Tick travel insurance. What’s on offer and how does it work?

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Airfares are rising, with flights from Australia being 50% more expensive on average than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic.³ So, having travel insurance can help make sure overseas emergencies don’t add on to these travel costs.

Tick is a travel insurance provider that offers coverage for international trips. This article will provide you with an overview of Tick travel insurance, its packages and benefits, information about its COVID-19 coverage and things to keep in mind.

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What is travel insurance with Tick

Tick travel insurance offers several packages that cover emergency or unexpected expenses incurred during international or domestic travels. Depending on the policy type, Tick travel insurance covers overseas medical assistance, cancellations, changes due to COVID-19, lost or damaged luggage, rental car excess, and other additional expenses in some circumstances.¹

Tick travel insurance packages

Tick offers one-trip travel insurance for domestic and international trips. Tick has four levels of international travel policies available with varying benefits. The levels are – Basic, Budget, Standard and Top.²

Tick travel insurance can be upgraded to include winter sports cover, natural disaster cover and cover for additional specified items.

Who administers travel insurance on behalf of Tick

Tick’s travel insurance policy is underwritten by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance).⁵

What are the main benefits of travel insurance with Tick

Tick offers a variety of benefits that depend on the level of cover you choose and if you opt for additional upgrades. The key benefits include²:

  • Cover for cancellation or curtailment of your trip due to unavoidable reasons
  • Unlimited overseas medical cover including medical, surgical and hospital treatment, ambulance costs, or repatriation to Australia
  • Cover for some pre-existing medical conditions
  • Cover for loss of baggage and valuables
  • Cover for loss of money and travel documents like passport and visa
  • Cover for personal and legal liability
  • Rental vehicle excess waiver
  • Cover for additional boarding of pets in case you’re delayed in arrival

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Types of coverage offered by Tick travel insurance

Tick travel international insurance coverage differs between the levels. The following table provides a breakdown of the major benefits and covers offered by Tick’s international insurance policies. The Product Disclosure Statement gives a more comprehensive look into all the benefits available.²

Benefits Basic Budget Standard Top Excess
Overseas medical and other expenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited AUD$200
Trip cancellation before departure NA AUD$5,000 AUD$5,000 AUD$20,000 AUD$200
Travel delay expenses NA NA Up to AUD$50 per completed 12 hours up to AUD$500 Up to AUD$100 per completed 12 hours up to AUD$1,000 NA
Personal belongings and baggage AUD$2,000 AUD$2,500 AUD$4,000 AUD$7,500 AUD$200
Delayed baggage NA NA AUD$300 AUD$400 NA
Passport and travel documents NA NA AUD$2,000 AUD$4,000 NA
Money NA NA AUD$300 AUD$300 AUD$200
Personal liability AUD$1,000,000 AUD$1,000,000 AUD$1,500,000 AUD$3,000,000 AUD$200
COVID-19 expenses: cancellation or trip disruption NA NA AUD$2,500 AUD$2,500 AUD$200
COVID-19 expenses: Overseas medical expenses NA NA Unlimited Unlimited AUD$200
Rental car excess waiver NA NA AUD$2,000 AUD$4,000 NA

As seen on 1 November 2023

Tick travel insurance main fees

Tick’s travel insurance fees are based on a number of factors such as the destination, the length of the trip, the number of travellers and their ages. The level of coverage will also change the amount you pay.

Tick travel insurance provides an option of a standard excess of AUD$200 with all the policies along with other additional upgrades.²

You can get a quote for the Tick travel insurance of your choice on the website.

What’s not covered under this travel insurance

Like most travel insurance policies, Tick travel insurance has some general exclusions. Tick’s Product Disclosure Statement has a detailed list of all the exclusions.

Claims arising from the following exclusions are not covered²:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that are not included in the travel insurance policy
  • Travel against the advice of a doctor or medical practitioner
  • Travel via a commercial cruise ship
  • Irresponsible consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Travel to, from or through a country subject to a warning or advisory from the government or any other official bodies
  • Involvement in deliberate illegal or criminal activities
  • COVID-19 related cancellations or changes if you’ve purchased Basic and Budget policies
  • Loss, damage, injury or illness, or legal liability arising from travel in, to or through some countries like Afghanistan, Antarctica, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and others

Eligibility for Tick travel insurance

Tick travel insurance is available if you fulfil the following criteria⁴:

  • You are a citizen, permanent resident or a valid visa holder of Australia
  • You hold a valid Medicare card or have a private health insurance policy that meets the visa requirements
  • You are 69 years of age or under for Basic level, 79 years of age or under for Budget level, and 100 years of age or under for Standard and Top levels of Tick travel insurance²
  • You are in Australia at the time of purchase

How to get travel insurance with Tick

You can only purchase travel insurance with Tick online by going through the following process⁵:

  1. On the website homepage, fill in the quote generator form with the destination, the dates of departure and return, whether the insurance is for individuals, couple or family, number of travellers, and their ages.
  2. Once you get the quotes, you can select the level of travel insurance policy based on the benefits available under each.
  3. You will then be able to decide whether you wish to keep the AUD$200 excess, and if you wish to add natural disaster cover or winter sports cover.
  4. In the following step, provide your details and declare any pre-existing medical conditions.
  5. Lastly, enter your payment details and complete the purchase.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the policy documents soon after the payment is processed. You can also access the documents by logging in to your account.

Making a claim with Tick travel insurance

There are three ways to make a claim with Tick travel insurance – online on Tick’s website, by sending the claim form via email or by printing the form and sending it via post.⁶

The claim should be registered within 30 days after your travel is complete. The claim forms should be accompanied by documents that provide proof of ownership, proof of value, and proof of the event you’re claiming for as evidence that you have suffered a loss.²

A word on Tick travel insurance and COVID-19

Tick’s Standard and Top one-trip overseas policies offer insurance benefits related to COVID-19.

If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19, Tick will cover the overseas medical expenses that follow, such as emergency medical, surgical, hospital, ambulance and repatriation costs.

Cancellation or trip disruption due to COVID-19 is also covered up to a maximum of AUD$2,500. This includes travel, accommodation and meal expenses. Tick will also cover the costs of tours and activities that you have paid for and can no longer attend.

These benefits are not included in the Basic and Budget policies.⁷

Additional things to keep in mind

  • Tick offers different benefits for different levels of travel insurance policies. The lower levels of policies might not include the benefits you’re looking for. So, to ensure that you don’t lose out on key benefits, it’s important to go through the Product Disclosure Statement which has comprehensive information about all the inclusions, exclusions, limits and eligibility criteria for the different policies.
  • Tick has the option to select regions as destinations and not specific countries. So, if you’re travelling to multiple countries, you should buy a policy for the region you’ll be spending the most time in.⁸

Contacting Tick

You can contact the Tick team in a few different ways⁹:

  • Existing customers can call Tick’s customer service team for policy extensions at +61242770913
  • Fill in the form on their contact page

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