Our fees on transfers from JPY are changing

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On March 15th, our pricing will change on all transfers from JPY.

We know you'll want to understand exactly how this change affects you, so we've written this post with all the information you'll need to be informed of the changes. Heads up – this post is divided into 2 general sections:

1. Why we’re changing our fees (and why they’re going down on most transfers and up on others)

2. The new fees

Why we're changing our fees

We believe sending money to another country should be as cheap as sending an email. Yes, we think it should be free.

We’re not there yet, but that’s what we’re shooting for.

Why most fees are going down

When we opened for business, we based our fees on how much we thought transfers would cost us to process.

Since then, we’ve gotten better at what we do, and our costs have gone down on many transfer amounts and routes. We’ve lowered our fees in those places, which means most of you will be able send money for even less.

Why some fees are going up

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some transfers still cost us a little more than we originally estimated.

We’ve raised our fees on those transfers to cover our costs. We know that isn't great news for the people whose fees are going up, and we're sorry about that.

We'll bring those fees back down as soon as we can. (And remember, you can always save a little money by funding your transfer with a bank transfer, rather than a card.)

The new fees

Price Change Description Routes Affected
Cheaper for almost all amounts Transfer to these routes are about to get cheaper for you. AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, INR, MXN, NOK, PLN, SEK, UAH, USD, THB, NGN.
Some amounts cheaper and some more expensive Transfer to these routes will see some prices go up, and others go down depending on how much you send. BGN, COP, DKK, GEL, HKD, IDR, KES, KRW, LKR, MAD, MYR, PEN, PHP, PKR, RON, RUB, SGD, TRY, VND, BRL.
More expensive for almost all amounts Unfortunately, these routes will see prices go up. AED, BDT, CLP, CNY, ILS, ZAR.
No change at all EGP, NPR

To read more about transfers from JPY, visit our JPY Transfers page

What is the fee for each route?

Route Pricing
JPY to AED 290 JPY + 1.10%
JPY to AUD 90 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to BDT 260 JPY + 1.80%
JPY to BGN 150 JPY + 1.05%
JPY to BRL 170 JPY + 1.35%
JPY to CAD 70 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to CHF 190 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to CLP 330 JPY + 1.90%
JPY to CNY 800 JPY + 1.55%
JPY to COP 70 JPY + 2.35%
JPY to CZK 100 JPY + 0.65%
JPY to DKK 160 JPY + 0.50%
JPY to EGP 500 JPY + 0.80%
JPY to EUR 100 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to GBP 110 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to GEL 150 JPY + 0.70%
JPY to HKD 190 JPY + 0.70%
JPY to HRK 190 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to HUF 160 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to IDR 180 JPY + 0.75%
JPY to ILS 260 JPY + 1.05%
JPY to INR 110 JPY + 0.65%
JPY to KES 300 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to KRW 240 JPY + 1.25%
JPY to LKR 170 JPY + 0.80%
JPY to MAD 320 JPY + 1.05%
JPY to MXN 140 JPY + 0.70%
JPY to MYR 290 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to NGN 90 JPY + 0.45%
JPY to NOK 130 JPY + 0.70%
JPY to NPR 200 JPY + 1.00%
JPY to NZD 120 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to PEN 330 JPY + 1.20%
JPY to PHP 330 JPY + 0.60%
JPY to PKR 310 JPY + 1.00%
JPY to PLN 100 JPY + 0.50%
JPY to RON 250 JPY + 0.65%
JPY to RUB 320 JPY + 0.75%
JPY to SEK 100 JPY + 0.50%
JPY to SGD 280 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to THB 150 JPY + 0.9%
JPY to TRY 230 JPY + 0.85%
JPY to UAH 70 JPY + 2.05%
JPY to USD 100 JPY + 0.55%
JPY to VND 240 JPY + 0.95%
JPY to ZAR 1880 JPY + 0.85%

What about borderless accounts?

Depending on what you do in your borderless account, the fee is different:

  1. Moving balance from one currency to another within borderless has the variable fee that you would get for a normal money transfer for that route. The fixed fee isn’t included.
  2. Pay-out has only a fixed fee component, determined by the target currency.

Log in to use the calculator or check our pricing page to see how the changes will impact the transfers you make.

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