Can I use my AIB VISA debit card abroad?

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When travelling overseas something most people have to think about is how they’re going to pay for things. Not all debit cards work abroad and some have such poor exchange rates and high fees that they’re not worth using.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how AIB debit card work abroad, what the fees are and how the exchange rate works.

We’ll also let you know about Wise Account, which offers a debit card that’s suited to international spending in over 40 currencies.

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Can I use my AIB debit card abroad?

In general, you can use your AIB debit card abroad anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.¹

This includes at ATM’s and in card machines. You can also use contactless whenever it’s available, although keep in mind the pin free limit might be different to home.

Charges for using AIB debit card abroad: Point of Sale and cash withdrawal

The fees for using your AIB debit card outside of Ireland vary depending on where you are and the type of transaction.

Here’s some of the fees you’re more likely to encounter when travelling abroad with your AIB debit card connected to a Personal Account:

Transaction Type - Debit Card Fees²
Domestic and Eurozone ATM withdrawals €0.35 per transaction
Non-Euro ATM withdrawal €0.35 transaction fee + 2.5% currency conversion fee + 1% cash withdrawal commission (Minimum €2.00, Maximum €6.00)
Domestic and Eurozone debit card purchases €0.20 per transaction
Domestic and Eurozone debit card purchases using Contactless payment No fee until further notice
Foreign currency debit card purchases (Including Contactless payment) €0.20 transaction fee + 1.75% currency conversion fee

(Minimum €0.45, Maximum €11.00)

🔎 Keep in mind: The percentage fees apply to the euro value of the transaction.

What are the AIB credit card charges abroad?

The charges for using an AIB credit card abroad also vary depending on where you are and the transaction type.

Here’s an idea of the fees you could run into at the ATM or when making a purchase with your Personal AIB credit card:

Transaction Type - Credit cardFees³
Euro ATM withdrawals 1.5% (Minimum €1.90) cash advance fee
Currency conversion withdrawals

Visa - Europe Region

1.75% currency conversion fee + 1.5% (Minimum €1.90) cash advance fee
FX Withdrawals

Visa - Rest of World

2.75% currency conversion fee + 1.5% (Minimum €1.90) cash advance fee
Euro transactions No currency conversion fee
FX Transactions

Visa Europe Region

1.75% currency conversion fee
FX Transactions

Visa Rest of World

2.75% currency conversion fee

How does the AIB exchange rate work?

The AIB exchange rate for card transactions is the Visa rate plus the currency conversion fee (including the 1.75% bank fee).⁴

You can find the credit and debit card exchange rates on the AIB website. These rates are updated twice a day, on business days.⁴⁷

You should also need to know that Visa will convert a payment using the exchange rate that applies on the day the transaction hits your account, which may not be the day of the transaction itself.

This is different from providers like Wise, who use the mid-market exchange rate when you send money abroad, make card purchases in different currencies or even withdrawals.

If you're not sure what the mid-market rate is then here’s a quick explanation of how it works and why it’s a good thing:

🔎 Bankers and merchants around the world are constantly buying and selling different currencies. They have a price they’re willing to pay each currency as well as a price they’re willing to sell it for. The mid-market rate is in the midpoint between the buy and sell price, making it a fair way to determine the exchange rate. It’s also the rate that Wise uses, meaning there’s no fees or markups to worry about.

Wise rates are also updated every minute and you can always know beforehand how much you are paying on a transaction, including the exchange rate:

Good to know before using your card abroad

Pay attention to ATM fees

When travelling internationally you may be hit with more than just the fees from AIB.

Around the world there are ATM operators that apply their own transaction fee to foreign cards or cards that aren’t part of their ATM network.

It could be a flat fee or a percentage of the withdrawal amount, and it usually comes up on the screen while you’re making the withdrawal.


What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

When you’re using an ATM or payment terminal abroad you may be asked to choose between paying with your home currency and the local currency.

If you choose to be billed in the local currency, your financial provider’s exchange rate will be applied.

Alternatively, if you chose to be billed in your home currency then the merchant's provider will use a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DDC) to charge you.

While DDC may make it simpler to track your spending while abroad, it normally ends up costing more.

This is because the merchant's provider will generally apply fees, they may not have the most favourable exchange rate and you're not necessarily exempt from your bank's foreign transaction fees since you’re still processing a payment outside of Ireland.

In short, paying with the local currency is usually cheaper, especially when you’re with a provider like Wise that uses the mid-market rate.

Wise debit card as an alternative when travelling abroad

If you're looking for a cheaper way to do international transactions, Wise is worth considering.

The Wise Account allows you to hold, convert and manage over 40 currencies, as well as spend money in 150+ countries worldwide.

You can order a Wise debit card to help with daily spending and generate and manage three virtual cards at the same time.

If you have local currency in your Wise Account, the card will use it with no conversion fees. If you don't, your money will be automatically converted at the mid-market rate with a variable conversion fee starting at 0.43% depending on the currency.

Using a Wise debit card you can make 2 withdrawals of up to 200€ each month for free. Wise will not charge you for these withdrawals, but some additional charges may occur from independent ATM networks, as explained in the previous section.

Here's how the Wise fees work for withdrawals:

Wise card ATM fees Less than 200€ per month More than 200€ per month
2 or less withdrawals Free 1.75% of the amount over 200€
3 or more withdrawals 0.5€ per withdrawal 0.5€ + 1.75% of the amount over 200€

With Wise there are no hidden fees to worry about and opening a Wise Account it's free.

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Please see the Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise fees & pricing for the most up-to-date information on pricing and fees.

FAQ: Using your AIB card abroad

How do I report if I lost my AIB card abroad?

If your AIB is lost or stolen while you’re travelling you need to let them know as soon as possible using one of these methods⁵:

  • Login to your AIB Internet Banking then choose the missing card. Select “Cancel and Replace my Card” then follow the prompts.
  • Call 0818 724 724 within Ireland and select option 5.
  • Phone +353 1 711 24 24 from abroad and select option 5.

Do I need to notify AIB when going abroad?

You don’t need to let AIB know if you’re travelling abroad but keep in mind they might text you if their system detects unusual activity.

The text will come from one of these numbers and will ask you to respond with either a 1 or 9 to confirm if it’s you using the card.

  • Debit Cards: +353 86 180 3367
  • Personal Credit Cards: +353 86 180 3392
🔎 For more details on this provider, you may check our article AIB international transfer.

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*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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