7 great bars in Copenhagen


Whether you're a native or simply visiting, we've found some of the best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to sip on your drink in the company of Denmark's most creative mixologists, or the latest celebrated jazz band, make sure you check out our list below.

Curfew - old school

Professionalism put into every drink.

The cozy interior features old bar implements and cocktail books. It offers a wide range of delicious drinks - a variety of classics and their own creations. We particularly like the addition of ingredients such as eucalyptus, port wine, figs and aloe vera. The friendly staff are happy to help recommend if you are stuck for choice.

Mikkeller and Friends - bar and brewery

You'll find 20 taps from Mikkeller and other great breweries from around the world.

Located in the heart of Vesterbro, Mikkeller bar is a unique bar with friendly staff. Beware their taps change fast given the high demand they face, hence the selection might not be exactly what's displayed on their website. Or even by the time you head back to the bar for your second drink! And you're spoilt for choice as there's another Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen.

Charlie's Bar - Little England

Expect lots of English beers but also some great European choices.

A typical English bar, just off a busy shopping area, offering good real ale at reasonable prices. The walls and roof are plastered with beer labels, coasters and other memorabilia. It's small - but very cozy and welcoming.

Lidkoeb - dedicated whiskey bar

Hard to find, but worth the effort.

The interior includes several private booths, a long bar, a fireplace, and is finished with wood, leather and fur. There's also a stage area for jazz and piano bands. Upstairs is a separate whiskey bar. It opens around 10pm and is filled with the finest single and blended malts from around the world.

Ruby - 1920's atmosphere

Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

The bar is as cool as the cocktail themselves: there is a homey feel, with leather armchairs, low tables and dim designer lighting. If you are not on a budget, it is a definite must-visit for a great night out.

The Jane - bar, nightclub or library?

One of the classiest venues in Copenhagen.

Reminiscent of an American speakeasy, you can sit in plush armchairs surrounded by leather bound books and antique bookcases, sipping on an award winning cocktails. Late at night, some of the bookcases open up to reveal secret bars and a dance floor.

Jazzhouse - ... a house of jazz

Denmark's primary venue for contemporary jazz.

Jazzhouse features both Danish and International artists. They describe the different acts as including 'legends, innovators, improvisors, new talent, modern jazz and beyond'. On Fridays and Saturdays Jazzhouse also presents late night concerts (Natjazz) from 11 PM, an ideal choice for people who want to explore Copenhagen nightlife.

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