Moving Abroad Checklist: 3 Months Before You Go


Moving house is a huge undertaking - and combine that with moving abroad and you have a logistical nightmare. To help you keep on top of things, we’ve put together a three-part guide to help minimise last-minute panicking and maximise adventure.

Part 1: 6 months before you move

Part 3: The final month

Twelve weeks to go... and things are speeding up. You still have plenty of time to get everything done, but reality should be hitting round about now that this is really happening. You need to get organised!

If You Have A Place To Live

Then now is the time to examine the floor-plan, and work out exactly what furniture is going to fit, and what you can take with you. Transporting an enormous wardrobe to another country, only to find it doesn’t fit up the stairs, is the very definition of annoying.

If You Don’t Have A Place To Live

Start contacting local rental agencies to see the sorts of things that are available, and the paperwork required to rent - other countries can have totally different requirements than those needed by UK landlords. If you are feeling lost, then don’t be afraid to get online and ask questions of the relevant expat forum. Many of those people will have been in exactly your position and can give you some great tips, and point you in the direction of reputable letting agencies or housing websites.

Speak To The Removal And Storage Companies

Get an estimate from a removal company that offers international removals. It’s possible that they will also offer storage solutions, but if not get a quote from a storage company. Find out what the storage and removal companies insurance policies cover, and speak to your own insurance company if you need to get separate cover for valuables.

Arrange Your Travel

Now is the time to get your planes, trains and automobiles sorted. If you are flying with animals or more than the “usual” amount of luggage, get that booked in as well.

Get A Full Health MOT

Start the process of getting your medical records transferred. Make an appointment with your GP to check you are up to date with injections and get a medical examination. If you have an ongoing prescription you should find out if there are any issues with getting it in your new country. Book in for a full dental check-up, and ask your dentist if there appear to be any potential oral health issues. Make an appointment for the week before you leave the UK, to pick up a new prescription for ongoing medication - it’s a good idea to have enough to tie you over before registering with a doctor in your new country.

Start The Packing

Begin collecting boxes and buying tape so that you can start packing things that you know you’re not going to need in the next three months. Make sure you have a good supply of marker pens, and start hoarding newspapers and bubble wrap for packing delicate items.

Speak To Your Bank

Make an appointment to speak to an adviser at your UK bank and explain that you are moving abroad. There might be services at your current bank that can help you with the process (insurance, for example), or they might even have an international account that is suitable. Set up an account with Wise so that you can safely and cheaply transfer money abroad - you can save on your bank’s transfer charges by moving money securely with them.

Start Letting People Know You’re Leaving

Your close friends and family will no doubt be aware by this stage, but start collecting email and physical addresses so that you can keep in touch with people. For older relatives and friends, consider getting “new address” cards printed.

We’ve also put together some guides specifically for people who are retiring abroad. If that includes you, check them out. They cover the implications on your finances, your tax, your pension and your healthcare.

Part 1: 6 months before you move

Part 3: The final month

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