The wise way to send money from Argentina

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Still using a bank, broker or PayPal to send money internationally from Argentina? Don't get overcharged. Wise is the smarter, cheaper way.

Traditional providers are expensive. Not only do they charge large fees, but they also apply a mark-up to the exchange rate. Even if they advertise a small fee or claim it's 'free', you get stung by a bad rate.

Wise is different. We always use the mid-market exchange rate, and we show all our costs upfront.

And our account and card let you manage, receive and spend over 70 currencies. It's international banking made easier, for a fraction of the price of a bank.

How Wise works:

  • Our fee varies by route, but you'll know exactly how much you'll pay upfront. See how much your transfer would cost.
  • You always get the real exchange rate. There's no costly mark-up, so you always know exactly how much you'll receive.
  • Our transfers are typically faster than a bank's or PayPal's. In fact, over 20% are instant.
  • You can make transfers from, or from our iOS and Android apps.
  • You can manage over 40 currencies in your account, and send to over 70 currenices.

We're a safe alternative to the old providers. We're regulated around the world, have 6 million happy customers, and process billions of dollars of our customers' money each month. If you're ready to make your first transfer, create your free account here.

So whether you need to move money between your own accounts, send money to family or friends or pay bills, Wise will save you time and money.

  • And why not invite your friends? When 3 people that you invite sign up and each makes a transfer, they get a free transfer and you get a cash reward as a thank you for spreading the word. *

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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