How to close an Auckland Savings Bank (ASB) account

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If you need to close your bank account with Auckland Savings Bank — or ASB as it's better known — the process is simple but there's a few things you need to know before you can go through with it.

This article will guide you through how to close your ASB account. We’ll also introduce you to the Wise multi currency account, an alternative account you can open if you need somewhere to transfer your money to.

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How to close your bank account with ASB

Before you jump right in and go to close your ASB bank account, the most important thing to do is to empty your account.

Then ASB states you should look at whether you need to¹:

  • Download any past bank statements and documents from your Fastnet internet banking account
  • Remove any direct debits off the account
  • Pay any overdrafts, loans, or credit card balances
  • If you have issued any cheques, make sure they are cleared

Once you have ticked off each of the steps above as they relate to you, you are ready to close your ASB bank account. Let’s go through how you can do this.

How to close an ASB Streamline everyday or Savings account?

There are two ways to close an ASB Streamline account or ASB savings account. You can either¹:

  • Visit a branch with two forms of ID
  • Call 0800 803 804 and have your verbal bank password handy and be ready to answers some personal verification questions

How to close a joint account with ASB?

If you need to close an ASB joint account, both account holders need to visit a branch to close the account.¹

How to close your Credit or Bank card account

If you have an ASB credit card account, you can close your account at any time by writing to ASB or via phone. ASB may request you to pay any outstanding payments or unpaid fees and costs l immediately. Once you have closed the account, all cards associated with the account will need to be destroyed by you.³

Do I need to go to a bank branch, can I do this online or from overseas?

You cannot close your account online or from overseas. The only options to close your ASB bank account is by calling ASB with your verbal bank password or by visiting a branch.²

You can find out more by contacting ASB here

If you have any more questions about how to close your account or a general enquiry, you can contact ASB by³:

  • Logging into your FastNet Classic Online Banking account and clicking “My messages”
  • Calling 0800 327 863
  • Calling + 64 9 306 3185

ASB customer support lines are open between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Are there any costs to close this account with ASB, or is it free?

ASB does not disclose if there are any additional fees to close your account. Keep in mind that you may pay transfer fees to move out your money to other banks.

Alternative banks/financial services.

There are many alternative banks that you can open accounts with in New Zealand. Some popular banks include KiwiBank, Bank of New Zealand, Westpac New Zealand, or Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) — or you can give Wise a go.

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