How to request money on Apple Pay (Apple Cash)

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US based Apple device users can use Apple Pay and Apple Cash to send, receive, and request money from others. That can be super handy for splitting bills or sending USD payments to friends. If you just picked up the tab for coffee and you’re wondering how to request money back on Apple Pay, this guide is for you.

And because Apple Cash can only be used to send payments within the US, we’ll also introduce Wise as the smart way to request money from people overseas, and to use Apple Pay to fund international payments.


Can you request money on Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is safe and convenient to use for making mobile payments. But while you can use Apple Pay internationally and at home to shop online and pay merchants in person, to request money from a friend you’ll actually need the Apple Cash feature that’s built right into the regular Apple Pay app.

New to Apple Pay and Apple Cash? Don’t worry — we have plenty of useful resources you can use to get up to speed.

Check out these Apple Pay guides as a start:

Request local and international payments with Wise


You can only use Apple Cash to ask for money in US dollars. But what about when you travel or hang out with friends from overseas? Check out the Wise request money feature as a smart alternative.

Open a multi-currency Wise Account for free online or in the Wise app, and you’ll be able to generate payment requests easily, which you can send to friends over email, WhatsApp or text.

The request will include all that’s required to process the payment — including the amount and currency, and your bank details in that currency. Your friend simply clicks through, and makes the transfer from their online banking or their own Wise account. You’ll be able to get paid with Wise in 9 or more currencies, covering 30+ countries — perfect for those living an international lifestyle.

You can also use Wise when you need to send an international payment and want to pay with Apple Pay.

Set up your payment online or in the Wise app, and simply select Apple Pay when it’s time to fund it. You’ll get low, transparent fees and the mid-market exchange rate every time. Easy.

Get started with Wise

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.

How to set up Apple Cash

So, to ask someone for money with Apple Pay you’ll first need to get Apple Cash set up on your Apple device. Here’s how to set up Apple Cash in the Wallet app¹:

1. Open the Wallet app
2. Tap the Apple Cash card
3. Select Set up now
4. Follow the prompts to get started

Or as an alternative you can set up Apple Cash in Settings:

1. Open Settings on your Apple device
2. Tap Wallet & Apple Pay
3. Turn on Apple Cash

How to request money with Apple Pay: step by step

Now you’ve got Apple Cash up and running, you’re ready to ask for money from friends. Here’s how to request money from your iPhone or iPad²:

1. Open a conversation with the person you want to request money from, in the Messages app
2. Tap the Apple Cash button
3. Enter an amount, then tap Request
4. Tap the Send button to request a payment

Apple Pay and Apple Cash offer easy and fast ways to get paid by friends and family in the US. That’s perfect if you need to split a local restaurant bill or share the cost of buying a gift with a friend, and you’ll be paying in USD.

However, Apple Cash can’t be used to send or request payments in any other currencies — so if you’re expecting to send or receive a payment internationally you’ll need another solution.

Check out the Wise Account as the perfect way to request money from all over the world, and an easy way to pay for your international transfers with Apple Pay, too.


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