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Finding a company that offers competitive international money transfers requires significant time and research. Azimo used to offer customers in Australia the ability to make fast and competitive international money transfers to over 200 countries.¹

This article will go through why Azimo does not offer this service anymore and introduce you to some other alternative money transfer providers that you can use to make international transfers to friends or family abroad.

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What is Azimo?

Azimo was an electronic money institution (EMS) that was founded in 2012 with payment licences in Europe, Canada and Australia.² It started its operations in Europe originally, and then expanded its network to Australian customers.

Azimo specialised in offering person to person international money transfers, business money transfer services and built partnerships the made use of their money transfer technology and network.³

More specifically, Azimo offered customers the ability to make¹:

  • Bank to bank transfers
  • Cash pick up in over 200,000 branch locations
  • Mobile minute top ups
  • Mobile wallet transfers

These types of transfers could be organised through the Azimo app or online through the Azimo web portal once customers signed up to an account.⁴

Can you send money internationally with Azimo in Australia?

Azimo officially stopped providing international money transfers on August 31st in 2022. This extends to their operations in Australia, which means Australian customers can no longer use Azimo or Azimo Business to send overseas money transfers. This decision comes after the acquisition of the company by Papaya Global in 2022. Azimo specifies in their farewell statement that it will only be focusing on providing salary services to Papaya Global business customers.⁵

Papaya Global specialises in global payroll services to businesses. It is integrating Azimo into their payroll technology to allow their business customer base to be able to make quick and easy global payments to over 150 countries.⁶

What is Azimo offering now in Australia?

Azimo is no longer offering person to person transfer services to its 2 million customer base around the world.⁵ Papaya Global, offers their global payment solutions to businesses in Australia, where business customers will have access to using the Azimo payment technology to make international transfers to their remote working force.⁷

Alternative services to Azimo

So now that you know that Azimo is no longer processing international transfers, it's good to know what other alternatives are out there for you to use. In Australia, you can use alternative service providers such as Wise, Remitly, Western Union, Send, and OFX to send money overseas. Below we’ll briefly discuss each option.

Meet Wise


Wise is an international electronic money institution (EMI) that specialises in online international money transfers. In Australia, it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL number 513764).

Customers can also make use of Wise multi-currency accounts for personal and business purposes. Australian Wise customers can send money to 80 countries quickly and with a one-time, low upfront fee.

Wise also uses the mid-market exchange rate on conversions, just like the one you see on Google. This means that you won’t get a surprise with hidden margin fees when paying in foreign currencies.

You can check it out yourself on how Wise compares under the pricing calculator.

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.


Remitly is an international payment provider that specialises in remittances for customers that move abroad and want to send money back home to friends or family.⁸ Remitly customers can send money to over 145 countries.⁵

Each country including Australia has different countries that are eligible for transfers and costs associated. Remitly only supports personal transfer types. Customers can pay for their transfers using debit and credit card or with a bank transfer.⁹

Read more: Remitly Fees: What’s the price of a money transfer?

Western Union

Western Union (WU) facilitates online money transfers to 200 countries worldwide. Depending on your country of origin, you may be able to send money via the WU app, online via the WU site or send in person at a WU branch or agent. Australian Western Union customers can send and receive money using all three methods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.¹⁰

Read more: Western Union vs Wise in Australia.


Send was founded on the Gold Coast in Australia in 2018. Send payments offer overseas payment solutions for personal transactions, to businesses and with their partnerships.¹¹ Currently, customers can access transfers in 38 currencies and send money to 180 countries worldwide.¹²

Read more: Send Payments (Formerly SendFX) Review.


OFX or OzForex is an Australian publicly-listed company that specialises in international transfers since 2001. OFX has offices in 8 countries, and is monitored by 50 different regulators globally, including the Australian Securities and Investment Commision (ASIC) in Australia. With OFX, you can make money transfers in 50 currencies to 170 countries with 24/7 customer support available.¹³

Read more: OFX Fees: What’s the price of a money transfer?

Azimo customer support

If you need to reach Azimo for any reason, you can send an email to support at (replace the " at " with an @ symbol).

Azimo offers customer supnport in multiple languages.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately Azimo’s money transfer services are no longer available to customers. However, the Azimo technology and transfers are still utilised by Papaya global for their business customers. This is no worry though, as there are other alternatives that are offering a range of services similar to what Azimo offered.

We briefly covered Wise as an option above to make international money transfers, but let's elaborate a bit further as to why you should try out Wise to send money overseas.

The Wise Account

With a Wise account, you'll have access to your own multi-currency accounts where you can hold 50+ currencies. You’ll also get local account details in some of these currencies that allows you to send, receive and make payments overseas.

If you are a frequent traveller or moving abroad, you can order your own Wise debit card which is attached directly with your multi currency accounts.

This means you can spend like a local, make online payments in the local currencies and not have to worry about hefty conversion fees on purchases. Opening a Wise account only takes a few minutes.

Join over 13 million customers currently enjoying Wise. It’ll only take a few minutes to register and see what’s inside.

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Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.


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