Bonza Airlines flight cancellations. How to cancel flights and what happens after.

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When travelling, you might encounter flight cancellations or you might have to cancel a flight yourself due to a variety of reasons. Each airline has its own cancellation policy detailing the process and the reimbursement options.

This article will offer you an overview of Bonza’s cancellation policy. It details what you can expect to receive, in terms of refunds, credits and accommodations, when you cancel a Bonza flight or it’s cancelled by Bonza.

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Bonza is a low-cost domestic airline flying domestic and regional routes in Australia. Bonza currently has flights connecting cities and regional areas in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Bonza cancellation policy. Can you cancel flights with Bonza?

You can cancel your flight with Bonza if you’re no longer able to travel.

How to cancel flights with this Bonza

Cancelling your flights with Bonza is a simple process.

You need to contact Bonza’s digital support centre with your cancellation request and proceed according to their communications.¹

Refund of ticket price when you cancel your flight

All Bonza flights are non-refundable. So, if you cancel your Bonza flight, you won’t get back the money you spent on it.

However, you might be entitled to a refund if your flight is cancelled by Bonza. The details of what you can expect if your flight is cancelled by Bonza are given further below.

Fees for cancelling flights with Bonza

You don’t need to pay any fees to cancel flights with Bonza. But changing other booking details such as your travel date, origin or destination, will incur a fee.

Tickets bought via booking/travel agencies

Tickets bought via booking or travel agencies often follow the airline’s cancellation policies.

Following is how handles flight cancellations²:

  • Flights cancelled by you: prompts you to check if the airline allows cancellations first before submitting a cancellation request with them. If an airline doesn’t provide refunds for cancellations, won’t be able to help with that either. So, while Bonza allows you to cancel your flight, you likely won’t receive a refund regardless of where you bought the ticket from.
  • Flights cancelled by Bonza: If a flight is cancelled by the airline and you’re eligible for a refund as per the airline’s policy, will either help with the repayment process or redirect you to contact the airline directly.

Cancellations of flights by the airline. What happens?

If the flight is cancelled by Bonza, you might be offered the option of another flight, a refund or credit, depending on the reasons for the cancellation.

Flight replacement

If the flight is cancelled within 72 hours of departure, Bonza will offer you an alternate flight to your destination as soon as possible. If the alternate flight does not suit your travel plans, you might receive either a refund or credit of the ticket price for future use, depending on the cause of cancellation.

Bonza flight credit

If the cause for flight cancellation or disruption is deemed outside of Bonza’s control, you’re likely to receive a flight credit equivalent to the value of the fare. Circumstances such as security issues, extreme weather, airport closures, and air control restrictions, are considered to be outside of Bonza’s control.


You might receive a full refund if your flight is cancelled due to reasons within Bonza’s control, such as crew requirements and additional maintenance checks.

Accommodation, travel and meals

Bonza might provide you with nearby accommodations, ground transport and meals if the alternate flight happens to depart a day after your original cancelled flight, necessitating an overnight stay at a destination away from your home. The following are the specifics of this provision:

  • You will be provided with the accommodations if the flight cancellation is due to circumstances within Bonza’s control and you’re more than 50km away from your home.
  • If Bonza is unable to find you suitable accommodation, you will receive a reimbursement for ground transport and accommodation amounting to a maximum total of AUD$220 per room. Bonza will also reimburse costs up to AUS$50 per person for meals and refreshments.
  • If you don’t need accommodation but only require travel compensation, you can submit your taxi or airport parking receipts to Bonza to be reviewed for reimbursement.
  • If the flight cancellation is due to circumstances out of Bonza’s control, Bonza will not offer any accommodations. They can, however, provide proof of disruption to support a travel insurance claim.
  • Bonza will not offer any accommodations if the flight is cancelled more than 72 hours before departure.

Missed connecting flights, other bookings and events

A cancelled flight can mean missing further connecting flights, events, and travel and accommodation bookings. Bonza does not offer any form of reimbursement for them.

A quick word on flight credits with Bonza

Bonza may give you flight credits or Bonza Bucks if your flight is extensively delayed.

Bonza Bucks can be accessed as a digital prepaid card via the Vault Payments app which you’ll have to download from your phone’s app store. You can also get a physical Bonza Bucks EFTPOS card from Bonza customer support at the airport if your phone doesn’t support contactless payment.

Bonza Bucks can be spent on food and drinks at the airport or to purchase items from the menu onboard a Bonza aircraft.

What else to keep in mind about flight cancellations with Bonza

Bonza does not provide refunds if you’re unable to travel due to COVID-19 or any other health-related reasons.

Contacting Bonza

Bonza’s support centre is live-chat-based.

You can get in touch with a customer support agent via the live chat option available on Bonza’s website from 6 am to 11 pm AEST every day.

You can also make use of the live chat on the Fly Bonza mobile app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Bonza doesn’t provide a phone number for contact. But if your query isn’t resolved via chat, Bonza’s team will schedule a call with you at your preferred time.

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