Australian international schools in Singapore

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Many Australians move to Singapore every year - in fact, as many as 20,000 Australian expats live in Singapore.¹ If you’re thinking of relocating to Singapore and have a young family, you may be thinking about enrolling your children in an Australian international school to make the transition easier for your kids.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you through everything you need to know when it comes to Australian international schools in Singapore, from information on the education system, the benefits of choosing an Australian school in Singapore, as well as some details on prominent Australian international schools in the area.

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Life in Singapore

Before we get into the education side of things, we’ll give you a quick insight into what life in Singapore could be like.

There are some key areas that are considered expatriate hubs in the country, such as Robertson Quay, Holland Village, and Tanjong Pagar.¹ There are many things to see and do such as the Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore River, and Sentosa Island, plus there’s the Australian and New Zealand Association which organises many social and sporting activities for expats.¹

It’s also considered to be the safest country with the highest cost of living in Asia, so you and your family are moving to a safe place.¹

The Education system in Singapore

The education system and national curriculum in Singapore are overseen by The Ministry of Education, with the aim of giving children key life skills, knowledge skills and subject knowledge.²

The system in Singapore includes 6 years of primary school, between 4-6 years of secondary school, and 1-3 years of postsecondary school. There are also specialised schools for children who struggle with the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) which provide foundational skills and support to those that need it.²

Australian education system

The Australian education system consists of Early childhood, Primary, Secondary, and Higher education. The national curriculum is followed in Australia, which aims to teach children the fundamentals of mathematics, languages, science, health, and other key subjects.³

Benefits of enrolling your kids in Australian schools in Singapore

Some key benefits of enrolling your children in Australian schools in Singapore are as follows⁴:

  • Helps to underpin Australian educational values
  • Allows children to meet and network with fellow Australians
  • Introduces students to children from other nationalities

Curriculum used by Australian schools in Singapore

A few different curriculums are used by Australian schools in Singapore. Here’s an overview of what these are and for what ages they are used.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate is used for the Primary Years Program (PYP), which is taught to children from preschool age to year 5. IB is a program recognised around the world and is underpinned by Australian curriculum standards.⁵

Australian Curriculum

The Australian curriculum is taught to children in years 6 - 8, and again in years 9 - 10 alongside the Cambridge IGCSE.⁶

In years 11 - 12 students can study under the Australian NSW Higher School Certificate or the IB Diploma Program.⁶

Can anyone apply to Australian schools in Singapore?

Anyone can apply to Australian schools in Singapore, as the main Australian school in this country is an international school. There are children of over 50 different nationalities at The Australian International School in Singapore, and it teaches children from the age of 2 months old up to 18 years.⁷

Examples of Australian schools in Singapore

Singapore has one main Australian school, which is known as The Australian International School (AIS). Here’s some information on this institution below:

Name of school The Australian International School (AIS)
Location 1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore, 556 818
Ages catered to 2 months old up to 18 years⁷
Curriculum followed International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP), the Australian Curriculum, and the Cambridge IGCSE⁵
Average school fees
  • Early Years Fees⁸
    • Application Fee (non-refundable): $808 AU
    • Enrolment Fee: $3,897 AU
    • Tuition fees from $8,575 AU per semester for preschool/nursery, from $11,846 AU per semester for Preschool 3, and from $12,566 per semester for Preschool 4
  • Elementary/Secondary Fees⁹
    • Application Fee (non-refundable): $808 AU
    • Facility Fee (non-refundable): $5,427 AU
    • Tuition fees from $38,856 AU - $58,128 per year
Application requirements The following requirements are needed upon application¹⁰:
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Transcripts/report cards
  • Reference requests
  • Copy of Singapore visa/pass
  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate
  • Copy of immunisation information
Contact information
  • Phone:
    • Admissions: +65 6517 0247
    • Enquiries: +65 6664 8127
    • Online contact page

As seen on 26 June 2023

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