How to close your Westpac bank account

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Westpac Banking Corporation, generally called Westpac, is one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia. There are many factors that may make you want to close your Westpac account. Maybe you’re moving overseas, you want cheaper fees or you’re looking to try a more flexible account that can be used internationally — don’t worry we’ll get to that later.

This guide is here to help you close your Westpac account the right way — whether you're in Australia or abroad.

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🚨 Before you close your Westpac account.

Before you go ahead and close your Westpac account, you’ll need to make sure you’ve taken care of anything that relies on it being open. Some ideas are:

  • You’ll need to transfer the account balance to a different bank account or withdraw it. If you need to send the funds to an overseas bank account try comparing the cost of doing a foreign transaction with Westpac to doing it with Wise. You’ll likely find you’ll end up with a more favourable outcome using Wise.
  • Make sure any outstanding cheques have been presented¹.
  • If you have other services attached to your account like your loan repayments, credit card, direct deposits, recurring payments, or any overdraft, you’ll need to transfer or cancel them.
  • For convenience sake, using your Westpac Internet Banking, download any banking information or statements that you want to keep.

When you’re ready, you have two options for closing your Westpac bank account — over the phone or in person at the branch.

How to close your Westpac account over the phone

You can close your Westpac bank account over the phone by calling 132 032. Before you start the call, make sure you have your banking information and IDs on hand.

Once you’re connected to an agent they’ll go through their ID verification processes. When they’ve verified that you own the account, you’ll be able to get their assistance with closing it.

How to close your Westpac account at a bank branch

It’s possible to close your Westpac account at any of their Australian branches. You’ll need to bring your ID and the bank cards, unused cheques and passbooks associated with the accounts you’re closing¹.

The teller will be able to help you disburse any remaining funds, then close the account.

How to close a transaction or savings account with Westpac?

A Westpac everyday account or savings account can be closed over the phone or in a branch. This includes the DIY Super Working account and DIY Super Savings account¹.

How to close a joint account with Westpac?

A joint account can be closed the same way as a transaction account. Just be aware that it’ll require the consent of all account holders.

How to close your Credit or Bank card account

Westpac offers a few options for closing your credit card. You can do it over the phone, in a branch, online or using the app.

Closing your Credit or Bank card Online²

  • Log into your Westpac Internet Banking
  • Follow this chain of options by clicking on the corresponding buttons —
    Service > Services > Account services > Close an account
  • Select the card you want to close
  • Follow the prompts to finalise the closure

Closing your Credit or Bank card using the new Westpac App²

  • Select the account you want to close
  • Press on the information icon
  • Tap “Close account”

If you’re still using the classic Westpac App you can close the card by selecting it, tapping on “Services”, selecting “Close credit card account” and then following the prompts².

When you close your credit card there may be an amount left over which you’ll need to pay off. This can include the outstanding balance, fees, interest and charges.

Until your balance is fully paid, you’ll continue getting statements and being charged interest².

If you have a positive balance, request to close your credit card account in a branch or by calling 1300 651 089.

How to close your Westpac account from overseas?

If you can’t get to a bank branch you can still close your account by calling Westpac on 132 032.

If you’re overseas you can call their international number which is +61 2 9155 7700. Keep in mind that the phone line hours are listed in AEST/AEDT.

You’ll need all your bank account details and identification.

What else do I need to know?

Westpac states that you must provide them with any cards, unused cheques or passbooks associated with the account you’re closing¹. If you're using a method to close your account that doesn’t involve visiting a branch, you may want to clarify with a Westpac support agent how to go about doing this.

You can find out more by contacting Westpac here.

You can contact Westpac for assistance using one of these methods:

  • Visiting a branch
  • Using the Westpac app chat
  • Calling on 132 032 within Australia or +61 2 9155 7700 from overseas.

Are there any costs to close this account with Westpac, or is it free?

There are no fees for closing a Westpac Bank account mentioned in their fee schedule, but other fees related to transferring your money may apply.

Alternative banks/financial services.

When you close your Westpac account you’ll need to make sure you have something different to use that suits your needs and lifestyle. One option is to go with another traditional bank like one of the other Big Four — NAB, ANZ or Commbank.

Alternatively, you might want to skip those and try Wise — a new way of banking that is flexible, efficient and stress-free.

Wise has a Multi-Currency account that is cheap and easy to use. You’ll get your very own AUD account details that can be used to transfer money directly from your closing NAB account with just a simple local bank transfer. You can also get a Wise debit card linked to this account that can be used at home or abroad.

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Plus, if you’re moving overseas, already living abroad or are planning some international travel, Wise can be used to transfer AUD to your new location using the real exchange rate and small fees.


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