NZ bank account numbers. All you need to know.

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Bank account numbers are as unique as each banking customer. They are also as unique as the bank offering the account attached with the number. Whether you are sending money domestically in your home country, or abroad, each country will have their own unique format for a local bank account number.

New Zealand bank account numbers are no exception. This article has all you need to know about the NZ bank account number, including the format, features, and a bit about the NZ payments system in general.

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The New Zealand bank account number format

A New Zealand bank account number is 16 digits long. The number is broken up into 4 distinct sections which highlight different features about the bank, branch and account details.

This is what the format of a NZ bank account number looks like without any dedicated account numbers inputted¹:


Below we’ll go through what each of the number sections indicate and why they are important.¹

What is a NZ bank number or prefix?

The first two numbers indicate the bank number or prefix. Each bank in New Zealand has their own allocated two digit number that identifies which bank a customer holds an account with.


What is a NZ bank branch number?

The second block of numbers will indicate the bank branch number for where the account is located in NZ. Each bank can have several branch locations where customers can open an account. This number changes as per branch location.


What is the account number?

The third block consists of a seven digit account number which will be unique to each customer and to your own bank account.


What is the NZ bank account suffix?

The last block of numbers consists of three numbers that indicates the type of bank account held. If a customer has several accounts with the same bank, this suffix suffix number will change for each account held.


Sometimes banks will have a 2 number suffix number. If this is the case, a zero may be used as the first number in the suffix sequence.¹


Does New Zealand use the IBAN?

The IBAN, short for International Bank Account Number, is a commonly adopted numbering standard that identifies banks from around the world.

New Zealand has not adopted this standard for their banks, so the IBAN is not used for transfers.²

Who governs New Zealand’s core payment systems?

Payments New Zealand is the governing organisation for the NZ core payments systems. The payment clearing houses that Payments NZ govern include:

  • Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS),
  • Consumer Electronic Clearing System (CECS),
  • High Value Clearing System (HVCS)

The core payments systems facilitate different methods of transfers between participating member banks. Many of the big and small banks in NZ are participating banks which helps make possible effective and standardised transfer services.³

List of popular NZ bank codes

Here are some of the bank prefixes and branch ranges for the top 5 banks in NZ.⁴

Bank Bank code/prefix Branch range
Bank of New Zealand 02 or 08 0018 - 6599
ANZ 01, 04, 06, 11 or 25 0001 - 8999
Kiwibank¹ 38 9000 - 9499
Westpac 03, 13, 14, 16 -23, 27 0031 - 7355
ASB Bank 12 or 24 3001 - 4340

The branch number ranges given is not a reflection of the actual number of branches each bank has. Instead, you will find that a number between these ranges will be allocated for your given bank.

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