GrabPay card: Fees, rewards and more

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From ordering in lunch, to traveling to the gym, Grab is part of daily life for most Singaporeans. Now, with the GrabPay card you can also get a digital and physical prepaid Grab card to let you manage your spending, unlock exclusive benefits and earn rewards faster.

Here’s all you need to know about how to get the GrabPay card, and how you can make the GrabPay card work for you.

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📝Table of contents:

What is a GrabPay card and how does it work?

You can get both a GrabPay physical card and a digital GrabPay card, so you’ll be able to make payments both on and offline.¹ The GrabPay card is a prepaid card option which means you can top up your account with the money you want to spend - and not risk blowing your budget.

Even better, you can unlock benefits from Grab, Mastercard and even Samsung if you link yourGrabPay card to Samsung pay for digital payment on the go.

Here are some of the key benefits of the GrabPay card: ²

  • Manage your budget by topping up and monitoring transactions in real time in the Grab app
  • Earn Grab Reward points whenever you spend with the GrabPay card
  • GrabPay cards can be used at home and abroad, wherever Mastercards are accepted
  • Get consumer protection when you shop online and pay with GrabPay
  • Extras including Mastercard complimentary lounge access and phone insurance, depending on how you use your card
  • Use your GrabPay card or digital card when you travel on public transport - simply tap and go

How do I get a GrabPay card?

To get a GrabPay card you’ll need to have the Grab app on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app and activated your account you can order a digital GrabPay card, and then a physical card if you’d rather have this as well.

To order the digital GrabPay card:³

  • Open the Grab app
  • Tap on Payment
  • Click Get your GrabPay card now, which you’ll find in Grab Wallet
  • Enter the details as requested by the onscreen prompts
  • Update your app and turn on notifications so you can see when your card is available

Once you have applied for your digital card, you may also want to get a physical card. To get your physical GrabPay card:⁴

  • Open the Grab app and navigate to the GrabPay card section
  • Click on Request physical card
  • Confirm how you’d like to pay the card deposit
  • Check the mailing address and adjust if needed
  • Tap Confirm address
  • Your card will be mailed to you in 7 - 10 days

GrabPay physical card

As we have noted above, there is a deposit to pay to get your physical GrabPay card. You can either fund this with 5,000 Grab Reward points, or 10 SGD from your GrabPay balance.

It’s worth noting that this deposit is refundable only if you spend 1,000 SGD with the Grab card in the first 180 days of activation. This deposit is intended to cover the costs of producing and mailing the cards, and is refunded to those who choose to use the physical card regularly. It is not a recurring charge.⁵

It’s also possible you won’t see the option to order your physical card in the Grab app. If that’s the case you’ll be able to register interest for the card instead. Grab is completing a phased rollout of the physical card, and it may take a little time for your account to become eligible. In the meantime, however, you can always use your digital GrabPay card instead.

Digital GrabPay card

When your digital GrabPay card application is approved you can activate the card by entering your Grab PIN, or creating a new one in the Grab app.⁶

Using GrabPay card with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay

At present you can not use your GrabPay card with Apple Pay or Google Pay, but you can use it with Samsung Pay.⁷

If you choose to use your card with Samsung Pay you’ll receive Samsung Rewards points when you spend, as well as Grab Rewards for the same spending. Double the points, without spending any more.⁸

GrabPay card fees

Check out the costs of getting and using your GrabPay card, here.⁹

Type of charge GrabPay fee
Account application fee Free
Physical card fee 10 SGD or 5,000 GrabPay Reward points. This is a refundable deposit subject to card usage levels
Card replacement fee 10 SGD - free if it is replaced due to fraud
Card replacement after expiry Free
Overseas ATM withdrawal fee 5 SGD + foreign currency transaction fee
Foreign currency transaction fee 2% of transaction value
Cross border processing fee (SGD transactions processed outside of Singapore) 1%

Spending your balance using your GrabPay card here in Singapore is fee free. However, there are costs involved when spending in foreign currencies, or making international ATM withdrawals.

One way to avoid foreign transaction fees is to open a smart Wise multi-currency account online.

It’s free to open your account, you’ll get a linked card to use for spending and making cash withdrawals, and there’s no minimum balance or monthly fee. Use your account to hold dozens of different currencies, then when you spend online with your favourite international ecommerce retailers, or when you travel, use your Wise card. It’s always free to spend any currency you hold - and all currency conversion with Wise uses the real mid-market exchange rate with no markups and no hidden fees. Simple.

GrabPay card Security

The physical GrabPay card does not have a card number printed on it. That means that even if someone were to steal your card, your account won’t be compromised. You can then manage your card from within the app - and lock it if you ever have any concerns.

You’ll also have Grab’s high level security and fraud prevention technology keeping you and your money safe, and can track all transactions in real time in the Grab app.

Rewards and perks

With the GrabPay card you’ll earn Grab Rewards as you spend. The amount of points you earn will depend on your membership level - 6 points per dollar spent when you get started with Grab, right through to 10 points a dollar for Platinum Members.¹⁰

Other useful perks include mobile phone insurance¹¹ if you pay your bill using your Grab card, and ecommerce purchase protection¹² if you buy an item online and the transaction causes problems.

The range of services Grab offers here in Singapore is already pretty impressive - from transport and food, to grocery delivery and easy mobile payments. Now, with the GrabPay card you can get even more perks and benefits with both the GrabPay digital card and the GrabPay physical card for those times you really need to pay with plastic.

Check out the features and benefits of the GrabPay card yourself - and don’t forget to shop around if you’re planning on using your card to spend while overseas.


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