Australia Post Everyday Mastercard. The fees & need-to-knows

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Looking to find out about the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll give you all the details on this popular card including fees, features/benefits, limitations, eligibility requirements and more.

We’ll also compare the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard with the Wise Card, showing how you can save money on your international transactions¹.

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What is the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

The Australia Post Everyday Mastercard is a prepaid card designed to help you keep on top of day-to-day spending. It can be used to shop both in-store and online and can be topped up online, in-app or at a participating Post Office.²

You can also use this card to shop internationally, with over 11 currencies available including USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, THB, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, AED and AUD

Who is this card for?

This card is useful for fraud protection, with Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection and cashless spending.³

If you do lots of transferring between accounts, or want to spend only what you have reloaded, this card could be for you. It’s also useful if shopping online or overseas is important to you, although the exchange rates are a factor to consider — more on this later.³

What are the main features and benefits of this card

This card has several features and benefits that you’ll find useful when spending money day-to-day.

Here are the main features and benefits that you should look at before signing up³:

  • Easy to keep on top of spending with the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard App
  • Good fraud protection with no link to your bank account, plus Mastercard’s Zero liability protection to further prevent against fraud
  • Cashless spending with Tap and Go. This can be used anywhere you see the universal contactless symbol (e.g. restaurants, stores, you name it.)
  • Compatible with Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Easy card-to-card transfers
  • 24/7 global assistance, making it easy to get a replacement anytime incase of loss/theft
  • Overseas shopping in up to 11 currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, THB, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, AED and AUD

The cons of using this card

With pros there, of course, comes cons - here’s a list of points to bear in mind before signing up to an Australia Post Everyday Mastercard:

  • Exchange rate preset by Mastercard Prepaid Management Services⁴
  • Yearly usage fee⁵
  • Domestic and International ATM Fees⁵

The limits you get with this card

There are limits to every card, and this one has a few you should be aware of⁶:

  • The maximum limit on your balance is $25,000 AUD or foreign currency equivalent.
  • The minimum load amount is $20 AUD or foreign currency equivalent
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What are the fees for this card vs the Wise card

We’ve put together some information below detailing a few key points on the fees for the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard, in comparison to the Wise card.

This should help when comparing these two cards, with information displayed side-by-side:

Australia Post everyday⁵ Wise Card¹
Card purchase price $7.95 AUD $10 AUD
Minimum load amount $20 AUD or foreign currency equivalent N/A
Max available balance $25,000 AUD or foreign currency equivalent Free holding allowance up to following amounts⁹:
  • AUD — $23,000
  • EUR — €15,000
  • GBP — £13,000
  • USD — $18,000

    If free allowance is exceeded, annual fee of 1.6% applies. See Wise FAQs for more info.

Card management fee $2 AUD per annum Free
Renewal fee once expired $7.95 Free
Digital card available? Yes Yes
ATM fees
  • Domestic - 2.95% of value withdrawn
  • International - $3.50 AUD or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Less than $350 AUD per month*: free for 2 or less withdrawals, $1.50 AUD per withdrawal thereafter
  • More than $350 AUD per month*: 1.75% of the amount over 350 AUD for 2 or less withdrawals, 1.5 AUD + 1.75% of amount over 350 AUD thereafter *Please note that some ATM operators may charge their own fee
International payments fee % for spending 100 AUD in GBP No fee (Spend Rate will apply to foreign exchange transactions. These will be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions) 0.44% Variable fee to spend or convert in foreign currency. For example, see a 100 AUD spent in GBP test¹⁰
Exchange rate used The exchange rate that applies is set by Mastercard Prepaid Management Services. This applies upon loading of funds onto the card(or when transferring funds between currencies). Exchange rates will be shown before the transaction is confirmed. Please note that merchants may add a margin to the exchange rate used.⁸ Mid-market rate

*As seen on 27/02/2023

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.

Australia Post Everyday Mastercard exchange rate

Regarding the exchange rate used when you spend on foreign currency, the AUSpost Product Disclosure Statement document states that⁸:

Accepting the offer to settle in another currency may result in unnecessary conversion costs as the merchant may apply a foreign exchange margin to convert the transaction currency into another currency.

This means that the rate you eventually get may be different from the mid market exchange rate.

With Wise, you get the mid-market exchange rate. This is the same rate you’d see on Google if you did a currency conversion search.

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How do you get an Australia Post everyday card

To get an Australia Post Everyday Mastercard, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Purchase an Australia Post Everyday Mastercard at a participating Post Office or Online
  2. If you bought your card from the Post Office, you’ll need to register it online. If your card was purchased online you’ll just need to activate it
  3. You can then load your card online through the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard App, or at a participating Post Office

What are the eligibility requirements for getting this card

There are a few eligibility requirements when applying for this card.

These are pretty standard when it comes to opening most Australian bank accounts; we’ve listed these below just in case you need to check:

  • Valid ID (eg. Australian Licence, Australian Proof of Age card, Australia Post Key Pass ID, or an Australian/New Zealand Passport
  • Valid mobile number
  • Valid email address

How long does it take to get the card

As this is a prepaid card you can purchase at the post office, you get it right away.

How to load and use the card

To load and use the card, you’ll need to make sure you’ve registered it if bought at the Post Office, or activated it if bought online.

You can then use the Australia Post Everyday Mastercard app to load money onto the card, or pop into the Post Office to top it up. Your card can then be used in-store or online.

What else do I need to know?

We’d advise being extra vigilant when filling out your details with Australian Post, as the name you use to sign-up needs to match the ID you provide. One to bear in mind if you’ve recently changed your name after getting married for example - best to get this sorted first to save yourself a headache when signing up for your new card. As long as you have a valid Australian ID, you’ll be good to go.

Australia post contact details

If there’s anything you want to double-check directly with Australia Post, you can use the following details to contact them:

  • Online form via the Australia Post website

  • Chatbot via the Australia Post website

  • Phone:

  • Australia: 13 POST (13 7678), 8am - 6pm (local time) Mon-Fri

  • Overseas: +61 3 8847 9045, 7am - 6pm (AEST) Mon-Fri

Wise Account and Debit card

If you’d prefer mid-market rates when spending money internationally, rather than being tied to a preset rate, and require accounts in multiple currencies, open a Wise Account so you can apply for a Wise debit card instead.

With a Wise Account and card, you can hold over 50 currencies all in one place. When you spend money using your Wise debit card, money will be withdrawn from the money available in your wise account.

  • If you have the currency in your account, it’s free to spend
  • If you don’t have the currency in your account, there’s a conversion fee.

Wise’s smart technology ensures that the Wise card only spends from the balance that’ll be fee-free, otherwise it uses the one with the cheapest fee.

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Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.


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