Indian passport renewal in Singapore: Your guide

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If you have an Indian passport that’s due to expire, you’ll need to look into renewing it. But can you do it in Singapore?

If you now live or work in Singapore, you don’t want to have to fly back to India just to renew your passport.

In this guide, we’ll look into Indian passport renewal in Singapore, including whether you can do it online. We’ll also cover the documents you’ll need and of course, how much it costs.

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But first, let’s get your Indian passport renewal sorted.

Table of contents:

Indian passport renewal in Singapore - a step-by-step guide

You can renew your Indian passport at any of the authorised Passport Application Centres in Singapore. There are centres at International Plaza, Anson Road, and the Sim Lim Tower on Jalan Basar¹.

You’ll need to download and complete a passport renewal application form, or pick one up from a Passport Application Centre.

Once filled in, submit this form along with supporting documents (we’ll cover what you need in just a moment). You’ll also need to hand in your old Indian passport and pay the application fee.

Can I arrange Indian passport renewal online?

At present, online passport renewal for India in Singapore isn’t possible. You’ll need to submit your application form in person at an authorised Passport Application Centre, so that your identity and photograph can be verified².

You may come across services such as VFS Global’s Indian passport renewal (VFS Global is a visa outsourcing specialist used by some governments). However, their online application services are only available for residents of certain countries applying for some passports.

What documents do I need to renew my Indian passport?

Ready to renew your passport? You’ll need the following documents to hand, ready for submission at the passport office²:

  • Your existing (expired) Indian passport
  • Your Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or other authorised identity card
  • A recent passport-size colour photograph of yourself (a headshot against a white background)
  • Your completed passport renewal application form.

How long will it take to receive my new passport?

The processing time for Indian passport renewals can vary, but it generally tends to be between 5 and 8 working days². So, you only need to wait around a week after submitting your application before you can go along to collect your new passport.

Indian passport renewal fees²

There are two main fees you need to know about when renewing your Indian passport at a Singapore office.

These are the service fee of 10.80 SGD, and the passport application fee of 100 SGD. For minors under 15 years old, the fee is just 65 SGD. Your fee must be paid in cash.

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So, that’s it - all there is to know about Indian passport renewal in Singapore. If you have all the right documents ready and can get to a Passport Application Centre, you should find the process relatively straightforward.

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