M&T Bank International Wire Transfer: Fees & Transfer Times

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With an M&T Bank account, you need to visit a local branch at least once in person to request an international wire transfer – and they are available for commercial accounts only.

In this article, we will explain how to send or receive an international wire transfer with M&T Bank and tell you what fees to expect. Also, we’ll introduce you to Wise, a cheaper, faster and more convenient way to send money abroad – it takes just minutes to open a free account.

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M&T Bank International Wire Transfer Fee

For any outgoing international wire transfer, M&T charges $75 and incoming wire transfers incur a $16 fee.¹ Keep in mind that these fees don't include the exchange rate and markup fees – but let’s see an example first.

A quick example

ProviderFeeSwift feesExchange rateTotal cost
M&T Bank$75YesExchange rate + markup$75 + Exchange rate + markup + likely fees from intermediary and recipient banks
Wise$8.26NoMid-market rate$8.26


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M&T Bank Exchange Rate

This also means that any markup on the mid-market rate is another fee to pay, and that’s why we included it in our table above. To find out the exchange rate M&T offers, try getting in touch with them via phone or in person.

How to Make an International Wire Transfer with M&T Bank?

  1. Visit a local M&T branch and fill out a wire transfer form and provide the SWIFT code and IBAN number.
  2. Initiate and confirm by 4:30p EST to transfer at the daily foreign exchange rate. If your transfer is confirmed after that time, M&T will use the exchange rate for the following day.
  3. Pay the fees listed above.
  4. Keep the receipt from your transfer.

Once you’ve already filled out the paperwork at your branch for a recurring transaction, you also have the option to contact a representative by phone to initiate a transfer or use their Web InfoPLU$ online service.²

Receive Money From Abroad With M&T Bank

To receive money from abroad with M&T Bank, you’ll first need to tell the sender your name as it appears on your statement. Next, you must provide them with M&T’s SWIFT code for international transfer. Finally, the sender will need the M&T Bank Routing Number and the full account number, including zeros, of the beneficiary.

As mentioned already, it costs $16 to receive funds with an international wire transfer using M&T Bank.

How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take With M&T Bank

You should check with your local branch to confirm the length of time for a wire transfer. An international transfer could take up to 7 days or more to process, but there’s no way to know without checking with a representative.

M&T Bank Contact - How to Get in Touch?

Here’s a list of ways to get in touch with M&T Bank:

  • M&T Branch Visit - schedule an appointment
  • M&T Bank Phone number - 1-800-724-2440

To sum it up, M&T Bank’s international wire services aren’t available for personal accounts, and you need to visit one of their branches at least once to start a transfer. Also, international wire transfers with M&T cost $75 and this doesn’t include markup fees.

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With Wise, you’ll always pay the mid-market rate and avoid intermediary bank fees or SWIFT fees when you wire money abroad. That means you'll only pay small and transparent fees, and you’ll always know how much you pay and how much the recipient will get.

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All sources checked on 24 February 2021

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