What is Bill.com? Pricing, Features, Reviews (2023)

Mike Renaldi

Bill.com (also known as BILL) is a platform for managing your digital transactions, invoicing, and even payroll affairs. If you’re looking for a tool to deal with your accounts payables and receivables, BILL could be a suitable platform for you. In this article, we'll also look at Wise Business for batch payments and international payments if you’re seeking more ease for your worldwide ventures.

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What is BILL?

BILL is a comprehensive, cloud-based software tool that streamlines your cash inflow and outflow processes. Perfect for small to midsize businesses, BILL provides an integrated platform for bill payments, invoicing, accounts payable, and receivables—essentially, a place to do all your financial process management in one place.


BILL features three types of plans with several pricing tiers tailored to your business needs. The platform caters to businesses who want to “Get paid,” Pay bills,” or both. If you’re looking to do both, there's a choice between the Corporate plan ($79/user/month) and the Enterprise plan (Custom pricing). For those looking for just one or the other, there’s the Essentials plan ($45/user/month) and Team plan ($55/user/month).² Each plan expands on the services offered, providing sustainable scalability.²


The verdict on BILL is generally quite positive, with a 7.7/10 rating on TrustRadius, 4.3/5 on G2. However, it does have a 2.8/5 rating on TrustPilot.³ ⁴ ⁵ Business owners praise how it centralizes and streamlines their financial management. But like anything, it has its flaws—some users note the learning curve is steep and that it takes a while to process international funds.


BILL’s features include automated approvals, customized user roles, international payments, and synchronization with accounting software like QuickBooks. BILL also offers Divvy, an all-in-one expense management solution. Using the dedicated mobile app, you can review and approve bills, check the status of your bill.com payments, and stay in the loop, regardless of where you are. And with Pay By Card, you can pay vendors by credit card, even if they don’t typically accept them.


What is BILL used for?

Bill.com acts a lot like a digital financial toolbox, simplifying the complex world of business payments and financial management to a few clicks and checks.

BILL accounts payable

With the bill.com payables feature, you won’t have to juggle dozens of checks and due dates. The platform requires little to no manual entry and consolidates all payments, so you can manage vendor expenses much easier. Thanks to approval workflows and access to plenty of vendors and payment options through the BILL network, you also get more control over the process.

BILL accounts receivable

Through the accounts receivable product, sending invoices and tracking their status is the name of the game. Whether you’re looking to schedule invoices, set up recurring invoices, or auto-charge, these functions are all available with BILL. You can even set up automated reminders to make sure you get paid on time and expedite payment deliveries for an extra fee.

BILL invoicing

BILL lets you automate invoices and give your customers an intuitive, simple way to pay. Not only can these invoices can be created at scale, but they can also be customized to fit your brand through custom invoice fields and template design. With the payment portal, customers can send money via credit cards or ACH.

Vendor pay by BILL

American Express and BILL partnered up to create Vendor Pay, a co-branded Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solution specifically for small businesses.⁶ American Express Business and Corporate Card Members can pay and receive invoices online with the chance to earn the rewards of your card.⁷ It’s also a great way to pay multiple vendors in one place.

Credit and expense management

BILL also provides a robust credit and expense management solution called Divvy. This complete solution lets businesses proactively manage their spending, track expenses, and maintain up-to-date records on their credit status. It's a financial dashboard that provides a clearer picture of your business's fiscal health. As a bonus, you can even get credit lines up to $15M and corporate cards.⁸ 


How does BILL work?

So, how exactly does the BILL platform work? Let's dive a little deeper into its inner workings.

BILL approval process

The BILL approval process is designed to help you stay in control of your bills. The system allows you to predetermine a series of approvers for both invoices and bills. Once a bill is entered, it's automatically routed for approval to the designated person or team. Each approval stage is tracked and transparent, where you can decide when bills can be paid, create approval groups, and more.

BILL app

For those always on the go, BILL has its own user-friendly mobile app. Payment approvals, invoice creations, and receipt uploads are as simple as a tap on your phone screen. You can do just about anything on the app, which means you won’t have to wait until you’re at your computer.

Wise Business: Your Account for International Transactions

Wise Business brings an impressive suite to the table for small businesses. Among its offerings, its most enticing feature is its international payments.

There’s also efficiency to enjoy with its batch payment tool, giving you the chance to pay up to 1000 invoices in one go after uploading a single, simple file.

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