Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card. All about the Suncorp travel credit card

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Sifting through the range of credit card options available in Australia can get complicated. Suncorp Bank is one institution that offers a range of cards catered to different spending habits and lifestyles, especially for those that travel domestically or abroad frequently.

We’ll get to know one of these cards, the Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card, going through its features, benefits, eligibility requirements and other things to keep in mind before applying.

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The Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card

The Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card is for individuals looking to access credit for their purchases or needing to move a balance over from another provider at a rate of 0% for the first 9 months. On top of accessing credit, customers using this card will gain access to certain rewards programs and complimentary travel insurances.¹

Who is this credit card for?

This card is for personal use only and good for paying for everyday purchases and bills.²

The main features and benefits of the Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card

The Suncorp Clear Options Platinum card comes with a whole suite of features and benefits including¹:

  • 24 hour personal concierge service
  • Access to Visa entertainment
  • Four additional cardholders for free
  • Four complimentary insurances
  • Fraud protections with FRAUDSHIELD and Visa Zero Liability
  • Payments with Apple Pay
  • Access to two rewards programs
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Up to 55 days interest free

The complimentary insurances included are a unique benefit of this card, especially for frequent travellers. The insurances included are¹:

  • International travel insurance
  • Interstate flight inconvenience insurance
  • Transit accident insurance
  • Extended warranty insurance

With any type of insurance, there are strict eligibility requirements to meet to be able to successfully make a claim. Make sure to check the terms and conditions before you leave to see if you are covered.

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Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card rewards

There are two different reward programs that are connected with this card. You will need to choose which one you would like to join when you apply. These rewards programs include:

Suncorp Credit Card Rewards program¹

With this card, customers will be part of the Suncorp Credit Card Rewards program which gives cardholders 1.25 Suncorp Credit Rewards points for every dollar spent.

Points can be acquired by using the card to purchase common everyday purchases such as groceries, fuel, and dining out, but are subject to eligibility.

Points then can be redeemed online on cashback offers, e-vouchers and other rewards Suncorp arranges.

Qantas frequent flyers program¹

Customers can opt in to earn Qantas frequent flyers points on their Suncorp Clear Options platinum card for an additional annual fee of $49. For every dollar spent on this scheme, customers will earn 0.5 Qantas points, with a cap of spending $8000 per month. Eligibility for purchases apply.

The cons of using this card

Although this card does come with a few great features, there are a few cons attached with this card. These include¹:

  • Foreign transaction fee of 3.4%
  • High annual fee
  • High cash advance rate plus extra fees on withdrawals
  • No interest free period if on a balance transfer agreement

One thing to remember about credit card use is that it’s important to pay off any used balances as soon as you can to avoid costly interest and late fees. If you are someone that knows you’re not the best at making timely payments on loans of any type, a credit card may not be the best option for you.

The credit limits you get with this card

The credit limits that you have with this card is between $6000 and $100,000.¹

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What are the fees for this card

Credit cards are renowned for incorporating fees when cardholders use their cards. Here is a breakdown of some of the fees attached with the Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card.

Fees* Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card¹
Maintenance fees $99 for the first year, $129 thereafter
Points /cash back Earn 1.25 suncorp reward points per $1 on eligible purchases
Late repayments $30
Local/Foreign ATM fees In Australia = $3.50 or 3.5% whichever is greater

Outside Australia = 1.50% cash advance fee + 21.99% p.a. cash advance rate + potential foreign ATM fees + 3.40% international transaction fee

Limit of $1000 per withdrawal

Interest/purchase rate 20.74%
Additional card holders Up to 4 for free

*As seen on 19th April 2023

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Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card exchange rate used

When you make purchases overseas or at an overseas merchant, you may need to access a foreign exchange conversion, especially if your card only uses Australian dollars. When spending on your Suncorp credit card, you’ll be accessing the Visa exchange rate on all purchases or ATM withdrawals.² Suncorp states that 1% of the foreign transaction fees charged on foreign purchases or withdrawals are sent to Visa for using their services.¹

How do you get a Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card

To get a Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card, you can apply online through Suncorp’s website. The application process involves filling out an online form that requests you fill in³:

  • Your contact details
  • Your employment details
  • Your financial details
  • Choosing your card⁴

The form should take around 10 minutes to complete, and once submitted, the application will be processed within 5 to 7 business days.

What are the eligibility requirements for getting this credit card

Before you can think of applying for a Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card, you need to know if you meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible for this credit card, you’ll need to⁴:

  • Be over the age of 18 years
  • Be an Australian permanent resident or citizen
  • Have a yearly salary of at least $35,000
  • Have a good credit rating

To prove these requirements, you’ll need to submit a few documents to Suncorp. These include:

  • Identity documents such as drivers licence or passport⁵
  • Proof of employment and income documents³

These all can be uploaded via the online application form and you can request to get all application status updates via electronic methods.⁴

How long does it take to get the card

It can take up to 5 to 7 business days to receive your new credit card. You will be able to activate this credit card using the internet banking portal.³

What else do I need to know?

New customers that apply for this credit card before July 31st 2023 will get a limited time offer of 120,000 suncorp credit rewards points on the first $3000 spent in the first 90 days of having the card. This amount of point is equivalent to $500 in e-vouchers.¹

Contacting Suncorp

If you are a new customer and need to speak to a Suncorp representative directly, you can contact Suncorp by:

  • Calling 13 11 55
  • Calling +61 7 3362 1712 from overseas

If you are already an existing customer, you can get in contact via your internet banking portal or find the range of options here.

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