Indus Fast Remit International Transfer: Your full guide

Aditya Shrivastava

In today's globalized world, sending money across borders has become a commonplace occurrence. However, finding a reliable and efficient service provider that offers competitive exchange rates can be a daunting task.

Indus Fast Remit is an online money transfer portal, has simplified this process by offering fast and efficient money transfers to India from the USA and Singapore. In this article, we'll look at the features of Indus Fast Remit and how you can easily send money to your friends and family in India using their platform.

Indus Fast Remit: Remit to India with IndusInd Bank is an online portal facilitating fast & efficient money transfers to India with competitive exchange rates on currency conversions. Currently, Indus Fast Remit is available in USA and Singapore, and offers money transfer to India from USD and SGD respectively.

Signup with Indus Fast Remit

Step-by-step guide to sending money with Indus Fast Remit

Registration with Indus Fast Remit is straightforward, requiring some basic details about yourself.

  1. To get started, sign up on Existing NRI account holders of IndusInd Bank can use their Indusnet credentials for express signup.
  2. Add a beneficiary by adding their details and their financial account in India.
  3. Set up the transfer with the amount you want to send.
  4. Review the details and confirm the payment.

The recipient's account will be credited as soon as your payment is received by the Indus Fast Remit. You'll receive the Transaction Reference Number that can be used to track the transfer.

Indus Fast Remit Customer Support

You can contact IndusInd customer support by emailing or by calling +91 226 988 8500. The call service is available from Monday to Saturday from 10pm to 7am IST.

🤝 Indus Fast Remit is powered by Wise Platform
Wise Platform is a market-leading global payment infrastructure offering its partners with the best way to send, receive, and manage money internationally into their infrastructure.

Meet Wise

Wise is a global technology company building the best way to move money around the world — with clear upfront pricing and mid-market exchange rate on currency conversions. And if you're living abroad, check out the Wise multi-currency account available for residents living in supported countries. Enjoy an account as worldly as you are and spend just like a local when you travel abroad with a linked debit card, while also paying less in fees.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for your region and visit our pricing page for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information on Wise products.

IndusForex: Remit from India with IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank offers convenient facilities to remit from India as well. You can send money abroad from India by visiting any IndusInd Bank Forex Enabled branch or set up a transfer online by visiting the IndusForex portal.

To get started and for more information, visit outward remittance with IndusInd Bank 👉.

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