Can I pay on AliExpress with PayPal?

Samuel Clennett

AliExpress is an international online retailer offering a huge selection of consumer goods. You can find virtually anything and everything on this popular shopping site, but what are your payment options once you’re ready to make a purchase?

In this guide, we’ll look at whether paying for AliExpress orders using PayPal is an option for customers in Australia. We’ll look at how the PayPal payment process works, along with alternative payment methods in case your chosen seller at AliExpress doesn’t accept PayPal.

Need a better way to spend, online and worldwide? Open a free Wise account and you’ll also get a linked Platinum debit Mastercard – which you can use for multi-currency payments wherever you are in the world, including online retailers like AliExpress.

And if you’re paying in a different currency than your local one, you could find that using Wise works out cheaper than using PayPal¹.

But back to what you came here to read – all about payment methods and the checkout process at AliExpress.

What is AliExpress?²

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba, the multi-national company known for its huge wholesale marketplace as well as being a global internet giant. It’s based in China, but ships to many countries all over the world.

Think of AliExpress as a consumer version of Alibaba, where you can buy individual products rather than having to buy in bulk.

And when it comes to products, AliExpress stocks pretty much every kind of item you can think of. For example, you can buy jewellery, men’s/women’s fashion, consumer electronics, pet accessories, toys, home appliances and beauty products. You can even buy smartphones, cars and motorcycles, power tools, bicycles and outdoor/sporting equipment. The list is pretty much endless.

One of the main things AliExpress is known for (apart from having an enormous product range) is its ultra-cheap prices. It is able to offer products at such low prices because it sources them directly from Chinese manufacturers, in a direct-from-warehouse online shopping model.

Some products aren’t quite the real thing, more like similar items at a drastically reduced price (and perhaps quality) - so you’ll need to watch out for fakes if you’re searching for the genuine article.

When you select a product from the site, you’re buying from a seller. It’s just like when you use similar sites such as Amazon.

Paying with PayPal on AliExpress

Love checking out with PayPal? If you’re a regular PayPal user and you live in Australia, there’s bad news unfortunately.

Currently, you can’t use PayPal to pay for AliExpress purchases³. This payment method is only available for customers in certain countries, such as the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and France. This could change, but for now it isn’t an option with most AliExpress sellers who ship to Australia.

However, if you do find yourself staying or living in one of the supported countries and want an AliExpress item shipped to you there, you should be able to use PayPal.

Here’s how to check that PayPal is a viable payment option, and use it to pay for your AliExpress purchase⁴:

  1. Check that the seller offers PayPal as a payment method – even if AliExpress supports PayPal in the destination country, not all sellers have it activated as a payment method. To check, look out for the PayPal logo under ‘Payment Methods’ on the product detail page, or under ‘Other Payment Methods’ on the payment page.
  2. Select PayPal and click ‘Pay Now’.
  3. You’ll be directed to the PayPal page to complete your payment – simply sign into your PayPal account and follow the steps to confirm.
  4. You should be directed back to the AliExpress site, where your order will be confirmed.

And that’s it! Your new item (or haul of goodies) from AliExpress is bought and paid for in just a few simple steps.

Alternative payment options

Although you can’t use PayPal on AliExpress if you’re getting your order shipped to Australia, there are other payment methods available.

For Australian customers, the only way to pay most sellers on AliExpress is using your credit or debit card⁵. All major credit card providers are accepted, including MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Paying by card on AliExpress is quick, easy and secure. The site uses the industry-standard HTTPS protocol⁶, which encrypts information sent to and from it – including your credit or debit card details. What’s more, all card payments on AliExpress are processed using 3D Secure⁷. This provides an extra layer of protection when you’re handing over your card details.

Have a Wise account? If so, you’ll also have a handy linked Platinum debit Mastercard, which you can use on AliExpress and other online retailers. It’s also handy for overseas spending, as it auto-converts currencies with the lowest possible fees⁸. This means you can spend like a local without worrying about the cost.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to products at AliExpress, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for payment methods – at least not if you live in Australia. But if you shop at the site from another country, you should now have all the info you need to pay for your new stuff using PayPal. It’s designed to be easy, quick and secure.

Alternatively, you can simply pay by card at AliExpress – whether it’s your Wise Platinum debit Mastercard or another credit/debit card. Easy.

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