Poland student visa for Indian students: Your full guide

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Poland can be an option for Indian students who are looking for a European educational experience. Situated between Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine, Poland has had students from over 170 countries study in the country¹. Want to learn more about what it takes to get a Polish student visa? Read on to understand the requirements and process to study in Poland.

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This article is to help shed light on the student visa process for Poland. It is not a substitute for professional immigration advice or guidance. It is recommended to consult a professional regarding your immigration journey and to contact the Embassy of Poland in India directly with any questions.

📋 Poland student visa application

Indian students can apply for a study visa for Poland directly through the Embassy of Poland in India or one of the visa application centres across India.

Polish student visas are categorized as a long term “D” visa, which allows students to study at a qualified higher education institution and stay in the country for more than 90 days in a year. If you are taking a short course or staying in Poland less than 90 days you will require a “C” visa, which is a different process.

The long term “D” visa is typically only valid for the length of the educational program or degree the visa holder is receiving. It also allows visa holders to visit other countries in the Schengen area.

The visa application centres (VAC) are going to be your primary place for submitting your application and completing any biometric or interviews that are required in Inida. The visa application centres are run by VFS Global in India. Their centres are located across the country:

  • New Delhi
  • Jaipur
  • Chandigarh
  • Kolkata
  • Bhopal
  • Mumbai
  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Hyderabad

The VFS Global VACs are typically open Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. However, due to COVID restrictions, check directly with your nearest VAC to know their submission and collection timings.

📝 You will need to book an appointment to submit your visa application and all the supporting documents in person at the VAC. At the time of submission you are expected to register your biometric information and pay the application fee.

If you have any questions, you can email info.polandin@vfshelpline.com for more information. ²

Here is a breakdown of the do’s and don’ts for your Polish student visa application:

Do’s ✅Don’ts ❌
Ensure you are enrolled in a Polish institution before applying for a student visaApply for a student visa if you are intending to work full time in Poland
Apply for a “D” visa if you intend to study and stay in Poland more than 90 daysApply for a student visa if you don’t intend to be a full time student
Identify the VFS Global visa application centre nearest to youForget to provide a proof of payment of your tuition fees with your application
Have all of your documents translated into English if requiredApply with a passport that is more than 10 years old

✏️ Poland student visa process

Ready to apply for a Poland student visa? Here is the quick step by step guide for submitting a Polish student visa application:

  • Apply and be accepted into a Polish institution
  • Pay for your tuition fees
  • Download the visa application form
  • Sign and complete the application
  • Compile all the supporting documents
  • Book an appointment at the nearest Visa Application Centre
  • Attend your appointment in order to submit your passport and documents, register your biometric information and have your photo taken
  • Pay the application fee in person or online
  • Track your application and provide any additional documents if required
  • Await a decision in your email
  • Collect your documents and passport from the VAC

VFS Global is not responsible for assessing your application as that right is reserved by the Embassy of Poland in India or the Consulate General of Poland in India, Mumbai.

In order to pick up your passport and documents, you will need to provide your original receipt and a government issued ID. If you want to send a family member to pick it up, they will need to provide a signed letter of authorization by you, their government-issued ID and the original receipt. ³

🎓 Poland student visa requirements for Indian students

Indian students will have to present documents supporting their educational history in India as well as evidence of being able to support their stay in Poland.

Additionally, you will have to provide a cover letter for your application. The letter should include:

  • the purpose of your travel to Poland
  • How long you intend to be there
  • The documents you have attached in your application
  • Any other relevant information for gauging your suitability and interest in studying in Poland

🛂 Your passport is also required to be within the valid time window as laid out by the Polish government. Your passport should be no more than 10 years old, is valid for at least 3 months beyond your last date in Poland and has at least 2 blank pages.

✈️ You are expected to provide travel reservations to Poland with your application, and travel medical insurance. The Embassy of Poland does not bear responsibility for air travel costs in case your application is refused. Travel medical insurance can be purchased from a list of approved insurance companies in India with a minimum coverage of €30,000.

