. LinkedIn is always worth a look.

Don’t become a freelancer if all you want is an easy life – the lack of financial security or in-work benefits means that it’s tricky to turn freelancing into a fulfilling long-term career option. Especially if you’re going through some of the busier sites above, it can become a relentless battle to find enough work to get by.

On the other hand, there really are loads of options out there, and the internet means that you can potentially pick up work in the US or Europe, say, and not just in Australia.

Plus, of course it’s super exciting to be able to fashion out a career for yourself, from wherever you want to work, and maybe even keeping whatever hours you want. Good luck as you embark on your freelancing adventure.


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All sources accurate as of 26 June 2020

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