Foreign exchange places in Adelaide and what you need to know

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What brings you to Adelaide? Perhaps the chic cafés and eateries? The boutique shops? The thriving cultural scene? Business, Maybe the pristine surf beaches only half an hour from the city?

Who are we kidding? It's probably most of these things, and more sunshine than you can shake a stick at. To make the most of your trip down under, though, you're going to need some Australian cash.

Use our guide to find the best places to exchange your cash in Adelaide and learn a few things to keep in mind before you use them.

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Where to exchange money

If you only have cash and need to change it into Australian dollars, then you’ll definitely need a currency exchange service. Keep in mind that all of them will add their own commission charges to your exchange.

You can easily measure whether a company is offering you a fair deal by comparing their exchange rate to the live mid-market rate you see on Google.

Here below are some of the main money exchange companies in Adelaide. You can click on them to see the rest of their stores in the region.


Travelex has several branches in Adelaide. See the link to find one closest to you.

Location(s) Phone Number
Rundle Mall: Shop 4, Beehive Corner, Rundle Mall, Adelaide +61 8 8231 6035
Westfield Shoppingtown, Shop 23/111 W Lakes Blvd, West Lakes +61 8 8353 0948
Inside Helloworld, Shop 2004/297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park +61 8 8296 9085

Crown Currency

Crown currency runs 2 locations in Adelaide. Here are their details.

Location(s) Phone Number
33 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia +61 8 8310 0445
Kiosk 101-B, Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046 +61 8 8490 8972


Worldex has a store in Adelaide’s King William Street.

Location(s) Phone Number
65, King William Street Adelaide SA 5000 +61 8 7120 2549

Foreign Xchange

Foreign Xchange is headquartered in Adelaide.

Location(s) Phone Number
Level 2/22 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. SA 5000 +61 1300 117 775

Travel Money Oz

Travel Money Oz runs a few branches in Adelaide, offers currency exchanges as well as other travel-related services.

Location(s) Phone Number
Kiosk K25, Westfield, 111 W Lakes Blvd, West Lakes SA +61 1300 657 992
K207 Westfield Marion 297 Diagonal Road

Oaklands Park , SA

+61 1300 657 971

Things to know before exchanging your money in Australia

Before exchanging your currency to AUD, first take the time to learn about exchange rates. Here are a few helpful facts that you can keep in mind.

Note: This article is purely for information purposes and is not to be considered as financial advice.

About the Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar is a completely free-floating currency, so its value can go up or down. Many factors can affect an exchange rate, such as inflation, interest rates, economic and political changes.

To keep track of movements in the exchange rate, you can sign up for exchange rate alerts. That way, you can time your purchase so you’ll get the best possible deal on your exchange.

Always check the mid-market rate

The Australian Dollar’s value fluctuates depending on supply and demand. But you can still tell if you’re getting a fair deal by comparing the exchange rate you’re offered to the mid-market rate.

To ensure you receive the best conversion rate in Adelaide, keep a close eye on the rates by checking the Wise currency converter. Compare the offered tourist rates to mid-market, and also take into account any upfront fees charged.

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ATM withdrawals

You can sometimes get a better exchange rate from an ATM than you'd get using a foreign exchange service, provided you look out for any applicable fees.

Westpac, one of the largest banks in Australia, has several ATMs around Adelaide. As part of the Global ATM Alliance, they offer fee-free withdrawals to customers of other banks in the alliance.

If your home bank isn’t part of the network, it’s still worth checking whether they have a special arrangement with an Australian bank. This could mean you can use ATMs at zero or reduced costs, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask.

When using an ATM, it’s advisable to choose to be charged in the local currency. So in Adelaide, opt to be charged in AUD, and not in your home currency. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll be paying more in fees to the bank and will receive a poorer exchange rate.

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