Inrem via PCHC. What is Inward remittance via PCHC?

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If you receive money into your Filipino bank account from abroad, you may see the words “Inrem via PCHC” on your account’s transaction history. Ever wonder what that means?

Let’s break down what Inrem via PCHC is and what you should know about the PCHC paygate.

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Inrem via PCHC — What does it mean?

“Inrem via PCHC” is a short-hand bank term for inward remittance through the PCHC. You’ll likely see this term in the description of an account transaction. An inward remittance is when money is sent from abroad to your domestic bank account. The money could be from family living abroad, friends or a business. If you see “Inrem via PCHC” on a transaction, that means money was sent to you from outside the Philippines. ¹

The Philippine Clearing House Corporation - PCHC

The Philippine Clearing House Corporation, or PCHC for short, helps process transactions and activities for the country’s banking industry. Founded in 1977, PCHC is supported by the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) and works across 69 regions and 9,000 bank branches nationwide.

So if you want an electronic transfer, payment, or check cleared and deposited in the Philippines, it will be processed through PCHC. ²

How does Inrem via PCHC work?

To understand how Inrem via PCHC works, let’s examine how a payment is processed. When you receive money from abroad, it has to go through a few stages before reaching your account.

The sender’s bank must first ensure the sender has enough money in their account and approve the withdrawal of funds from their end. Next, the PCHC will be notified of funds to be deposited to your bank and account number.

PCHC will act as a gateway and process the money transfer. It will notify your bank in the Philippines that the money is coming. Your bank operates as a receiving bank for the funds and disperses them to you.

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Which banks support the PCHC gateway

The PCHC payment gateway is a convenient way to pay government agencies and merchants online. Banks and other services may also use PESOnet to make domestic transfers with the PCHC gateway. ³

Here are the banks that offer the PCHC Payment Gateway:⁴

  • Asia United Bank (AUB)
  • BPI
  • Landbank
  • RCBC
  • RobinsonsBank
  • PSBank
  • Unionbank
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How to use Union Bank PCHC paygate

Union Bank account holders can access and pay with the PCHC paygate through the bank’s online portal or mobile app.

If you are a business customer with Union Bank, you can provide PCHC paygate on your website or mobile app through Upay. Clients can then use your payment system for government agency bills. ⁵

Anything else you need to know

Inward remittances from abroad can appear in your account as Inrem via PCHC but may not have any other details. It is best to communicate with your sender to know who has sent the money or where it is coming from.

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