Wise Platform launches with Payfare, bringing faster and cheaper international payments to gig workers

Louis Smith

Wise Platform is excited to announce our newest partnership with Payfare, a leading fintech powering instant payout and digital banking solutions for the gig workforce. Now, over one million Payfare cardholders have access to a secure, low-fee, fast and convenient way to send money abroad, all within the Payfare ecosystem.

As the cost of living rises and gig platforms look for more ways to support their workforces, partnering with Wise provides Payfare cardholders additional savings when sending money abroad. Wise supports payments in over 50 currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD and AUD, to more than 70 countries.

Payfare cardholders will be able to see the amount, the exchange rate, the fee, and the time it will take for money to settle in the recipient’s account for every payment. This makes the process of sending money abroad fully transparent, and gives Payfare cardholders even greater ownership over their finances.

Payfare partners with leading gig platforms to provide a transparent and frictionless solution to pay their workers instantly, when and how they want. Gig workers benefit from no-fees, instant access to earnings, secure digital banking, cash back rewards on everyday purchases, and now international money payments.

Braulio Lam, Chief Product Officer at Payfare, said:

“Our integration with Wise brings a simple and low-cost way to send money abroad for our cardholders. We are proud to partner with a fellow fintech company that believes in expanding access to financial services for gig workers and have had a fantastic experience working with the Wise Platform team.”

Fast & simple access to a global ecosystem through Wise Platform

Partnering with Wise Platform allows Payfare to embed the best way to send money abroad into its existing infrastructure quickly and seamlessly. By accessing our dedicated delivery specialists and leveraging our easy to use API’s along with our global ecosystem, Payfare is building the best possible experience for its cardholders to send money abroad.

Steve Naude, Head of Wise Platform, said:

“Thanks to the power of Wise Platform, Payfare cardholders are now able to access fast, affordable, transparent and convenient international payments from the convenience of their existing digital banking app. Maintaining visibility and control over personal finances has never been more important, and we are thrilled to be working with Payfare to make this possible for over one million cardholders across the US who need to send money overseas.”

Wise Platform is now live with over 60 partners including Google Pay, Monzo and Shinhan Bank, South Korea’s oldest and second largest bank. Find out more here.

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