What is the routing number for payments to the U.S.?


What is an ACH or Routing Number?

The ACH ABA number, or routing transit number, is a nine-digit number that identifies each bank. This number, which may be obtained from the receiving bank, is necessary in order to complete a domestic bank-to-bank electronic transfer, which is how Wise sends out all USD payments below $29,000 approximately (the equivalent of 24,000 GBP in USD).

For these payments, we can only accept electronic routing number (we cannot accept wire, or any other routing numbers even though they are visually very similar). Occasionally, banks will use the same ABA for ACH and wire payments, but when inquiring about an electronic funds transfer, be sure to specify that you intend to send the transfer via ACH. Also, please double check with your bank, as the routing number on the bottom of your checks may not be the correct one to use when sending an ACH payment.

Where can I find my ACH or Routing Number?

We've written a handy guide you can check out here.

What happens if I put in the wrong number?

If the incorrect number is used the payment will not be lost, but will eventually bounce back to us so we can either re-send or refund you. This can, however, take time and can cause avoidable delays to your payment, so it's best to get it right first time!

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