It may be a good idea to also provide test results from any English language test such as: the IELTS (Band 6.0), the TOEFL or the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). A minimum test results of the following will show your ability to undertake a program in English⁴:

English Proficiency testMinimum Test Results

🏦 Poland student visa financial requirements

Polish authorities like to see student applicants have enough financial support to pay their costs of living and a return ticket to India. Here are the required amounts to show:

Amount in PLNAmount in Indian Rupee*
Living Expenses701 PLN/ per month of stay₹14,017
Return trip minimum2500 PLN₹49,989

So if you are staying in Poland for 9 months for your program, you will need to show access to at least 9 months of of living expenses:

Number of monthsAmount in PLNTotal Amount in PLNAmount in Indian Rupee*
Living Expenses9701 PLN/ per month of stay6,309 PLN₹1,26,151
Return trip minimum02500 PLN2500 PLN₹49,989
Total required: 8809 PLN₹1,76,140

*All INR prices shown are converted at the mid-market exchange rate of 1 PLN = ₹20 as of June 1, 2021

To show evidence that you have access to the required amount of funds in India, you can show any of the following:

  • A Traveler’s cheque(s) with a date no less than 1 month before the application
  • A certificate from the issuing bank of the amount of the credit card limit you have access to
  • A certificate of access to the qualifying amount in a Polish bank or a cooperative savings and loan association located in Poland
  • Official documentation confirming a national or foreign scholarship
  • A certificate of employment showing a monthly salary statement

Any other documents that are not listed above will not qualify for being evidence of meeting the financial requirements.

If a family member will be supporting you instead, they will also need to provide at least one of the following:

  • A letter of sponsorship agreeing to cover all costs involved, or
  • A notarized letter from the applicant’s parents, or
  • A notarized letter from the sponsor if not a family member

This is to be attached alongside all documents listed above for the sponsor to meet the financial requirements. ⁵

📎 Documents required for Poland student visa

One major component of your application will be the supporting documents you need to show. Here is a consolidated list of approved documents to submit with your application:

  • Signed and complete visa application
  • Cover letter
  • Flight itinerary
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Certificate of admission to a Polish educational institution
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees in Poland
  • Higher secondary certificate or diplomas of graduation in India
  • Evidence showing accomodation in Poland
  • Documents supporting your, or your sponsor’s, ability to meet the financial requirements
  • English language test results
  • Official proof of your residence in India
  • Copy of your passport data page
  • Signed checklist document

The checklist document from the Embassy of Poland in India outlines all the documents you need as well as the order to put them in when you submit your application.⁶

You may be asked for additional documents after submitting your application. Keep an eye on your email in case anything further is required.

⏳ Poland student visa processing time

Once you have paid your application fee, you can expect a decision within 14 days. But if more information is required, student visa applications can take up to 60 days. It is best to give yourself ample time to await a decision. ⁷

✔️ Poland student visa checklist

If you want to submit an application to study full time in Poland at an educational institution, you will need to work directly with the Embassy of Poland in India or one of the VFS Global visa application centres in India.

You can only apply once you have gained enrollment in Poland and paid your tuition fees. After that you will need to ensure you have a fully complete application package and have submitted all necessary information. Here is what that means:

  • Passport
  • Downloaded the online application for a long term “D” visa
  • Signed and complete the application
  • Downloaded the document checklist
  • Collect supporting documents showing enrollment in Poland
  • Write the cover letter
  • Get proof of payment of tuition fees in Poland
  • Gather documents from India showing your educational qualifications and history
  • Provide evidence of meeting the financial requirements
  • Reserve travel arrangements
  • Sign up for travel medical insurance
  • Book an appointment at a VFS Global VAC centre
  • Submit your application at your appointment time
  • Pay the application fee and VFS service charge

🏷️ Poland student visa fees

A Polish student visa application will cost €70 and is non-refundable. It can be paid by cash or card at the VFS Global centre.

VFS Global also applies their own service charges for application processing. There is a ₹986 fee when booking your appointment. ⁸

Poland student visa fees in Indian Rupees

How much does a Poland student visa application cost? Here is what you can expect. The Indian Rupee amount given below is per the conversion rate applied by VFS Global for the application fee⁹.

Amount in INR
Application fee₹7,173
VFS Service charge₹986

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All sources checked as of 2 June, 2021

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