How to delete your PayPal Business account

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PayPal is a tool for making and receiving payments for both personal and professional reasons. Yet there may arrive a point at which you’re ready to move on from the service.

It could be that your budget no longer allows for the various PayPal fees, or that another platform could serve your needs better.

Regardless of the reason, this post will guide you through how to delete a PayPal business account.

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How to delete your PayPal Business account

If you wish to close a PayPal business account, you have two options.

The first method will show you how to delete a business account on PayPal, while the second helps you downgrade to a PayPal personal account.

Option 1: How do I close my PayPal business account?

If you’re thinking about how to delete a business PayPal account, you should first confirm you have no outstanding transactions.

You should also remove any banking or credit card information, just to be on the safe side.

If you’re ready to close the PayPal business account, go through the following checklist to prepare the account before closing:

  • Make sure there’s no outstanding balance (either positive or negative)
  • Cancel any scheduled or incomplete transactions
  • Unpaid money requests will be cancelled once you close your account
  • Remove your email address from the account if you haven’t yet confirmed it
  • You won’t be able to re-open the account once it’s closed.

Once satisfied, you can proceed to close the account. Bear in mind that to use the same bank and credit card details for PayPal in future, you’ll need to contact customer support to re-link them.

You might also want to save a copy of your transaction history, as this is something you’ll lose access to once you close your account.

Here’s are the steps you’ll need to take to close your business account:
  1. Navigate to your business account page on PayPal
  2. Select ‘profile’, and then click ‘my settings’
  3. Under the account type tab, you should see an option to ‘close account’
  4. Click this button, and select ‘continue’
  5. Select one of the reasons for why you wish to close your account
  6. Click ‘close account’ to complete the process

If you get stuck at any point in the process, be sure to reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

Option 2: Downgrade from PayPal Business to personal

Your second option is to downgrade your business account to a personal account. There are various reasons for wanting to make the change, such as reduced fees and making different types of transactions.

To do so, there’s only one course of action you can take. Reach out to PayPal customer service, and they’ll guide you through the process.

You can talk to the customer service team by clicking the ‘help’ or ‘contact’ button at the bottom left-hand side of the PayPal website.

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