#WiseResolutions - What the Wise team are planning for 2016


2016 is here. We asked the Wise team what their resolutions were to make this year their most productive yet.

From fitness to coding - here is a run down of the most popular resolutions for 2016 from the team:

Learn a new language

With over 30 nationalities working across 5 countries at Wise we have a truly international team. Many of the team are planning to pickup a new language this year - particularly our Rockstar customer support team who spend their time helping out our customers across the world. If you're planning to learn a new language this year - make sure you checkout our blog on the best apps for doing just that.

Read more, learn more

Echoed by most of the team, this one comes from Wise VP Engineering Harsh Sinha:

"I hope to get more reading and learning done in 2016. One of the apps that has really become my go to for flagging articles to my reading list is “Pocket”. It’s set up on all my devices (phone, iPad, macbooks) so I can add to my reading list cross platform. Pocket also offers a paid option for you to save a copy of your articles/videos such that even if the original link doesn’t exist, you still have your favorite content saved away, if you want."

Plus, if you're looking for some reading material for 2016 - subscribe to the Wise Ideas publication on Medium.


'New year, new me.' - it might seem like a cliche but the Wise team aren't messing about when it comes to fitness.

Last year, a Wise team including co-founder Taavet ran the Great Wall of China Marathon. This year at least two of the team are taking on marathons of their own and many more are planning to start running, walking and cycling to work.

Plus FC Wise are getting their second season running in Estonia - follow their progress on Facebook here. Onwards!

Learn to code

At Wise a lot of the team are developers. They build our awesome products, apps and websites. But we also have people who specialise in other things - from marketers to recruiters - and they're a super motivated bunch.

In our London office we run a code club who gather regularly to use tools like Code Academy to learn to code.

Hit Zero Inbox

Drowning in email/ text/ Slack noise? 2016 time is the year to get it under control. Check out Wiser Aditi's awesome Medium piece on cutting out the noise and remaining productive here.


Many Wisers have aspirations to travel more this year - some hoping to fill out the final pages of their passport. If you're looking to travel, or even move abroad, this year make sure you check out our guides to life abroad.

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