How to renew an Indian Passport in USA

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If you’re in the US but the clock is ticking on your current Indian passport- it is not a pleasant feeling. But going back to India for the renewal is just not possible. So what do you do?

Don’t worry, because the Indian government has made it possible for Indian passport holders to renew their passports even while Indian citizens are in the US.

Read on to learn how the process works and what to expect when you want to renew an Indian passport in the US.

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How do I renew my Indian passport in the USA?

The Indian government has outsourced the Indian passport renewal process in the US to the application processing organization, VFS Global.¹

If you are looking to travel and continue to verify your identity through your Indian passport, you will be required to keep your Indian passport valid and up to date.

⚠️ You can not get an extension of validity for your Indian passport. It is required to be renewed through the designated renewal process with a brand new application every time.

You can start the renewal process for your Indian passport upto 1 year prior to its expiry date.

Renewing Your Indian Passport: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is the quick 7-step guide to the Indian passport renewal process.²

  1. Complete the online application onPassport Seva
  2. Once you completed the Passport Seva application fully, note down the Application Reference Number (ARN) of your application.
  3. Print out the completed Passport Seva application
  4. Return to the VFS Global Website and create an online profile through the Apply Now button.
  5. Print all the affidavits and additional documents per the VFS registration process.
  6. Mail the entire passport application package, including all copies and originals as required, to the relevant VFS Indian Consular Application Centre for your state.
  7. Keep track of your application through emails, the website or SMS for any issues or until completed.

You can send your package through the VFS Global Courier. The fees for the shipping will be alongside your fees for the renewal.

While you can use your own courier service and shipping label, it is advisable to use the VFS Global shipping services for delivery and return of your documents.

How do I track my application?

You can track your application through VFS’s Track Now page. To check, you will need to have your ARN handy, and the applicants’ birthdate. Your application status should be updated in the VFS Global system within 2-3 working days after receiving the packet.³

✅ Indian passport renewal in the USA: Checklist

Let’s walk through everything you need to have to submit your Indian passport renewal application.⁴

  • A fully completed and printed online application form with your signature on page 1 and page 4
  • The original Annexure E
  • The original Affidavit for change of appearance or signature
  • The self sworn Affidavit about residing outside India for more than 5 years
  • A Notarized color copy of
    • Valid Green Card
    • Valid Visa
    • Valid Work/Study Permit
    • Other approved visa or I-797A Approvals that validate your status in the US
  • A Notarized color copy of of your present US address in any of these forms:
    • State issued ID
    • Driving License
    • Water/Gas/Electricity utility bill
    • Valid lease agreement
    • Mortgage
    • Income Tax Return
    • A letter from your college/university if you are residing on campus
  • 2 square photos sized at 51mmx51mm on a white or offwhite background
  • Your current Indian passport in original form
  • Copies of the first 5 pages and last 2 pages of your current Indian passport
  • The VFS Global Re-Issue/Fresh Passport Checklist

Depending on your situation there may be additional documents you may need to send. For example, if you need to change your Indian address as well, you will need to provide the Indian documents for that. So read the documents and checklist carefully to make sure you are not missing any documents.

All minors will need their own application and can not be added to a parent’s application. Applications for minors will also need additional documentation from guardians or parents depending on the age of the minor.

How long does it take to renew an Indian passport in the USA?

If you have submitted all the documents correctly and there are no issues with your application, it should take approximately 3 weeks.

But keep an eye on your application through the Track Now option. If your application needs additional documents, you must submit them within 7 days or your application processing can be stopped, without a refund.

If your application stays incomplete for 21 working days, it will be returned to you unprocessed by the Indian Embassy or Consulate. The fee will be refunded with the shipping costs deducted.⁵

How much does it cost to renew an Indian passport in the USA?

The cost for renewing a passport in the US depends on if you are an adult or minor and the size of the booklet you are getting.

In addition to the processing charges, there is a ICWF fee of $2.00 and a VFS fee of $15.90 that are added into your total cost.

Here are the total costs to expect to renew your passport⁶:

ApplicationValid forBookletTotal
Adult - 18 yo +10 years36 Pages$92.90
Adult - 18 yo +10 years60 Pages$117.90
Minor- between 15-18yo10 years36 Pages$92.90
Minor- between 15-18yo10 years60 Pages$117.90
Minor- below 15 yo5 years36 Pages$67.90

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions? Here are some answers to popular questions on the passport renewal process.

Can I stay in the US with an expired Indian passport?

You will need to prove that your visa to the US is still valid. If it is you can start the process for your passport renewal. If your US visa has expired or there are any issues, you can submit a request for an emergency certificate and a possible short term validity passport.⁷

What address do I put on my online application?

You will need to mention both an Indian and a US address on the online application form.

How long are Indian passports valid for?

Normally, Indian passports have a validity of 10 years.

What about my valid visas in my expired Indian passport?

Your old Indian passport will be returned to you with your existing visas intact. You will need to carry your old passport with the valid visas with you when you travel, alongside your new passport.

Is there a way to submit a paper renewal application?

No, the Government of India has required all renewal processes to go through the online application version.

What if I have lost or damaged my Indian passport?

While certain parts of the process will be similar, check out the guidelines for a lost or damaged passport. In certain instances you may need to provide documentation and verification of the theft or damage.

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