Where's home? Long story.. #HomeIsHere


On June 23rd, the UK will be voting on whether to remain in the European Union. For those of us who enjoy the freedom of living and travelling as part of a global community, it’s uncertain times.

With more than 40 nationalities on the Wise team, we’re very much a part of that group. We’ve left our hometowns and countries to seek out new experiences and opportunities. We’ve chosen where we want to call ‘home’.

We asked the team at Wise where ‘home’ is. The answers were brilliant. Many listed multiple ‘homes’ - and homes away from home. With the help of technology people have much greater freedom to move and work around the globe.

According to a 2015 UN report, 244 million people are living in a country different from the place they were born. We no longer see ourselves as British, Indian, Estonian or Australian. We see ourselves as global. We feel at home anywhere.

But what makes a place we live in ‘home’?

We’re asking people around the world to share photos of the things that make them feel at home. Using the hashtag [#HomeIsHere], people have begun sharing pictures of their favourite coffee shops, their cats, their friends and the best spots in their neighbourhoods.


It turns out that the things which make people feel truly at home are sometimes the simplest of things.

Want to get involved?

To show your support for a world without borders, share a picture of the thing, person, or place which makes the place that you chose to live, home. Tell us in a short caption why #HomeIsHere.

As the world becomes connected digitally, the European Union is great example of removing physical borders. Let’s keep it that way.


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