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Manage all your currencies across the globe

From looking for fairer rates when converting 40 currencies, to paying international bills and receiving money from abroad — you can do it all with Wise.

Hold and convert 40+ currencies

Open a currency balance for free anytime. You can convert money at the mid-market rate, or exchange with Auto Conversions when the market hits a rate you choose. A bureau de change can’t do that.

Get paid from abroad in 9 currencies

Receiving money in a different currency to your local one? Get your salary, pension or other payments with account details for EUR, USD, GBP and more.

Keep your money how you like it

Get a bird’s-eye view of all your spending. Set different amounts aside in Jars. And turn on Interest to earn returns on your SGD and USD. To earn returns, your money is invested in an interest-earning fund that holds government-guaranteed assets. Capital at risk — growth not guaranteed.1

Your passport to a more international life

Get the account that goes with you. Shop overseas without the markups, whether you’re online or in store with a Wise card. Pay all sorts of bills remotely too, from subscriptions to your mortgage.

Trust us to look after your money

We help over 10 million people move £30 billion every quarter — here’s how we make sure it’s safe.
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Privacy and data

We protect your details through strict standards and 2FA.

Dedicated support

Questions? Get 24/7 help in 14 languages.

International safeguarding

We’re regulated by national authorities around the globe.
Do more with Wise

1 Interest is offered through Wise Assets. Wise Assets is a trading name of TINV Ltd, a subsidiary of Wise. TINV Ltd is authorised as investment firm and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA number is 839689. We do not give investment advice, and you may be subject to pay tax. If you’re not sure, seek qualified advice.You can find more information about the funds on our website