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The 3Money card is a prepaid Mastercard, which allows you to make contactless payments when you’re out and about, withdraw cash from an ATM, or shop online.¹

As a prepaid card, it gives you the option of topping up your 3Money account as and when you want to - you can’t run up surprise debts, which means you’ll have full control over your finances. However, it’s important to note that there are a range of fees with the 3Money card you’ll want to know about before you get one.

This guide covers all you need to know to decide if the 3Money card is right for you, and also introduces an alternative - the Wise debit card. With the Wise card, you can hold 40+ currencies and switch between them using the mid-market rate - making this a good option if you want to spend when you travel, or shop online with international retailers.

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What can you do with a 3Money card?

Let’s start with the basics. The 3Money card is a prepaid Mastercard that you can use to shop online and in stores, and also to make ATM withdrawals and transfers to other 3Money customers. You can get a 3Money card for free if you top up a minimum of €20.

When you start off, you’ll have a regular 3Money account, which has relatively limited features. To be able to access the full range of features, you’ll need to verify your account by providing documents to prove your ID and address. These could be a passport or driving license for your identity, and a utility bill or bank statement for your address, for example.

Here’s a quick run through the differences between the standard and premium account features:

Feature 3Money Standard² 3Money Premium²
Monthly service fee €3 €3
Maximum in account €250 €25,000
Maximum top up amount €250 €25,000
Transfer to bank or other 3Money customers Not available Service available
Top up by bank transfer Not available Service available
Make international ATM withdrawals Not available Service available

3Money cards also have a feature called wallets - this is a way of using your card to save money towards a specific goal. You can top up your card and move your money to a wallet, which keeps it separate to your regular balance. You can’t then spend the money in your wallet unless you move it back to your main balance - so no accidental spending of your holiday fund. You can have up to 5 wallets at a time, to save for a variety of targets.

3Money card charges: What are they?

Like any financial product, it’s important to understand the full fees, terms and conditions of the 3Money card before you choose to get one. There are fixed, ongoing charges, as well as costs for certain services.

Let’s take a look at the 3Money card alongside the Wise multi-currency debit card, as a comparison:

Service 3Money fee² Wise fee³
Top up card Online: €2 In store: €2 - €4.50 depending on top up amount Free to top up with a bank transfer. Low fees may apply if you use a credit or debit card to top up.
Monthly service fee €3 No fee
ATM withdrawal €2 Non-euro ATM withdrawal free for premium customers. This service is not available to regular account holders 2 free withdrawals a month, to a value of €200 A 1.75% fee applies after that
Top up with international bank transfer €5 - €15 depending on top up amount Free to top up in 8 major world currencies
Contactless payments 1% of transaction value No fee
Withdraw money to your bank account €5 €0.28

As you can see, the Wise debit card could work out the cheaper option, as there are no monthly fees to pay, and topping up can be entirely free with a bank transfer. You’ll also have the bonus of being able to hold and spend non-euro currencies - handy for travelling and shopping outside of the euro area.

Are there any limits for the 3Money card?

There are also a few 3Money limits you’ll need to take into consideration when comparing the options available. Limits vary according to the account type you have. 3Money offers Standard and Premium accounts - to upgrade to premium you’ll need to provide ID verification documents, and get approval.

Here are the important limits you need to know about:

Service 3Money Standard card limit² 3Money Premium card limit²
Top up with debit card First time use - €150 Then €250/month limit First time use - €150 Then €500/day limit
Top up with bank transfer Not possible €500
Maximum daily top up €250 €500
Maximum annual top up €2,500 €25,000

When it comes to the Wise debit card, the maximum amount you can top up in one go is €1.2 million using a bank transfer and €2,500 if you pay with a card.

3Money card top up: How to do it?

Here’s how you can top up your 3Money card balance:

  • Buy a voucher at a 3Store or Payzone outlet, and top up online, using the app, or by text
  • Top up in a 3Store
  • Add your locally issued debit card to your account and use to top up online
  • Make a bank transfer - this could take a few days and may incur fees

3Money card balance: How to check it?

To see how much money is in your 3Money balance you can log into your account on the app or online, or send a text from your registered mobile to get an SMS alert.

How to get the 3Money card?

Get your 3Money card online or in a 3Store. If you buy online, you can get a virtual card to shop online, and have a physical card sent to you by post. No matter where you get your card you’ll have to top up with at least €20 to get started, and you’ll also need your phone to receive a verification SMS.

A prepaid debit card can be a good way to manage your money and make sure you don’t run up unwanted debts. However, it’s worth finding a card which suits your needs, and comes with low fees for the services you use, and limited fixed costs.

Wise card as an alternative


Check out a range of options before you choose to get the best deal - including the Wise Account, debit card and virtual card as a smart option if you like to travel or shop with international retailers.

You can hold 40+ currencies, with mid-market rate currency exchange and a range of other smart perks to support your lifestyle.

You can use the Wise card to pay and withdraw money in 150+ countries, and the money comes directly from your Wise Account.

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