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The Lahore-based MCB Bank offers accounts and services to Non-Resident Pakistanis. The MCB Roshan Digital Account is specifically for Non-Resident Pakistanis who live overseas and want to send money to invest in Pakistan.

Learn how the MCB Roshan Digital Account works and what the benefits are. And check out how to open an account if you are an NRP, and easy ways to send money to Pakistan.

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MCB Roshan Digital Account benefits

THe MCB Roshan Digital Account is to help Non-Resident Pakistanis save and grow their money in Pakistan. The account can be opened online so NRPs can apply for it from anywhere.

Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) are individuals who live outside of Pakistan for more than 183 days a year. They can hold Pakistani citizenship or a foreign national with a Pakistan Origin Card.¹

The MCB Roshan Digital Account can be held as a Current account or a Savings account. The account is available in Pakistani Rupees or a foreign currency. MCB has the account set up for online banking so the account can be managed from overseas.

Here is a quick list of what you can do with the Roshan Digital Account:

  • Invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates
  • Invest in real estate in Pakistan
  • Invest in registered shares on the Pakistan Stock Exchange
  • Get discounts on MCB Platinum or Gold credit cards
  • Access Roshan Car4U for car loans in Pakistan
  • Access to MCB Home Loans in Pakistan

The Naya Pakistan Certificates are available for conventional and Islamic investments.

Accounts held in Pakistani Rupees can only invest in Pakistani rupee-denominated investments. Similarly, US dollar accounts can only invest in US dollar investments available.

The MCB Roshan Digital Account also lets NRPs repatriate, or send funds, back to their foreign account.

MCB Roshan Digital Account requirements

To open an MCB Roshan Digital Account, applicants are required to be Non-Resident Pakistanis. Non-Resident Pakistanis who hold a foreign passport but have a valid Pakistan Origin Card (POC) can also apply.

Resident Pakistanis that have assets or money abroad can be eligible to open an account, but they would need to go to an MCB bank branch to proceed.

The MCB Roshan Digital Account can only be funded by money from outside of Pakistan. Here are a few of the documents you would need to verify your identity and income when applying for the account:

  1. A valid CNIC
  2. Proof of NRP or POC status
  3. Proof of employment
  4. Proof of income
  5. A valid passport

Since the account opening is online, all the documents must be scanned from originals and be uploaded to the application.

How to open MCB Roshan Digital Account

A MCB Roshan Digital Account can be opened in as little as 2 business days if the documents are in order and the application is approved.

Here is how to open an account online from abroad:

  1. Go to the MCB Digital Account portal
  2. Select Apply
  3. Input your CNIC and email
  4. Verify your email with an OTP
  5. Complete your details
  6. Upload your documents
  7. Submit your application

You can save your application online and return to it if necessary with your application ID number. Once submitted, you will be notified by email when your account is open. MCB will reach out to you in case there are any issues with your application or documents.

For any help during the application process, you can reach the MCB customer service:

  • by email at
  • by phone at +92 42 3259 5598 from 9-5 pm Monday through Friday (PST)

The MCB Roshan Digital Account must be funded by money transferred from outside Pakistan. Domestic Pakistani transfers are not permitted.

How to transfer money to MCB Roshan Digital Account?

All money into an MCB Roshan Digital Account has to be transferred from overseas. Here are the main ways to transfer money to a bank account in Pakistan.

When transferring money, there are 2 main fees to expect:

  • Transfer fee
  • An exchange rate fee

A transfer fee is the cost of doing the transaction and you are typically notified of the fee before payment.

The exchange rate fee is in the exchange rate you get. By putting a mark up on the real exchange rate, the bank or company is able to take a cut of every dollar you convert. And while it seems small, it can add up to a big cost out of your transfer.

SWIFT transfer

SWIFT transfers use the global SWIFT network and participating banks to make transfers. Most banks around the world are part of the network and take 3-7 days to make a bank transfer. You can make a transfer online if available or in person at a bank. SWIFT transfers typically have a transfer fee and an exchange rate fee.

Money Exchanges

Money exchanges are typically physical shops that help you send your money abroad. Most money exchanges will require you to go to the shop and the exchange rate and fees can vary. Money exchanges can be an easy way to send cash, but the transfer and exchange rate fees can be high.

Online transfer providers

Online transfer providers let you send money to Pakistan from your computer or mobile phone. They use technology to make transfers faster and easier, in most cases. Popular transfer providers are WorldRemit, Remitly, and Wise. But keep an eye on the fees- some providers may not have a transfer fee but then put a markup on the exchange rate that can make the transfer more expensive.

If you are looking to fund your MCB Roshan Account investments, here is how Wise compares when sending $5,000 to Pakistan versus OFX or Chase Bank:

WiseOFXChase Bank
Amount to send $5,000$5,000$5,000$5,000
Exchange rate to $1Rs. 223.62Rs. 216.66Rs. 215.78
Receive in PakistanRs. 1,108,348.12 Try Wise 🚀Rs. 1,083,320.01Rs. 1,078,898.48

All sources checked as of 9 August, 2022

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MCB Roshan Account charges and fees

The MCB Roshan Digital Account is free of cost to open and maintain with MCB. But there are costs and fees for the specific investments that you make using the account. So make sure to read the fine print for the loan or investment product you are looking to make with the account.

Here is a table looking at the fees to expect with the MCB Roshan Digital Account if holding the account in Pakistani Rupees:

Account openingRs. 0
Debit card issuanceRs. 0
Debit card annual feeRs. 900-5,500
Sending money overseas (outward foreign remittance)Rs. 0
Transfers between banks in PakistanRs. 0

MCB has a full list of their fees and charges for accounts online. A debit card or cheque book can only be requested after the first deposit into the account is complete.

And while it is free to receive funds into the MCB Roshan Digital Account, its best to research and compare transfer providers when sending money from overseas.²

What currencies are available in MCB Roshan Account?

The MCB Roshan Account is only available in Pakistani Rupees or US Dollars.

MCB Roshan Account minimum balance

There is no minimum balance requirement for the MCB Roshan Account.²

Sources used for this article:

  1. MCB
  2. MCB RDA

All sources checked as of 9 August 2022

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