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Joel Cheng

About a year ago, Wise announced our partnership with Up, one of Australia’s top digital banks.

We both believe we’ve done a great job of helping Aussies make cheaper, faster transfers abroad (e.g. save up to A$55 when sending A$1000 to India) - and it shows in our partnership growing from strength to strength.

I daresay we’ve built the one of the best experiences possible for Aussie customers to make international payments - and they love it!

"How I Up”

We also love working with the Up team and we’re excited to work on a series of blogs to help our customers level-Up their personal finance game. Keep your eyes peeled on new articles in the months to come.

But for now, check out the first post below!

Up Wise payments

From travellers cheques to secs

An Up customer casts his mind back to a time when his short-term move to Japan was heavily reliant on cash and traveller’s cheques - a headache which thankfully is a thing of the past thanks to solutions like Up’s international payments powered by Wise.

Since the pandemic hit, travel has taken a back seat but we’re grateful that we’ve still been able to support Up’s customers to send money to their friends and family based overseas in these tough times. Now that Australia is gearing back up with borders opening - it might just be the right time to start drawing up plans to ✈️ again!

Get the full scoop here!

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