Best Coworking Spaces in Adelaide

Samuel Clennett

Coworking spaces are popping up all over the world, helping freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs get out of the home office and connect with like-minded individuals.

Unlike the distractions of noisy coffee shops, coworking spaces provide a productive, creative environment for people in all kinds of industries. They can provide affordable access to amenities you may not have at home, plus the chance to network, collaborate and relieve loneliness.

If you’re visiting Adelaide and need a comfortable, cool and well-equipped place to get some work done, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here, we’ve put together some of the best coworking spaces in Adelaide. You’ll also find all the essentials you need to know, from amenities and costs to membership perks.

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Now, let’s seek out the hottest spots in Adelaide for shared office space.


Hub coworking spaces throughout Australia are known for their fantastic facilities, flexible plans and great sense of community. Their Adelaide space is no different.

Hub Adelaide offers all-inclusive amenities, a vibrant workspace and loads of opportunities for professional development and involvement in community events. It’s centrally located, full of greenery and natural light, and elegantly decorated.

  • Location – Peel Street, close to the central business district.
  • Amenities – Private offices, dedicated desks, hotdesking, secure fibre internet, premium meeting space, kitchen, bike storage, printing facilities, parents’ space. ²
  • Cost – From $40 for a day pass, $250 to $350 for flexible (8 days a month) access, $450 for a dedicated desk and $500 for office space. ³
  • Opening hours – 9am to 5pm. ⁴
  • Membership perks – Join as a Connect member and you’ll get a discounted rate ($30) for a day pass at any Hub location in Australia. Membership also includes 24/7 access, wellness and other community events and use of the members’ kitchen. ⁵

313 Halifax Street

This centrally located coworking space in a quieter part of the CBD is tailor-made for creatives. It’s home to designers, web developers, marketing professionals, photographers and other ‘digital collaborators’. 313 Halifax Street has all the essential amenities covered, plus tech-friendly extras such as a boardroom equipped with smart TV for presenting to clients. It’s super-affordable and flexible too, so you can drop in whenever you need to.

  • Location – Halifax Street, in the central business district.
  • Amenities – Height-adjustable coworking desks, boardroom with Apple TV, kitchen with coffee machine, casual meeting spaces, bike storage and fast internet. ⁶
  • Cost – It costs just $55 a week for 2-day access, $65 for 3 days, while full-time membership is a very affordable $110 a week. ⁷
  • Opening hours – 24/7.
  • Membership perks – Members get 24/7 access to all facilities, including free use of the shared boardroom.

WOTSO WorkSpace

An eclectic, creative and beautifully decorated space in a converted heritage church, WOTSO Workspace is a fabulous place to work. It enjoys a great spot in Adelaide’s East End, offering a full range of facilities including event spaces and a dedicated site manager. It even has a roof terrace, perfect for catching some rays on your lunch break.

  • Location – Flinders Street.
  • Amenities – Dedicated desks, seating/standing hot desks, high-speed wi-fi, kitchen, lounge, roof terrace, event space, meeting rooms and boardrooms. ⁸
  • Cost – Hot desk plans in the open plan office start from $50 a day or $220 a month, with dedicated desks at a very affordable $330 a month. Price for private office space on application. ⁹
  • Opening hours – 24/7. ¹⁰
  • Membership perks – Members get 24/7 access, free coffee and other complimentary treats from the kitchen.

Little City Studio

If you like your coworking space to be small, creative and unique, you’ll adore Little City Studio. It’s flexi-space, boardroom and private office spaces are in cosmopolitan, chic Unley, south of Adelaide city centre, although it has another branch in Prospect. Expect beautiful, light-filled workspaces, a welcoming community and all the amenities and perks you need for a great working day. It’s also supportive of new businesses with its Emerging Entrepreneurs and Skyline Accelerator programs.

  • Location – Edmund Avenue, Unley.
  • Amenities – Private offices, permanent desks, hot desking, large boardroom, high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, free parking. ¹¹
  • Cost – From $30 a day for casual use, $280 for flexi desk (full access, but a different desk each day), $350 for permanent desk and $690 for private office space. ¹²
  • Opening hours – 9am to 5pm. ¹³
  • Membership perks – Become a Little City Studio ‘Citizen’ and you’ll get 24/7 access.

Spot Co-Working

Spot is one of the best coworking spaces in Adelaide for location, facilities and community. It’s in the heart of the CBD and offers all-inclusive access to a huge list of quality facilities and extras. It’s also known for its networking events and locally supportive ethos, along with spaces that encourage collaboration.

Get yourself a desk at Spot Co-Working Adelaide and you’ll benefit from a concierge, a choice of simple, flexible packages and simple, stylish interiors.

  • Location – Pirie Street, in the central business district.
  • Amenities – Private offices, hot desking, virtual office packages, meeting spaces, training rooms, fast internet, high quality printing, collaboration spaces, board room, community library, open kitchen, mail management. ¹⁴
  • Cost – Dedicated desks at Spot start from $550 a month (a discounted rate is available if you sign up for 6 months or more), private office space starts from $1100 a month for 1 person. Price for hot desking on enquiry. ¹⁵
  • Opening hours – 24/7. ¹⁶
  • Membership perks – Sign up for a Spot membership and you’ll get 24/7 access, dedicated business concierge and invitations to social, wellness and networking events. ¹⁷

Think you’ve found the perfect Adelaide coworking spot for you? Once you’re settled in, make sure you get the other parts of your freelance house in order – like how you get paid.

Wise for Freelancers

can help you go global, invoicing clients all over the world in their own currencies. Getting paid for projects is easy, and there are zero fees attached.

Adelaide is a fantastic city for freelancers and start-ups, with flexible coworking options available all over the CBD and beyond. If you need an inspiring space to get those creative juices flowing, or love the idea of being part of a professional community, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here.


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