Faire wholesale reviews: Is Faire the best choice for you?

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Faire is an online wholesale platform that displays a range of products aimed at businesses. Thousands of brands sell through the online service across categories such as home decor and pet accessories.

Once you’ve signed up as a seller, you can showcase your goods with a virtual storefront.

In this Faire Wholesale review, you’ll discover how the platform works, some pros and cons to using it, and how it weighs up against the competition.

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Faire wholesale reviews

Faire Wholesale offers an established online display window to virtually showcase goods. With Faire’s growing reputation, sellers can take advantage of its visibility to promote, and ultimately sell, their products.

Faire Wholesale currently boasts an impressive score of 4.9 stars out of 5 on the App Store from close to 5,000 users. Faire reviews on the App Store are overwhelmingly positive.¹

Sellers highlight the following features as the platform’s greatest strengths:

  • Exposure to many types of buyers
  • Reduces need to spend big on advertising
  • Easy to set up

On the other hand, there are some issues that for some sellers can become sticking points:

  • The commission fees are higher compared to other wholesale sites, such as Tundra
  • Going through an intermediary limits the personal connection in transactions

Faire pros and cons

The Faire Wholesale proposition will be enticing to many business owners, but it isn’t without its flaws.

Here are some upsides and downsides to selling on the platform:

  • Exposes your brand to Faire’s built-in audience of buyers
  • Can reduce marketing and advertising costs
  • Simple to set up an account and start selling
  • There’s a level playing field for all sellers
  • Commission fees can eat into your profits
  • You’re required to use consistent pricing across platforms

Faire customer support

If you’ve recently set up an account on Faire, and you have a query or issue you want resolved, the Faire Help Center will be your first port of call.

The Help Center features advice for both retailers and brands, complete with guides and FAQs. You can search the appropriate section to see if your question has been answered already, but if it hasn’t, you’ll need to get in touch with Faire directly.

Unfortunately, reaching out to the wholesaler isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect. While the website links out to Faire’s social media pages, it doesn’t supply an email address or contact form you can fill in.

It’s not all bad news though. According to 56 users on Trustpilot, an independent review site, Faire.com reviews give the service 3.9 out of 5 stars.²

The main positive aspects that users shed light on include:

  • Personalized attention helps small businesses flourish on the platform
  • Quick onboarding means business owners can focus on sales

Regarding negative aspects, this is what users had to say:

  • Email response waiting times can be lengthy

Faire customer support

How does Faire wholesale work?

Faire Wholesale is an online service that provides brands with a platform they can use to reach retail buyers. More than 300,000 retailers browse the service for great deals. The potential is there for brands to get exposure and shift their goods.

Is Faire really wholesale?

Yes, Faire is a wholesale platform that connects buyers to your wholesale business. It acts as an intermediary service that charges a commission in return for easy access to thousands of potential buyers.

Is Faire Wholesale legit?

A concern for many business owners when assessing the viability of wholesale platforms is whether they are legit. Fortunately, in the case of Faire, there should be nothing to worry about.

The online wholesaler is used by tens of thousands of brands, and has many positive reviews across various platforms.

How can you sell on Faire?

If you want to sell on Faire, you’ll first need to apply to be a seller on the platform. Once approved, you’ll then have the option to sell your products. For your first order, you’ll pay a commission fee of 15%, and there are credit card fees to consider too.³

Here’s some advice for first-time sellers on the platform:

  • Consider your pricing model and assess whether commission fees will detrimentally affect your bottom line
  • While Faire may be an excellent option for wholesale, it’s a good idea to not be overly dependent on one service

With Faire, you can also sell goods to overseas buyers. You’ll have the option to either ship with Faire, or handle shipping yourself.

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What percentage does Faire take?

Faire makes money through the commission fees it charges brands. For orders from Faire marketplace you’ll pay a commission of 15% to Faire.

There is also a one-time new customer fee of $10, on top of the standard commission rate. The $10 new customer fee only applies to the first order from a new customer—future reorders will be at the standard 15% rate.³

You can also use Faire Direct to bring new customers to Faire. If your customers use your personalized Faire Direct link, and they shop using your link, you'll pay 0% commission on their orders.³ This can help to grow sales and encourage new leads to shop on Faire.

Faire fees

Tundra vs Faire wholesale

If you aren’t new to the online wholesale business, you’ll likely be aware of other platforms such as Tundra. A wholesale marketplace like Faire, Tundra is another great option for online wholesale.

What are the key differences between the two platforms?

Here’s a Tundra vs Faire wholesale breakdown:

PlatformCommission feesReturnsShipping
TundraNoneNoFree for most products
Faire15%Free for first ordersFree with premium monthly ‘Insider’ plan

The most significant difference is arguably the stance each company takes toward commission fees. While Faire charges 15%, Tundra is free from all commission fees. That’s because Tundra relies on optional features and services to make money.

Also of note is that Faire allows for free returns on first orders, whereas Tundra has a strict no-return policy.

Lastly, in terms of shipping, Tundra offers free shipping on most products. To qualify for free shipping with Faire, you’ll need an ‘Insider’ membership, which costs $19.99 per month.⁴

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