Kiwibank international wire transfer: Fees, rates and transfer time


Kiwibank opened its doors in 2002 to provide New Zealand with better banking alternatives. Kiwibank now has more than 800,000 personal and business customers and offers a range of domestic and international banking options. Either way, you might be able to save if you use a service like Wise. But more on that later.

If you’re a Kiwibank customer, or are considering becoming one, and need to move your money overseas, use this guide to help you navigate the process and calculate the fees.

A quick example before we get started.

If you use Kiwibank to transfer NZ$1,000 to a pound sterling account in the UK, here’s what the fees would look like, compared to fees using Wise to make the same transfer.

ProviderFeeExchange RateTotal Cost
Kiwibank (New Zealand)NZ$20-25¹Exchange rate + markupNZ$20-25 + exchange rate markup + likely fees from intermediary and recipient banks
WiseNZ$ 6.72The real exchange rate - the same one you find on GoogleNZ$ 6.72

It’s clear that Wise has lower fees.

However, there’s more to the cost of an international transfer than just bank fees. Fees don’t take into account any exchange rate markup — on average a spread of an additional 4-6%. There can also be 1-3 intermediary and recipient banks who also charge fees.

Those costs can really add up quickly.

Before you make your transfer, you should compare the exchange rate you’re being offered with an online currency converter to get a better idea of the actual cost of your transfer.

What are the fees for an international money transfer with Kiwibank in New Zealand?

Fees change based on where you’re sending money and the specific details of your account and your transaction. Exact fee structures can be difficult to estimate. Check with Kiwibank for the specifics on your transaction before you make it. You can find a general outline of the fees you can expect to be charged for an international transfer below:

Kiwibank international transfer fees table

Kiwibank TransactionFee¹
Incoming international transferNZ$12
Outgoing international transfer via local branch or faxNZ$25
Outgoing international transfer via online bankingNZ$20
Additional feesSee below

Kiwibank exchange rates

You can check Kiwibank’s exchange rates on their website. However, if an overseas bank sends you New Zealand dollars using the SWIFT transfer system, it may be the sending or intermediary bank that does the exchange with their rate and you’ll likely not be getting the mid-market rate - the one you’ll find on Google. If they send you a payment in another currency, it may well be Kiwibank that converts it upon receival. However, bear in mind that it’s still almost impossible to tell ahead of time which entity will do the conversion and which exchange rate will be used.

Even if Kiwibank does the exchange for you and you have checked the rates online ahead of time, note that they mention on their website that:

> Rates subject to change without notice.²

Additional fees from Kiwibank

Kiwibank international transferAdditional fees¹
Sending/recipient bank and/or intermediary bank(s)Intermediary banks may charge fees for handling your transfer. Kiwibank notes online, “With international money transfers, other banks involved in processing the transfer may deduct fees from the amount transferred. These fees vary from bank to bank.”
Cancellation of international paymentNZ$25
Amendment of an international paymentNZ$25

A cheap and transparent alternative: Wise

Wise saves customers confusion, markups, and hidden fees when transferring money. Wise uses local bank accounts to transfer money, so you don’t have to pay international transaction fees.

With the new Wise borderless multi-currency account, you’re able to quickly and easily open an account in dozens of currencies - including the New Zealand dollar. Use the borderless account to receive money from abroad or pay bills around the world, using the real exchange rate. Wise charges a small transparent fee on each transaction.

See if you can get a better deal with Wise.

How do you make an international money transfer (telegraphic transfer or international direct credit) with Kiwibank?

To send money internationally, Kiwibank offers international direct credits and money transfers. You can make an international direct credit or a money transfer using these methods:

  • Online

  • In person at a local branch

  • By email


You can transfer money online with Kiwibank internet banking³. In order to register, you should call Kiwibank on 0800 113 355, or visit your local branch. Once you are registered, you can use your details to log in and follow the international transfer instructions.

In person at a local branch

Find your local Kiwibank branch and pay them a visit. Make sure you have your account details as well as the details of your overseas recipient with you.

By fax

To fax your request, download the International Money Transfer Request form⁴ and email it to Kiwibank at

What do I need in order to make an international money transfer?

Each country has different requirements when making an international money transfer. Kiwibank has a guide to what the requirements are depending on where your transfer is going, so you can make sure you have all the right details. However, you should check with the beneficiary to confirm the specific details needed. It is common for most transfers to require⁵:

  • Your recipient’s name as written on their bank account
  • Recipient’s account number for international payments - an IBAN if sending to Europe
  • Recipient’s personal address
  • Recipient bank name and address
  • The recipient bank’s SWIFT/BIC code

You may also need to include a reason for sending money.

What do I need or what should I give to the sender in order to receive an international money transfer?

An international money transfer can be made directly into your Kiwibank New Zealand dollar everyday account or your Kiwibank Foreign Currency account. The sender will need to know⁶:

  • Your full name as written on your bank account
  • Your account number
  • Your personal address
  • Kiwibank’s address: Kiwibank Limited, Ground Floor, New Zealand Post House, 7 Waterloo Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
  • Kiwibank’s SWIFT code: KIWINZ22

To avoid any additional delays or a possible rejection of the transfer, Kiwibank asks that the sender make sure their full name, account number and personal address are added onto the transfer as well. This will make it easier for Kiwibank to check the transfer in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations that apply to them⁶.

How long does an international money transfer with Kiwibank take?

How long does it take normally to arrive to the destination account?

When using a telegraphic transfer to send money overseas, Kiwibank mentions that it should arrive in 2-3 business days. However, they also mention that the delivery time is up to the recipient’s bank⁷.

What are the different payment methods and how long do those take?

International direct credits usually take 3-5 business days, and money transfers take 2-3 business days. Kiwibank also offers international bank drafts, which can be purchased on internet banking and be mailed directly to your recipient overseas. International bank drafts are usually received within 10 business days⁷.

Is there any way to make a faster transfer for an extra fee?

Kiwibank doesn’t offer other ways make a faster transfer for an extra fee, but if you are on a tight timeline be sure to initiate your payment on a business day before midnight so it can be processed the same day⁸.

Does the amount of time it takes vary by destination?

Payment times for international money transfers will vary. Sometimes international bank transfer can take longer if multiple intermediary banks are used to facilitate the payment. Kiwibank notes:

> money should arrive in two to three business days for most countries, though the final delivery time is up to the recipient’s bank.⁷

Contact / Help - More questions around your transfer?

  • Kiwibank local phone number: 0800 222 490
  • Kiwibank overseas phone number: +64 4 460 9290
  • Kiwibank email:

International banking can be complicated. Be sure to use this guide to help you navigate the process, the rates, and the fees involved in moving your money overseas with Kiwibank.

But if you’re interested in finding in cheap and transparent alternatives, check out Wise and see what you can save.


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