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Receive money from abroad.

Getting paid in a new country? Receiving money from your family or friends abroad? Get one account to receive money like a local in multiple different currencies.

Get local account details before hopping on your flight.

Don’t have time to open a bank account in a new country? With Wise, you can open a local account before leaving home.

Move abroad or go remote and get paid like a local — receive money (or your salary) in one of 9+ currencies with local account details.

The number of currencies you can receive money in depends on your location. Check which currencies you can receive.

*Wise doesn’t accept cash or cheque payments. Read more about which types of transfers you can receive.


Get paid and go, with your Wise account.

Receive money from friends and family abroad, convert it in your Wise account and spend in Singapore.

Wise converts at the mid-market rate with no hidden fees.


How to receive money from abroad.


Create your Wise account

Sign up to Wise and verify your identity in a few steps. Learn more about what it costs to use Wise.


Choose how to get paid

Pick from 9+ currencies to receive to your Wise account. We’ll give you everything you need — from sort codes, to IBANs, and more.


Share your new account details and get paid like a local

Give friends, family, or your employer, everything they need to pay you. You'll both avoid conversion fees — and you can spend it directly from your Wise account.

Simple ways to receive money internationally.


Receiving your salary in a new currency.

Open a Wise account, get local account details for the currency you want to be paid in, and share them with your employer.


Receiving your pension from abroad.

Get your pension paid from Singapore, directly to your Wise account.


Receiving money while studying abroad.

Share your local account details with your organisation or family, and receive the money directly into your Wise account.

Receiving large amounts of money from overseas.

Receiving large amounts of money from abroad is easy with Wise. Except for USD, there are no limits when receiving money with Wise. Learn more about receiving large amounts with Wise.

After receiving the money, you can convert it at the mid-market rate.


Receiving money from abroad is easy with Wise

We make it simple to receive money from overseas.

Receive money with Wise