EZ-Link card Singapore: All you need to know

Aman Saxena

What is an EZ-Link card?

The EZ-Link card is a smart contactless card that lets you pay faster for transportation, shopping, food, gyms, government services, and taxis in Singapore. It was first started in 2002 to make getting on the bus, MRT, and LRT quicker, but now it has expanded its use and reach in the city. Once you top it up, you can make payments using the card with just a tap anywhere EZ-Link is accepted, and your payment is complete within 0.2 seconds.¹

What is EZ Link Charm?

An EZ-Link Charm is a cuter way to use your EZ-Link balance. It is a small trinket that looks similar to a keychain and works the same as the card. So instead of carrying around a card, you can use the Charm- which comes in different cartoon characters and options- and still have the same fast payments. The expiry for the EZ-Link Charm is 3 years. If you want one, follow the EZ-Link Facebook page for where and when you can purchase the EZ-Link Charm.²

What can the EZLink card be used for?

EZ-Link can be used for all public transportation fares like public buses, MRT, and SBST & SMRT LRT trains. But it has been extended to also be used at:

  • SMRT and TransCab taxis
  • Restaurants and cafes like Koufu, Gong Cha, Cafe Galiee and KFC³
  • Convenience stores and shopping like 7-Eleven, Unity Pharmacy, Heng’s Family Mini Mart and Cheers⁴
  • Gyms and movie theaters like F1 Recreation Gym, Cathay Cineplex, Singapore Sports Council and Real Yoga⁵
  • Government Services like at the Supreme Court of Singapore, Land Transport Authority and Ng Teng Fond General Hospital⁶
  • Community Clubs and National Library Boards.
  • Private taxis and private buses
  • Vending machines, photocopying and printing services.

In most cases you’ll see the EZ-Link sign everywhere it is accepted for payments.

Where can I get the EZ Link card?

The main places to pick up an EZ-Link card are Passenger Service Centres, TransitLink Ticket Offices, and Concession Card Replacement Offices. At either of these three offices, the total cost will be SGD 12. This includes a non-refundable fee of SGD 5 and the remaining SGD 7 is the value in the card to use.

A more convenient place to pick up the EZ-Link card will be 7-Elevens. At 7-Elevens the card will cost SGD 10, with the same SGD 5 is a non-refundable fee and you get SGD 5 of value.

In all cases, you can store up to SGD 500 on your EZ-Link card once you get it. And it is valid for 5 years from the encoding date. If you want to check your card expiry, you can do so on the EZ-Link website with your CAN ID, which is located at the bottom left of the card.⁷

How do I top up my EZ-Link?

There are quite a few ways to top up your EZ-Link card, in person and digitally.

You can top-up at any self-service general ticketing machine at SMRT and SBST stations, or TransitLink Add Value Machines. You can also do it in person at the TransitLink Ticket Office and Passenger Service Centers at certain MRT Stations.

7-Elevens and Cheers Convenience Stores also allow for top-ups, as do all DBS ATMs. OCBC ATMs can also top up your card as long as it has the EZ-Link logo on the machine.

One of the easiest ways to top up may be right on your phone through the EZ-Link App. It is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App store and can be used to top up your card as well as EZ-Charms.⁸

Can the EZ-Link card be refunded?

Yes it can be, but there are different ways to get refunded for your EZ-Link card depending on the validity of your card. If your card is not expired, you can get an immediate refund at any of the 42 TransitLink Ticket Offices, 6 Concession Card Replacement Offices at MRT or bus stations, or the Passenger Service Centers at most MRT stations.

If your card is expired or expiring before December 31st, 2019, you can get a subsidized new EZ-Link card for only SGD 3 from any TransitLInk Ticket Office. You can also defer a refund of an expired EZ-Link card.⁹

If you don’t pick up the new subsidized card, you will be charged a monthly refund service charge of SGD 1 which will be taken out from the remaining value on the card until the balance reaches zero. ¹⁰

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